Wisconsin Institute for Discovery Director Search Narrows

For up to the minute information on the director search please visit https://research.wisc.edu/.

Discovery is a process, always advancing, never finished even after tremendous accomplishments. Yesterday’s breakthroughs become the foundation for tomorrow’s innovations as the process of discovery moves continually forward.

The 20 faculty at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery – whose research spans biology, mathematics, health care, and much more in the Institute’s five research themes – are making discoveries every day while always pursuing new paths forward in their research, often transcending disciplinary boundaries to work with their colleagues in new and inventive ways.

Five finalists have been named for the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s director of the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery. The director will report to Marsha Mailick, vice chancellor for research and graduate education.

The Wisconsin Institute for Discovery is a great Wisconsin experiment, and a director with a fresh perspective on how to develop new scientific connections and communities and create a climate that fosters creativity and productivity will help to continue the success found in the Institute’s first five years.