Our mission: The mission of WID is to discover and inspire through interdisciplinary research conducted in a dynamic, collaborative community.

Slide Our vision: WID advances frontiers of knowledge, accelerates development of solutions, and engages the State of Wisconsin through interdisciplinary research conducted by a vibrant community of diverse researchers. Our strength: The diverse talent and unconventional partnerships that we cultivate at WID bring new ways of thinking to research problems and public engagement. Diversity and inclusion are critical to WID’s mission — we work to overcome the pernicious effects of racism, unconscious bias, and structural inequity that prevent us from realizing our potential for discovery.

As members of the WID community, we... ...are inspired by the Wisconsin Idea ...generate and disseminate new knowledge. ...apply science and technology to pressing problems of the State of Wisconsin and beyond. …accomplish our mission through dynamic collaboration with the Morgridge Institute for Research, the University of Wisconsin–Madison, the State of Wisconsin, and the world. ...study, facilitate, and promote methodologies and services that define and advance frontiers at the intersection of scientific disciplines. ...foster creativity, scientific rigor, and professional and ethical responsibility. ...nurture all our people to achieve their potential, independent of academic and personal background. ...create a community of scholars and people from the State of Wisconsin who are invested in nurturing and promoting interdisciplinary thinking, actions, and innovations. ...foster a culture and climate in which people are valued, respected, and treated fairly.