Loewe Lab

Lab leader: Laurence Loewe

Assistant Professor of Genetics

Evolutionary processes are at the heart of many problems that we face in our world today, ranging from antibiotics resistance evolution to species extinction. Addressing such problems requires models of the underlying causes. We aim to improve the quality of these models by quantifying evolution with increasing precision.

Laurence Loewe

To this end, we estimate the strength of selection in various systems, using different approaches, including the analysis of DNA sequences by population genetics methods. We also develop a new approach that builds on existing quantitative models from current systems biology and links them to potential fitness correlates to help estimate distributions of mutational effects in silico. This is an important part of what we call “evolutionary systems biology,” which aims to combine the strengths of evolutionary genetics and systems biology.


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Current group members

  • Ginger Ann

    Ginger Ann

    Project Manager, Systems Biology

    • gcontreras@wisc.edu
  • Laurence Loewe

    Laurence Loewe

    Assistant Professor, Genetics, Systems Biology

    • loewe@wisc.edu
  • Brian McLoone

    Brian McLoone

    Postdoctoral Fellow, Systems Biology

    • brianbmcloone@gmail.com
  • Jocelyn Meyer

    Jocelyn Meyer

    Undergraduate Assistant, Systems Biology

    • jrmeyer5@wisc.edu
  • Sarah Northey

    Undergraduate Assistant, Systems Biology

    • slnorthey@wisc.edu