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The WID logo, a compass rose, embodies our outward facing direction and four values of Interdisciplinary Research, Inclusive Outreach, Global Impact, and Grand Challenge. WID’s values reflect the Wisconsin Idea to enhance the lives of every person in the State of Wisconsin, as well as around the nation and the world.

The Wisconsin Institute for Discovery is an experiment in interdisciplinarity, combining the best minds in new teams with powerful tools that transcend the boundaries of departments and fields to study change in complex systems. Learn more about WID >

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Research, outreach, and initiatives at WID embody the Wisconsin Idea — reaching beyond the walls of the institute and the UW campus and into the lives of citizens across the state, country, and world.

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Ponto Awarded American Family Insurance Research Funding

Kevin Ponto and Ross Tredinnick have received funding to develop a method for detecting vehicular hail damage using consumer device sensors, enabling remote and asynchronous documentation without in-person assessments.
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Sticking to Success: Unveiling the Surface-Adhesion Superpowers of Bacteria

Scientists at WID, University of Wisconsin–Madison, find that 'stickiness' helps some soil microbes thrive by aiding surface colonization. What makes them sticky?
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Stephen Wright Awarded a Hilldale Professorship

Stephen Wright, a Wisconsin Institute for Discovery Fellow and Computer Science professor, has been awarded a Hilldale Professorship for his pioneering work in continuous optimization and machine learning.
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