Data Science

As data reshapes our world, WID and UW–Madison bring the power of data science to every field of study. The future path of data science will be shaped by insights from all disciplines. WID’s expertise in data science spans cutting-edge fields across several disciplines, with the goal of developing end-to-end strategies for data collection, analysis, management, privacy, security, and decision-making. WID is also connected to UW–Madison’s Data Science Institute and hosts the Data Science Hub.

WID researchers are designing new applications of data science to improve energy systems, agriculture, biomedicine, healthcare, and more. From self-driving cars to smart dairy farms, data scientists at WID are putting data to work.

Mathematical Foundations
We explore new approaches to the formulation and solution of data analysis problems, fundamental work underlying WID’s data science expertise

We build fundamental algorithms and formulations that allow us to create the best and most useful models to apply to difficult problems.

Machine Learning
We apply machine learning to large quantities of data using algorithms to build analytical models and helping computers “learn” from data with exciting new applications.

We use optimization techniques to discover more efficient ways to control and manage systems, ranging from radiation treatments to data centers and power networks.

Slide Data Science Faculty See all WID Faculty The faculty at WID represent broad expertise and experience in data science. Together, they are making advances in fundamental data science and applying tools and techniques to data science problems. Sushmita Roy Sushmita Roy Biostatistics & Medical Informatics Alberto Del Pia Industrial & Systems Engineering Miron Livny Computer Sciences Laurent Lessard Electrical & Computer Engineering Michael Ferris Computer Sciences Claudia Solís-Lemus Plant Pathology Thomas Rutherford Agricultural & Applied Economics Daniel Pimentel-Alarcon Biostatistics & Medical Informatics

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