The future of scientific discovery is interdisciplinary. The first 100 members of our community to support the innovative, interdisciplinary science happening every day at WID with donations of $1,000 or more will become charter members of the WID100.


WID Director Jo Handelsman invites you to join us in pushing the boundaries of science:

The Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is an internationally renowned hub for trail-blazing interdisciplinary research. Since its founding, researchers and students have come to WID with passion, dedication, and creativity to find the answers to some of life’s toughest questions. In addition to its prowess in research, WID excels in the fusion of science and art as well as public outreach. As the director of WID, I intend to provide opportunities for a broad community to experience the inspiring research and public engagement at WID firsthand.

With that goal in mind, I am excited to announce the formation of the WID100, an instrumental group of 100 community, business, and scientific leaders who donate $1,000 to WID. In the future, there will be annual WID100 groups based on gifts received in that year. However, by joining now, you become a permanent WID100 Charter Member and as such, you will be uniquely recognized to the WID community and beyond.

The WID100 will support WID’s innovative, cutting-edge science as well as our experiments to identify practices that encourage interdisciplinary research. By becoming a WID100 Charter Member, you will have opportunities to engage with WID faculty in discussions of their work, lab tours, and participate in special events and celebration.

Become a WID100 Charter Member by donating $1,000 today to the WID Sense of Community Fund. Membership includes:

  • Invitations to the WID 10th Anniversary Gala and annual WID100 Breakfast;
  • Access to small group discussions and tours with the WID Director and Faculty;
  • Regular updates, including video blogs, sent only to the WID100 – you’ll hear updates on how your support directly impacts WID’s work to advance interdisciplinary science.

Become a WID100 Charter Member today. With your support we can do the innovative science others can’t. Your contribution today will help drive the science of tomorrow.

Thank you for your support of our groundbreaking institute.

Jo Handelsman
Director, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery