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WID Explores New Directions in Science for Radio Segment [AUDIO]

WID Director David Krakauer joins Distinguished Scholar Anne Strainchamps in a conversational radio segment.

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In the 21st century, the scientific community needs to combine disciplines not traditionally paired together to solve problems.
Anne Strainchamps

At least that’s the sentiment of David Krakauer, WID Director and Co-director of C4, in a new segment and partnership with Anne Strainchamps, host of Wisconsin Public Radio’s 45 North radio show and Distinguished Scholar at WID. Krakauer will join Strainchamps and guests on the show for an occasional segment that explores new directions in science.

David Krakauer photo by Eric Tadsen

In the first conversation, airing May 31, 2013, Strainchamps and Krakauer invite Paul Davies, theoretical physicist, best-selling author and director of the BEYOND Center of Fundamental Concepts in Science, to share his perspective on modern science.

The group examines why unlikely pairings and approaches have brought new and effective ways of studying some of the larger questions in science. Whether it’s balancing reductionistic and holistic philosophies, or capturing what inspires involvement in research, the dinner-party-style conversation invites listeners to play with ideas and views of science.

Audio courtesy of Anne Strainchamps and Wisconsin Public Radio.

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