WID-DOW Seminars

Welcome to Wisconsin Institute for Discovery- Doing Optimization at WISCONSIN (WID-DOW) seminar series at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Since optimization spans every discipline, the subject of each WID-DOW seminar may include such diverse topics as optimizing traffic flow or power storage or improving a bioenergy source. The WID-DOW seminar speakers are UW faculty and visiting professors that discuss an optimization application or how optimization impacts their research.

Visit the seminar archive page for previous WID-DOW speakers and presentation titles.

WID-DOW seminars generally attracts UW–Madison faculty and students from the Computer Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics, Agricultural & Economics, and Statistics departments. The public is also welcome to attend. Each presentation is generally 45 minutes with 15 minutes for questions. The fall 2014 and spring 2015 WID-DOW seminars will be held various times and locations (i.e. Taylor Hall,Mechanical Engineering or the Discovery Building).

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The fall & spring WID-DOW schedule is posted below and will be updates as new seminars speakers are identified.

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