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Our New Look

WID's website redesign experiments with the aesthetic of Wisconsin's diversity, research, art and history. We're changing how we share our science and culture. Come explore.

Forevertron photo courtesy Dr. Evermor

You’ve probably noticed we look entirely different.

We’re still a transdisciplinary research institute at the University of Wisconsin–Madison with a deep connection to campus and all it has to offer, but you won’t always see us donning Badger Red. In fact, you won’t see us commit to “one look” at all.

Why, you ask?

We want to experiment with the aesthetic of the diverse community, science, art and history of the university, the city and the state.

We’re also hard at work in the Discovery Building, with our partners the Morgridge Institute for Research and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. Together, we’re exploring new ways of making the public-private partnership effective and productive.

Our decision to redesign our website stems from three important values:

Open Source

We believe in the benefit of sharing tools and ideas, which is why we are now using the open source software WordPress. We support academic freedom and encourage collaborations with shared tools and ideas. Scholarship has always been open source. Culture is cumulative and collective. Why would our website be any different?

“The sky was the limit for this project. No matter what kind of device people use to view this site, they will be able to tap into the risk-taking and creative spirit that runs through WID.”

— Linda Kietzer, website project manager


When we embarked on this project with UW–Madison’s forward-looking University Communications and Marketing office eight months ago, we knew that whatever we built, we wanted it to be wide-ranging, accessible and stimulating.

Drawing from design features of campus and the physical intersections between science and society, our site is full of images and content that we hope inspires you to join us in thinking about the larger ideas we explore.

Our website is also “responsive,” meaning the pages and navigation alter for optimal browsing based on the device you’re using. Everywhere we go, we see people accessing the Internet on smartphones and tablets. We insisted that our website be accessible to everyone in any form.


Most importantly, our new website is inspired by community and will evolve as our community grows.

Features in our “Stories” section not only give you examples of the transdisciplinary work being done at WID, but they also provide glimpses into how we collaborate. Rather than emphasize finished products, we want you to see the process of science, the mistakes we make, the tools we use and the often surprising combinations of talent required to arrive at new ideas.

Like any community, we share book ideas, coffee and conversation, articles and gadgets. We’re rolling out new videos, profile series and projects we think are cool, counterintuitive and can be of real value.

So, go ahead and take a look around and let us know what you think.

Welcome to our digital commons.


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