Roy Lab

Lab leader: Sushmita Roy

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics

Our research focuses on developing statistical computational methods to identify the networks driving cellular functions by integrating different types of genome-wide datasets that measure different aspects of the cellular state. We are interested in identifying networks under different environmental, developmental and evolutionary contexts, comparing these networks across contexts, and constructing predictive models from these networks.

Sushmita Roy
Specifically, some research topics of interest are:

• Inference of structure and function of regulatory networks

• Comparative analysis of expression modules across species

• Evolution of gene regulation

• Relational learning to predict function

• Modeling condition-specific functional behavior

• Learning causal networks

• Predictive models of phenotypic response

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Current Group members

  • Deborah Chasman

    Deborah Chasman

    Post Docotoral Research Associate, Systems Biology

  • Sara Knaack

    Sara Knaack

    Postdoctoral Associate, Systems Biology

  • Danny Panyard

    Danny Panyard

    Graduate Student, Systems Biology

  • Sushmita Roy

    Sushmita Roy

    Assistant Professor, Biostatistics and Medical Informatics, Systems Biology

  • Shilu Zhang

    Shilu Zhang

    Graduate Student, Systems Biology