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UW-Madison faculty leads new Higher Education Video Game Alliance

UW-Madison links with New York museum to collect games and learning data

Winning teams address global food system challenges, from food spoilage to hunger

Student teams from across the nation compete for Agricultural Innovation Prize

Statewide sessions explore accelerated use of electronic medical records

UW expands effort to serve advanced computing needs in research

‘Greener’ aerogel technology holds potential for oil spill clean-up

WPR and UW–Madison team with sci-fi author Kim Stanley Robinson on contest

A shift in stem cell research


Students showcase wearable computing projects, design thinking

Teatime becoming an institution at institutes

Miron Livny: Collaborative spirit supports Nobel Prize-winning science

UW-Madison team probes home health environments with virtual reality

‘Video Games and Learning’ pilot MOOC launches

UW-Madison launches national Agricultural Innovation Prize

Cartoonist Lynda Barry joins WID and Art Department faculty

Hackathon links humanities and sciences

Livny earns distributed computing award

Virtual Exertions research uses muscle activity to move virtual objects

Games+Learning+Society joins Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

Virtual reality environment lets researchers experience patient behavior

Scientists create road map to metabolic reprogramming for aging

New ‘Encounters’ series launches at Discovery with multi-sensory collaboration

WID event explores future of university

Class aims to birth software companies at UW-Madison


WID adds CBS and WPR Distinguished Scholars to collaborative environment

Science in film: The ‘evil institute’ takes center stage

Multidisciplinary team maps costs of participating in health information exchanges

Hacking to bridge a divide

Research shows how computation can predict group conflict

Collaborative computing, pioneered at UW-Madison, helped drive LHC analysis

Blood-brain barrier building blocks forged from human stem cells

UW-Madison partnership creates education game development tools


WID grant program to explore intersection of arts, sciences

CAVE of wonders: Exhibit pushes the boundaries of art, collaboration

David Krakauer nurtures scientific collaboration

Krakauer chosen to lead Wisconsin Institute for Discovery


Search and screen panel named for WID director


Competition sets focus for the Institutes for Discovery


Thirty-five research teams invited to submit proposals