Workshop Overview

Day 1 – Wednesday, August 16 (full day), Synthesis of Existing Approaches

9:00-9:45am: Introduction of workshop objectives, scope, format

10:15am-noon: Short “Kick-off” talks on computational challenges in cognitive neuroscience

noon-1:30pm: Lunch (provided)

1:30-3:00pm: “Kick-off” talks, continued

3:30-5:00pm: Talks on analytical methods and computational design

Evening: Group Dinner in Madison


Day 2 – Thursday, August 17 (full day), Working Group

9:00-10:15am: Talks on scalable computational infrastructure and opportunities

10:30-noon: Group discussion to define factors that classify major computational research methods

noon-1:30pm: Lunch (provided)

1:30-3:00pm: Breakout groups to document factors of each class of methods

3:30-5:00pm: Regroup around scalable infrastructure opportunities for each method class

Evening: Dinner on your own


Day 3 – Friday, August 18 (half day), Culmination of Workshop Findings

9:00am-11:30am: Summarize Day 2; plan for dissemination of findings, integration with CogSci18

Noon: END (Box Lunch)


Detailed Agenda 

August 16        Day 1: Perspectives on Neuroscience Methods


8:00-9:00am        BREAKFAST (provided)

            (shuttle from hotel)


9:00-9:35am        Welcome and Introductions

9:40-10:00am        NSF Perspective from William Miller


10:05-10:25am    Neuroscience Perspective: Tim Rogers

10:30-10:50am    Neuroscience Perspective: Caterina Stamoulis


10:55-11:10am    BREAK


11:10-11:30am    Neuroscience Perspective: Russ Poldrack (virtual)

11:35-11:55am    Neuroscience Perspective: Alex Huth


12:00-1:00pm        LUNCH (provided)


1:00-1:20pm        Neuroscience Perspective: Ingrid Johnsrude/Ali Khan

1:25-1:45pm        Neuroscience Perspective: Demba Ba


1:50-1:55pm        Transition to Methods Perspectives


2:00-2:20pm        Methods Perspective: Francisco Perreira

2:25-2:45pm        Methods Perspective: Ken Norman

2:50-3:10pm        Methods Perspective: Irina Rish


3:15-3:30pm        BREAK


3:30-3:50pm        Methods Perspective: Don Krieger

3:55-4:15pm        Methods Perspective: Diego Silva

4:20-4:40pm        Methods Perspective: Srikantan Nagarajan


4:45-5:00pm        Day 1 Wrap-up

(shuttle to hotel)


6:30-8:30pm        DINNER (provided), Great Dane Pub, 123 E. Doty St 


August 17        Day 2: Scalable Compute Infrastructure for Neuroscience Methods


8:00-9:00am        BREAKFAST (provided)

            (shuttle from hotel)


9:00-9:10am        Day 2 Kickoff/Overview

9:10-9:30am        Report from the NeuroStorm Workshop, Daniel Tward


9:35-9:55am        Infrastructure: High Throughput Computing, Lauren Michael

10:00-10:20am    Infrastructure: MPI, Greg Hood


10:20-10:35am    BREAK


10:35-10:55am    Infrastructure: GPU and Microprocessors, Greg Hood

11:00-11:20am    Infrastructure: Neuroscience Gateway, Amit Majumdar

11:25-11:45am    Infrastructure: MapReduce/Ava, Jignesh Patel


11:50-12:00pm    Infrastructure Summary


12:00-1:00pm        LUNCH (provided)


1:00-1:10pm        Overview of Afternoon Breakout Objectives


1:15-1:25pm        Intro: Categories of Cognitive Neuroscience Methods

1:25-1:50pm        Breakout Groups

1:50-2:15pm        Report Back


2:20-2:30pm        Intro: Computational Factors and Scaling

2:30-2:55pm        Breakout Groups

2:55-3:20pm        Report Back


3:20-3:35pm        BREAK


3:35-3:45pm        Intro: Scalable Infrastructure Matching

3:45-4:10pm        Breakout Groups

4:10-4:35pm        Report Back


4:40-5:00pm        Day 2 Wrap-up

(shuttle to hotel)


August 18        Day 3: Dissemination and Workshop 2 (2018)


8:00-9:00am        BREAKFAST (provided)

            (shuttle from hotel)


9:00-9:10am        Day 3 Kickoff/Overview


9:10-9:20am        Intro: Workforce Preparation/Training

9:20-9:50am        Breakout Groups

9:50-10:15am        Report Back


10:15-10:30am    BREAK


10:30-10:55am    Dissemination Overview, Lauren Michael

10:45-11:00am    Dissemination at CogSci18, Tim Rogers

11:00-11:20am    Training Plan/Contributions, Chris Cox/Lauren Michael

11:20-11:45am    White Paper Plan/Contributions


11:45-12:00pm    Wrap-up


12:00-1:00pm        BOX LUNCH (provided)