Scoring Big at Game Changing Games

Hybrid Zone X invited top minds in academia, business, health care, and education from across the country to the Discovery Building for a creative exchange on the implementation and impact of game changing games. Among the contributors were John Krakauer of Johns Hopkins University, Soren Wheeler of WNYC’s Radiolab, Erica Gruen of Quantum Media, Toni Sikes of CODAworx, and Ben Sawyer of DigitalMill. The day featured engaging talks, lively discussion, probing questions and insightful answers in an unconventional dynamic designed to create unique collaborations. A simple white paper could not capture the textured nuance of the day’s revelations. Get caught up on the day’s action through the lens of a Storify timeline, a blog post from Montessorium, and a video recap created by Christian Inouye.


Hybrid Zone X – Montessorium

The structure and layout of the conference allowed for spontaneous, productive encounters, especially between the academic and commercial side of things… What struck us most about Hybrid Zone X was the shared, collaborative nature of the event. With a wide array of backgrounds, from product leads to journalists, academics to app developers, everyone was inspired to help focus the collective experience on not just identifying a set of issues, but finding ways to address them.

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Participants in the Exchange came away with new contacts and fresh ideas, ripe for innovation in the field of Game Changing Games. Carrie Pagliarini, the Director of Hybrid Zone X, summed up the success of the event: “In crafting our HzX exchanges, we aim to create an atmosphere that fuses research rigor with business savvy and pragmatism. These events are defined by the participants and their interactions, and we are very happy with both.” As the participants return to their respective entities in the gaming industry, it will be interesting to see the impact of the new connections formed at Hybrid Zone X: Game Changing Games.

Nolan Lendved and Patricia Pointer