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WID: The Challenge of Transdisciplinary Science — Interview with David Krakauer [AUDIO]

With so many scientific specialties and departments on campus, how would a truly transdisciplinary research institute work? WID Director David Krakauer explains his vision for WID in this podcast.


‘WID: The challenge of transdisciplinary science’ is a podcast series produced by Chris Bocast, a UW–Madison graduate student and WID 2012 Emerging Interfaces Award recipient. The series, which can be found on iTunesU, explores the Institute’s research areas, growing ideas and culture during its first year. 

In this podcast, Bocast begins by describing the Discovery Building and transitions into a chat with WID Director David Krakauer about the larger visions for the Institute and how drawing from the university’s strengths could lead to new, spontaneous approaches to science.

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