Discovery and Inspiration
without Boundaries

The Wisconsin Institute for Discovery is a research institute on the campus of the University of Wisconsin—Madison built to develop a new approach to science driven by unlikely collaborations and great minds from across the campus and the world.

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Researchers on the frontiers of their diverse fields gather at WID to do innovative, rigorous science and spearhead new initiatives in basic and applied research.


The big challenges facing humanity today can’t be met by individual scientific disciplines. At WID, we have a collaborative culture that abolishes disciplinary boundaries.


WID draws on a broad community across the UW-Madison campus, the state, and the world to identify and solve problems, bringing the Wisconsin Idea to life.


Strengths in data science, tissue engineering, nanomedicine, -omics, and complex systems enable WID to attack problems and enhance the health of people and the food supply.

Discovery Hubs

WID’s hubs act as integrators for the campus community, generating new ideas that nucleate new collaborative research projects. The hubs make use of WID expertise to provide services that assist other researchers in applying specialized tools to a range of problems extending far beyond the scope of WID’s programs. Explore WID’s Hubs:

Wisconsin Stories

Research, outreach, and initiatives at WID embody the Wisconsin Idea — reaching beyond the walls of the institute and the UW campus and into the lives of citizens across the state, country, and world. See more Stories.
Undergraduate Nathan Wang Receives Goldwater Scholarship
Undergraduate Nathan Wang Receives Goldwater Scholarship
The scholarship recognizes promising undergraduates who plan to pursue a...
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Wisconsin Instructors Engaging Students in the Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance
Wisconsin Instructors Engaging Students in the Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance
Instructors from schools across the state are getting their hands...
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Tools for Discovery: Sam Rikkers
Tools for Discovery: Sam Rikkers
Sam Rikkers was born and raised in south central Wisconsin...
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The mission of WID is to discover and inspire through interdisciplinary research conducted in a dynamic, collaborative community. WID advances frontiers of knowledge, accelerates development of solutions, and engages the State of Wisconsin through interdisciplinary research.