Yin Lab

Theme leader of Systems Biology: John Yin

Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

“No organism is an island. We have known for a long time how bacteria and viruses can cause human disease, but the new data suggest they also have important and intriguing roles in promoting our health. The study of single organisms, such as microbes, worms and humans, will continue to enhance our knowledge. But today, the broadest frontiers are to understand how interactions between different organisms impact whether they persist or decay.” — John Yin

John Yin

Research goals

Viruses cause a diversity of human diseases including acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), influenza, hepatitis and cancer. The focus of our research is to develop new experimental and computational methods to better understand how viruses grow and how their infections spread. Our ultimate goal is to apply these methods to create more effective vaccines, design potent anti-viral therapies and engineer useful viruses. We currently study influenza A virus, which has the potential to cause a global epidemic, and vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV), a virus that may be engineered to destroy cancers.

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Current lab members

  • Oluleye Hezekiah Babatunde

    Oluleye Babatunde

    Postdoctoral Research Associate, Systems Biology

    • hbabatunde@wisc.edu
  • William Banholzer

    William Banholzer

    Discovery Fellow, Research Professor, Systems Biology

    • wbanholzer@wisc.edu
  • Wai-Tong Louis Fan

    Wai-Tong (Louis) Fan

    Visiting Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Systems Biology

    • louisfan@math.wisc.edu
  • Jake Redovich

    Jake Redovich

    Undergraduate Assistant, Systems Biology

    • jredovich@wisc.edu
  • Bradley Schwab

    Bradley Schwab

    Undergraduate Assistant, Systems Biology

    • bfschwab@wisc.edu
  • Huicheng Shi

    Huicheng Shi

    Graduate Student, Systems Biology

    • hshi44@wisc.edu
  • Izabela Sibilska

    Izabela Sibilska

    Postdoctoral Research Associate, Systems Biology

    • sibilska@wisc.edu
  • Nik Vakhil

    Niklas Vakil

    Undergraduate Assistant, Systems Biology

    • nvakil2@wisc.edu
  • John Yin

    John Yin

    Theme Leader, Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Systems Biology

    • yin@engr.wisc.edu
    • 608-316-4323