Antiracism, Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (A-JEDI)

Working Toward Inclusivity in Science

Our Philosophy and Guiding Principles

The Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID) is predicated on the bedrock principle, which is supported by research, that human diversity is a pivotal feature of communities that conduct high-impact, interdisciplinary, creative science. To take advantage of the best talent and provide opportunities to all people, we strive to make WID a place where all people can thrive. To achieve this goal, we must eradicate discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and ability. We believe that by educating ourselves and confronting racism and other forms of prejudice we will build a more egalitarian organization. The principles of antiracism, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (A-JEDI) guide WID scientists toward a culture of inclusivity.

Building an Inclusive Research Community

The process we use for building an inclusive environment is based on proven methods from the field of organizational change, combining leadership and grassroots initiatives. We demonstrate the commitment of WID’s leadership to diversity and inclusion through frequent messaging, incorporating discussion of A-JEDI principles in mandatory meetings, and hiring practices. To engage members of the community at all levels, faculty, staff, and students have self-organized to learn and explore A-JEDI principles. Our approach is to encourage individuals to take responsibility for their own learning and actions and to equip each other and our research groups to tackle issues together. We use common experiences to build a sense of community around the challenge of inclusion. These include group participation in discussion of individual and cultural experience and shared reading and viewing of books and movies. We also host public events focused on A-JEDI science that connect WID with the community at large around issues of racism and other challenges to inclusivity and equity.

Major Initiatives:

A-JEDI Hub Happy Hours

WID scientists meet regularly to learn as individuals and lead change in our research group cultures. We build toolkits based on iterative explorations of diversity topics based on books, film, current events, and inclusivity research.

Science to Street Art

Developed in partnership with community members, scientists, and artists, we coordinate and install large-scale public art in communities that have historically been underrepresented in science and art.

Kohler Fellows Program

A unique and multidisciplinary community of UW-Madison graduate students in art and science co-design projects that promote art-science fusion and principles of diversity and inclusion. Fellows share their products with the public through galleries, performances, and events.

Science to Script

We bring together Hollywood industry professionals, writers, creators, and scientists who create new stories based on science for the screen, stage, page, and more.