Traveler’s Procedure for Airline Reservations

  1. Call Fox World Travel (FWT) between 7am – 7:30pm CST at 866-230-8787
    • Select option 1 for domestic travel.
    • Indicate the airfare is for UW–Madison.
  1. Travel agent assists with flight reservations that work for his/her schedule and follows UW policy:
    • Flight must depart from and return to closest airport to traveler’s home.
    • Flight cost must not be greater than $150 of lowest ticket cost to/from Madison. Costs above $150 greater than the lowest ticket are the responsibility of the traveler.
    • Must be a flight to/from Madison WI (If multi-legged flight including another destination, UW-Madison pays lowest direct flight cost & traveler pays difference via personal credit card.)
    • Must be coach/economy class and only one checked bag.
  1. Call Herman Stampfli (608-316-4401) ASAP after flight is arranged (9am – 3:30pm CST) and provide:
    • traveler’s name
    • dates of travel
    • name of Fox World Travel agent that made reservation
  1. Confirmation:
    • Herman confirms flight arrangements.
    • Agent purchases ticket.
    • Agent emails e-receipt to Herman and traveler.