Recent Publications

Recent publications from our faculty and fellows during their time at WID are listed below. A more detailed listing of recent publications is available on the WID Google Scholar Page. Please see each publication for additional information.

2018A 3D model of human skeletal muscle innervated with stem cell-derived motor neurons enables epsilon-subunit targeted myasthenic syndrome studiesBakooshli, Mohsen Afshar; Lippmann, Ethan S; Mulcahy, Ben; Tung, Kayee; Pegoraro, Elena; Ahn, Henry; Ginsberg, Howard; Zhen, Mei; Ashton, Randolph S; Gilbert, Penney M
2018A distributed quasi-Newton algorithm for empirical risk minimization with nonsmooth regularizationLee, Ching-pei; Lim, Cong Han; Wright, Stephen J
2018A Newton-CG algorithm with complexity guarantees for smooth unconstrained optimizationRoyer, Clément W; O'Neill, Michael; Wright, Stephen J
2018A structure-preserving pivotal method for affine variational inequalitiesKim, Youngdae; Huber, Olivier; Ferris, Michael C
2018A visualization of flow patterns of viscoelastic fluid partially filled in a co-rotating nontwin screw extruderYu, Huiwen; Xu, Baiping; Wu, Hongwu; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Wang, Meigui
2018Adaptive sampling for coarse rankingKatariya, Sumeet; Jain, Lalit; Sengupta, Nandana; Evans, James; Nowak, Robert
2018Aging infrastructure creates opportunities for cost-efficient restoration of aquatic ecosystem connectivityNeeson, Thomas M; Moody, Allison T; O'Hanley, Jesse R; Diebel, Matthew; Doran, Patrick; Ferris, Michael; Colling, Timothy; McIntyre, Peter
2018AlGaAs/Si dual-junction tandem solar cells by epitaxial lift-off and print-transfer-assisted direct bondingXiong, Kanglin; Mi, Hongyi; Chang, Tzu-Hsuan; Liu, Dong; Xia, Zhenyang; Wu, Meng-Yin; Yin, Xin; Gong, Shaoqin; Zhou, Weidong; Shin, Jae Cheol; others
2018An inactivating mutation in the histone deacetylase SIRT6 causes human perinatal lethalityFerrer, Christina M; Alders, Marielle; Postma, Alex V; Park, Seonmi; Klein, Mark A; Cetinbas, Murat; Pajkrt, Eva; Glas, Astrid; van Koningsbruggen, Silvana; Christoffels, Vincent M; others
2018An ortholog of curly leaf/enhancer of zeste like-1 is required for proper flowering in Brachypodium distachyonLomax, Aaron; Woods, Daniel P; Dong, Yinxin; Bouché, Frédéric; Rong, Ying; Mayer, Kevin S; Zhong, Xuehua; Amasino, Richard M
2018Biocompatible, self-healing, highly stretchable polyacrylic acid/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite hydrogel sensors via mussel-inspired chemistryJing, Xin; Mi, Hao-Yang; Peng, Xiang-Fang; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Bioengineering solutions for manufacturing challenges in CAR T cellsPiscopo, Nicole J; Mueller, Katherine P; Das, Amritava; Hematti, Peiman; Murphy, William L; Palecek, Sean P; Capitini, Christian M; Saha, Krishanu
2018Call center arrivals: when to jointly forecast multiple streams?Ye, Han; Luedtke, James; Shen, Haipeng
2018Canonical and non-canonical actions of Arabidopsis histone deacetylases in ribosomal RNA processingChen, Xiangsong; Lu, Li; Qian, Shuiming; Scalf, Mark; Smith, Lloyd M; Zhong, Xuehua
2018Clonal polymorphism and high heterozygosity in the celibate genome of the Amazon mollyWarren, Wesley C; Garcìa-Pérez, Raquel; Xu, Sen; Lampert, Kathrin P; Chalopin, Domitille; Stöck, Matthias; Loewe, Laurence; Lu, Yuan; Kuderna, Lukas; Minx, Patrick; others
2018Color inference in visual communication: the meaning of colors in recyclingSchloss, Karen B; Lessard, Laurent; Walmsley, Charlotte S; Foley, Kathleen
2018Compartmentalization of HP1 proteins in pluripotency acquisition and maintenanceZaidan, Nur Zafirah; Walker, Kolin J; Brown, Jaime E; Schaffer, Leah V; Scalf, Mark; Shortreed, Michael R; Iyer, Gopal; Smith, Lloyd M; Sridharan, Rupa
2018Complexity analysis of second-order line-search algorithms for smooth nonconvex optimizationRoyer, Clément W; Wright, Stephen J
2018Computing generalized matrix inverse on spiking neural substrateShukla, Rohit; Khoram, Soroosh; Jorgensen, Erik; Li, Jing; Lipasti, Mikko; Wright, Stephen
2018Conserving rare species can have high opportunity costs for common speciesNeeson, Thomas M; Doran, Patrick J; Ferris, Michael C; Fitzpatrick, Kimberly B; Herbert, Matthew; Khoury, Mary; Moody, Allison T; Ross, Jared; Yacobson, Eugene; McIntyre, Peter B
2018Developing precision medicine using scarless genome editing of human pluripotent stem cellsSteyer, Benjamin; Cory, Evan; Saha, Krishanu
2018Development of biomimetic thermoplastic polyurethane/fibroin small-diameter vascular grafts via a novel electrospinning approachYu, Emily; Mi, Hao-Yang; Zhang, Jue; Thomson, James A; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Effect of alkyl group on the chain extension of phosphites in polylactideMeng, Xin; Zhu, Shengjie; Gong, Weiguang; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Xin, Zhong; Shi, Guotao; Peng, Jing; Shi, Yaoqi; Chen, Weijie
2018Emergence of evolutionary stable communities through eco-evolutionary tunnelingKotil, Seyfullah Enes; Vetsigian, Kalin
2018Fabrication of fibrous silica sponges by self-assembly electrospinning and their application in tissue engineering for three-dimensional tissue regenerationMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Napiwocki, Brett N; Li, Zhu-Tong; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Huang, Han-Xiong
2018Globally solving nonconvex quadratic programming problems with box constraints via integer programming methodsBonami, Pierre; Günlük, Oktay; Linderoth, Jeff
2018Graph-based regularization for regression problems with highly-correlated designsLi, Yuan; Raskutti, Garvesh; Willett, Rebecca
2018Highly compressible ultra-light anisotropic cellulose/graphene aerogel fabricated by bidirectional freeze drying for selective oil absorptionMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Politowicz, Alexander L; Chen, Edward; Huang, Han-Xiong; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Highly porous polymer aerogel film-based triboelectric nanogeneratorsZheng, Qifeng; Fang, Liming; Guo, Haiquan; Yang, Kefang; Cai, Zhiyong; Meador, Mary Ann B; Gong, Shaoqin
2018High-performance flexible triboelectric nanogenerator based on porous aerogels and electrospun nanofibers for energy harvesting and sensitive self-powered sensingMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Zheng, Qifeng; Fang, Liming; Huang, Han-Xiong; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Gong, Shaoqin
2018Improving the processibility and mechanical properties of poly (lactic acid)/linear low-density polyethylene/paraffin wax blends by subcritical gas-assisted processingChen, Yann-Jiun; Yu, Emily; Ellingham, Thomas; Chung, Chunhui; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018In situ synthesis of polyurethane scaffolds with tunable properties by controlled crosslinking of tri-block copolymer and polycaprolactone triol for tissue regenerationMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Yilmaz, Galip; Hagerty, Breanna S; Enriquez, Eduardo; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Inexact successive quadratic approximation for regularized optimizationLee, Ching-pei; Wright, Stephen J
2018In-situ fibrillated polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) in thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) via melt blending: effect on rheological behavior, mechanical properties, and microcellular foamabilityHuang, An; Peng, Xiangfang; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Integrative genomic analysis predicts causative cis-regulatory mechanisms of the breast cancer-associated genetic variant rs4415084Zhang, Yi; Manjunath, Mohith; Zhang, Shilu; Chasman, Deborah; Roy, Sushmita; Song, Jun S
2018Kinetic modeling of virus growth in cellsYin, John; Redovich, Jacob
2018Lyapunov functions for first-order methods: tight automated convergence guaranteesTaylor, Adrien; Van Scoy, Bryan; Lessard, Laurent
2018Manipulating the structure and mechanical properties of thermoplastic polyurethane/polycaprolactone hybrid small diameter vascular scaffolds fabricated via electrospinning using an assembled rotating collectorMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Yu, Emily; Wang, Xiaofeng; Li, Qian; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Mechanical properties and thermal characteristics of poly (lactic acid) and paraffin wax blends prepared by conventional melt compounding and sub-critical gas-assisted processing (SGAP)Chen, Yann-Jiun; Huang, An; Ellingham, Thomas; Chung, Chunhui; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Microcellular injection molding process for producing lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane with customizable propertiesEllingham, Thomas; Kharbas, Hrishikesh; Manitiu, Mihai; Scholz, Guenter; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Minimizing opportunity costs to aquatic connectivity restoration while controlling an invasive speciesMilt, Austin W; Diebel, Matthew W; Doran, Patrick J; Ferris, Michael C; Herbert, Matthew; Khoury, Mary L; Moody, Allison T; Neeson, Thomas M; Ross, Jared; Treska, Ted; others
2018Missing data in sparse transition matrix estimation for sub-gaussian vector autoregressive processesJalali, Amin; Willett, Rebecca
2018MP01-07 use of computer vision motion analysis to aid in surgical skill assessment of suturing tasksMiller, Brady; Azari, David; Radwin, Robert; Le, Brian
2018Network estimation from point process dataMark, Benjamin; Raskutti, Garvesh; Willett, Rebecca
2018Novel polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) composites reinforced with three-dimensional continuous silica fibersMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Huang, Han-Xiong; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Online data thinning via multi-subspace trackingHunt, Xin Jiang; Willett, Rebecca
2018Optimizing makespan and ergonomics in integrating collaborative robots Into manufacturing processesPearce, Margaret; Mutlu, Bilge; Shah, Julie; Radwin, Robert
2018Polylactide/thermoplastic polyurethane/polytetrafluoroethylene nanocomposites with in situ fibrillated polytetrafluoroethylene and nanomechanical properties at the interface using atomic force microscopyHuang, An; Wang, Hankun; Peng, Xiangfang; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Primary cilium-mediated retinal pigment epithelium maturation is disrupted in ciliopathy patient cellsMay-Simera, Helen Louise; Wan, Qin; Jha, Balendu Shekhar; Hartford, Juliet; Khristov, Vladimir; Dejene, Roba; Chang, Justin; Patnaik, Sarita; Lu, Quanlong; Banerjee, Poulomi; others
2018Promoting endothelial cell affinity and antithrombogenicity of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) by mussel-inspired modification and RGD/heparin graftingMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Thomsom, James A; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Randomized sampling for basis functions construction in generalized finite element methodsChen, Ke; Li, Qin; Lu, Jianfeng; Wright, Stephen J
2018Randomness and permutations in coordinate descent methodsGurbuzbalaban, Mert; Ozdaglar, Asuman; Vanli, Nuri Denizcan; Wright, Stephen J
2018Scarless genome editing of human pluripotent stem cells via transient puromycin selectionSteyer, Benjamin; Bu, Qian; Cory, Evan; Jiang, Keer; Duong, Stella; Sinha, Divya; Steltzer, Stephanie; Gamm, David; Chang, Qiang; Saha, Krishanu
2018Single-injection ex ovo transplantation method for broad spinal cord engraftment of human pluripotent stem cell-derived motor neuronsEstevez-Silva, Maria C; Sreeram, Akshitha; Cuskey, Stephanie; Fedorchak, Nikolai; Iyer, Nisha; Ashton, Randolph S
2018Stochastic exits from dormancy give rise to heavy-tailed distributions of descendants in bacterial populationsWright, Erik S; Vetsigian, Kalin
2018Strong convex nonlinear relaxations of the pooling problemLuedtke, James; D'Ambrosio, Claudia; Linderoth, Jeff; Schweiger, Jonas
2018Students' perceptions of pair programming in CS1LeGault, Laura Hobbes; Berland, Matthew
2018Superhydrophobic graphene/cellulose/silica aerogel with hierarchical structure as superabsorbers for high efficiency selective oil absorption and recoveryMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Huang, Han-Xiong; Peng, Xiangfang; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Teacher improves learning by selecting a training subsetMa, Yuzhe; Nowak, Robert; Rigollet, Philippe; Zhang, Xuezhou; Zhu, Xiaojin
2018The origin and early evolution of life in chemical complexity spaceBaum, David A
2018The plant-specific histone residue Phe41 is important for genome-wide H3. 1 distributionLu, Li; Chen, Xiangsong; Qian, Shuiming; Zhong, Xuehua
2018TimeWeaver: opportunistic one way delay measurement via NTPDurairajan, Ramakrishnan; Mani, Sathiya Kumaran; Barford, Paul; Nowak, Rob; Sommers, Joel
2018Training set debugging using trusted itemsZhang, Xuezhou; Zhu, Xiaojin; Wright, Stephen
2018Two-dimensional culture systems to investigate mechanical interactions of the cellNapiwocki, Brett N; Stempien, Alana; Notbohm, Jacob; Ashton, Randolph S; Crone, Wendy
2018Using virtual reality to study health in the homeTredinnick, Ross; Casper, Gail; Arnott-Smith, Catherine; Peer, Alex; Ponto, Kevin
2017A composite generator film impregnated with cellulose nanocrystals for enhanced triboelectric performancePeng, Jun; Zhang, Huilong; Zheng, Qifeng; Clemons, Craig M; Sabo, Ronald C; Gong, Shaoqin; Ma, Zhenqiang; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017A fast and high accuracy numerical simulation algorithm of the polymer spherulite at the mesoscale levelLiu, Yongzhi; Geng, Tie; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Liu, Chuntai; Cao, Wei; Shen, Changyu
2017A freestanding cellulose nanofibril--reduced graphene oxide--molybdenum oxynitride aerogel film electrode for all-solid-state supercapacitors with ultrahigh energy densityZheng, Qifeng; Kvit, Alexander; Cai, Zhiyong; Ma, Zhenqiang; Gong, Shaoqin
2017A job sizing strategy for high-throughput scientific workflowsTovar, Benjamin; da Silva, Rafael Ferreira; Juve, Gideon; Deelman, Ewa; Allcock, William; Thain, Douglas; Livny, Miron
2017A KL-LUCB algorithm for Large-Scale CrowdsourcingTanczos, Ervin; Nowak, Robert; Mankoff, Bob
2017A KL-LUCB bandit algorithm for large-scale crowdsourcingMankoff, Bob; Nowak, Robert; Tanczos, Ervin
2017A new class of flexible nanogenerators consisting of porous aerogel films driven by mechanoradicalsTang, Yanfeng; Zheng, Qifeng; Chen, Bo; Ma, Zhenqiang; Gong, Shaoqin
2017A personalized medicine approach to identifying dysregulated epigenetic enzyme activity in the development of castrate-resistant prostate cancerLee, Jin-Hee; Boersma, Melissa; Yang, Bing; Damaschke, Nathan; Corey, Eva; Denu, John; Jarrard, David F
2017A personalized medicine approach to identifying dysregulated epigenetic enzymes in the development of castrate-resistant prostate cancer.Jarrard, David Frazier; Lee, Jin-Hee; Boersma, Melissa; Yang, Bing; Damaschke, Nathan Alan; Corey, Eva; Denu, John M
2017A prior-based integrative framework for functional transcriptional regulatory network inferenceSiahpirani, Alireza F; Roy, Sushmita
2017A robust accelerated optimization algorithm for strongly convex functionsCyrus, Saman; Hu, Bin; Van Scoy, Bryan; Lessard, Laurent
2017A subset of poorly prognostic pediatric posterior fossa ependymomas exhibit lowered H3K27me3 and DNA hypomethylation and show epigenetic similarities with H3K27M mutant diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomasVenneti, Sriram; Bayliss, Jill; Mukherjee, Piali; Lu, Chao; Jain, Siddhant; Chung, Chan; Martinez, Daniel; Sabari, Benjamin; Margol, Ashley; Lewis, Peter; others
2017AB3-loaded and tumor-targeted unimolecular micelles for medullary thyroid cancer treatmentJaskula-Sztul, Renata; Chen, Guojun; Dammalapati, Ajitha; Harrison, April; Tang, Weiping; Gong, Shaoqin; Chen, Herbert
2017Aberrant histone turnover in Alzheimer's diseaseDowell, James A; Gitcho, Michael A; Denu, John M
2017Active positive semidefinite matrix completion: algorithms, theory and applicationsBhargava, Aniruddha; Ganti, Ravi; Nowak, Rob
2017Aerogel microspheres based on cellulose nanofibrils as potential cell culture scaffoldsZhang, Chunmei; Zhai, Tianliang; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Aggregation-based cutting-planes for packing and covering integer programsBodur, Merve; Del Pia, Alberto; Dey, Santanu S; Molinaro, Marco; Pokutta, Sebastian
2017Algebraic variety models for high-rank matrix completionOngie, Greg; Willett, Rebecca; Nowak, Robert D; Balzano, Laura
2017An ecological framework for temporal and individual differences in color preferencesSchloss, Karen B; Palmer, Stephen E
2017An intraocular drug delivery system using targeted nanocarriers attenuates retinal ganglion cell degenerationZhao, Lei; Chen, Guojun; Li, Jun; Fu, Yingmei; Mavlyutov, Timur A; Yao, Annie; Nickells, Robert W; Gong, Shaoqin; Guo, Lian-Wang
2017Analysis of approximate stochastic gradient using quadratic constraints and sequential semidefinite programsHu, Bin; Seiler, Peter; Lessard, Laurent
2017Analyzing random permutations for cyclic coordinate descentWright, Stephen J; Lee, Ching-Pei
2017Antineoplastic effects of histone deacetylase inhibitors in neuroendocrine cancer cells are mediated through transcriptional regulation of Notch1 by activator protein 1Jang, Samuel; Jin, Haining; Roy, Madhuchhanda; Ma, Alice L; Gong, Shaoqin; Jaskula-Sztul, Renata; Chen, Herbert
2017Approximate gradient coding via sparse random graphsCharles, Zachary; Papailiopoulos, Dimitris; Ellenberg, Jordan
2017Behavior of accelerated gradient methods near critical points of nonconvex problemsO'Neill, Michael; Wright, Stephen J
2017Biochemical Insights into the Mechanism of OncohistonesLewis, Peter W
2017Biocompatible, degradable thermoplastic polyurethane based on polycaprolactone-block-polytetrahydrofuran-block-polycaprolactone copolymers for soft tissue engineeringMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Napiwocki, Brett N; Hagerty, Breanna S; Chen, Guojun; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Carboplatin-complexed and cRGD-conjugated unimolecular nanoparticles for targeted ovarian cancer therapyWang, Yuyuan; Wang, Liwei; Chen, Guojun; Gong, Shaoqin
2017Catastrophic thresholds, Bayesian learning and the robustness of climate policy recommendationsChang, Wonjun; Rutherford, Thomas F
2017Challenges to multimodal data set collection in games based learning environmentsTurker, Aybuke G; Dalsen, Jennifer; Berland, Matthew; Steinkuehler, Constance
2017Characterization of stereocomplex polylactide/nanoclay nanocompositesSrithep, Y; Pholharn, D; Turng, L-S
2017Chromatin module inference on cellular trajectories identifies key transition points and poised epigenetic states in diverse developmental processesRoy, Sushmita; Sridharan, Rupa
2017Coalescent-based species tree estimation: a stochastic Farris transformDasarathy, Gautam; Mossel, Elchanan; Nowak, Robert; Roch, Sebastien
2017Comparative study of chemical and physical foaming methods for injection-molded thermoplastic polyurethaneKharbas, Hrishikesh A; McNulty, Jason D; Ellingham, Thomas; Thompson, Cyrus; Manitiu, Mihai; Scholz, Guenter; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Comparison between PCL/hydroxyapatite (HA) and PCL/halloysite nanotube (HNT) composite scaffolds prepared by co-extrusion and gas foamingJing, Xin; Mi, Hao-Yang; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Comprehensive study on cellular morphologies, proliferation, motility, and epithelial--mesenchymal transition of breast cancer cells incubated on electrospun polymeric fiber substratesDomura, Ryota; Sasaki, Rie; Okamoto, Masami; Hirano, Minoru; Kohda, Katsunori; Napiwocki, Brett; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Connected spaces: helping makers know their neighborsKumar, Vishesh; Tissenbaum, Mike; Wielgus, Lauren; Berland, Matthew
2017Control interpretations for first-order optimization methodsHu, Bin; Lessard, Laurent
2017Controlling hESC-CM cell morphology on patterned substrates over a range of stiffnessNapiwocki, Brett N; Salick, Max R; Ashton, Randolph S; Crone, Wendy C
2017Controlling superwettability by microstructure and surface energy manipulation on three dimensional substrates for versatile gravity eriven oil/water separationMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Huang, Han-Xiong; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Co-optimization of demand response and reserve offers for a major consumerHabibian, Mahbubeh; Zakeri, Golbon; Downward, Anthony; Anjos, Miguel F; Ferris, Michael
2017Creep crack growth behavior of alloys 617 and 800H in air and impure helium environments at high temperaturesGrierson, DS; Cao, G; Brooks, P; Pezzi, P; Glaudell, A; Kuettel, D; Fischer, G; Allen, T; Sridharan, K; Crone, WC
2017Crystal structure and kinetic analysis of the class B3 di-zinc metallo-β-lactamase LRA-12 from an Alaskan soil metagenomeRodriguez, Maria Margarita; Herman, Raphael; Ghiglione, Barbara; Kerff, Frederic; Gonzalez, Gabriela DÆAmico; Bouillenne, Fabrice; Galleni, Moreno; Handelsman, Jo; Charlier, Paulette; Gutkind, Gabriel; others
2017CuS-based theranostic micelles for NIR-controlled combination chemotherapy and photothermal therapy and photoacoustic imagingChen, Guojun; Ma, Ben; Wang, Yuyuan; Xie, Ruosen; Li, Chun; Dou, Kefeng; Gong, Shaoqin
2017Deposition-induced effects of isotactic polypropylene and polycarbonate composites during fused deposition modelingZhou, Ying-Guo; Su, Bei; Turng, Lih-sheng
2017Deriving, regenerating, and engineering CNS tissues using human pluripotent stem cellsLemke, Kristen A; Aghayee, Alireza; Ashton, Randolph S
2017Development and mechanism of small-molecule SIRT6 activatorsKlein, Mark; Liu, Can; Camacho, Beatriz; Tang, Weiping; Denu, John M
2017Differential disruption of nucleocytoplasmic trafficking pathways by rhinovirus 2A proteasesWatters, Kelly; Inankur, Bahar; Gardiner, Jaye C; Warrick, Jay; Sherer, Nathan M; Yin, John; Palmenberg, Ann C
2017Dissipativity theory for Nesterov's accelerated methodHu, Bin; Lessard, Laurent
2017Distributive mixing in a corotating twin screw channel using Lagrangian particle calculationsXu, Baiping; Yu, Huiwen; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Diverse modes of eco-evolutionary dynamics in communities of antibiotic-producing microorganismsVetsigian, Kalin
2017Does the future of systematics really rest on the legacy of one mid-20th-century German entomologist?Baum, David A
2017Draft genome sequence of Flavobacterium johnsoniae CI04, an isolate from the soybean rhizosphereBravo, Juan I; Lozano, Gabriel L; Handelsman, Jo
2017Draft genome sequence of Pseudomonas koreensis CI12, a Bacillus cereus "hitchhiker" from the soybean rhizosphereLozano, Gabriel L; Bravo, Juan I; Handelsman, Jo
2017Driver movement patterns indicate distraction and engagementRadwin, Robert G; Lee, John D; Akkas, Oguz
2017Dysregulation of Sirtuin 2 (SIRT2) and histone H3K18 acetylation pathways associates with adverse prostate cancer outcomesDamodaran, Shivashankar; Damaschke, Nathan; Gawdzik, Joseph; Yang, Bing; Shi, Cedric; Allen, Glenn O; Huang, Wei; Denu, John; Jarrard, David
2017Effect of nucleating agent and two-stage expansion on the morphology and mechanical properties of microcellular injection molded thermoplastic polyurethaneEllingham, Thomas; Kharbas, Hrishikesh; Manitiu, Mihai; Scholz, Guenter; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Effects of nanoclays on the thermal stability and flame retardancy of microcellular thermoplastic polyurethane nanocompositesWang, Xin-Chao; Geng, Tie; Han, Jian; Liu, Chun-Tai; Shen, Chang-Yu; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Yang, Hsinjin Edwin
2017Effects of trimetaphosphate on abiotic formation and hydrolysis of peptidesSibilska, Izabela K; Chen, Bingming; Li, Lingjun; Yin, John
2017Electrospinning of poly (lactic acid)/polycaprolactone blends: investigation of the governing parameters and biocompatibilityZhang, Chunmei; Zhai, Tianliang; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Electrospun polycaprolactone/gelatin composites with enhanced cell--matrix interactions as blood vessel endothelial layer scaffoldsJiang, Yong-Chao; Jiang, Lin; Huang, An; Wang, Xiao-Feng; Li, Qian; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Elucidating protein-DNA interactions in human alphoid chromatin via hybridization capture and mass spectrometryBuxton, Katherine E; Kennedy-Darling, Julia; Shortreed, Michael R; Zaidan, Nur Zafirah; Olivier, Michael; Scalf, Mark; Sridharan, Rupa; Smith, Lloyd M
2017EPND-08. epigenetic H3K27ME3 deregulation in pediatric posterior fossa ependymomasVenneti, Sriram; Bayliss, Jill; Mukherjee, Piyali; Lu, Chao; Jain, Siddhant; Chung, Chan; Panwalkar, Pooja; Martinez, Daniel; Sabari, Benjamin; Lewis, Peter; others
2017Establishment of reporter lines for detecting fragile X mental retardation (FMR1) gene reactivation in human neural cellsLi, Meng; Zhao, Huashan; Ananiev, Gene E; Musser, Michael T; Ness, Kathryn H; Maglaque, Dianne L; Saha, Krishanu; Bhattacharyya, Anita; Zhao, Xinyu
2017Evaluating perceived distance measures in room-scale spaces using consumer-grade head mounted displaysPeer, Alex; Ponto, Kevin
2017Evaluation of mixing performance in baffled screw channel using lagrangian particle calculationsXu, Baiping; Yu, Huiwen; Kuang, Tangqing; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Evolutionary systems biology integration of multi-level CTMC interaction models of biochemistry and cancer cell growth using EvolvixMeyer, Jocelyn R; Alarid, Elaine; Loewe, Laurence
2017Exponential stability analysis via integral quadratic constraintsBoczar, Ross; Lessard, Laurent; Packard, Andrew; Recht, Benjamin
2017Fabrication of poly (ε-caprolactone) tissue engineering scaffolds with fibrillated and interconnected pores utilizing microcellular injection molding and polymer leachingHuang, An; Jiang, Yongchao; Napiwocki, Brett; Mi, Haoyang; Peng, Xiangfang; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Fabrication of polycaprolactone electrospun fibers with different hierarchical structures mimicking collagen fibrils for tissue engineering scaffoldsJiang, Lin; Wang, Liwei; Wang, Nathan; Gong, Shaoqin; Wang, Lixia; Li, Qian; Shen, Changyu; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Fabrication of scaffolds in tissue engineering: a reviewZhao, Peng; Gu, Haibing; Mi, Haoyang; Rao, Chengchen; Fu, Jianzhong; Turng, Lih-sheng
2017Fabrication of shish-kebab-structured carbon nanotube/poly (ε-caprolactone) composite nanofibers for potential tissue engineering applicationsWu, Tong; Chen, Xin; Sha, Jin; Peng, Yi-Yan; Ma, Yu-Lu; Xie, Lin-Sheng; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Forest friends demo: a game-exhibit to promote computer science concepts in informal spacesSung, Isaac; Berland, Matthew
2017Fox-neuwirth-fuks cells, quantum shuffle algebras, and Malle's conjecture for function fieldsEllenberg, Jordan S; Tran, TriThang; Westerland, Craig
2017Fusion advanced design studiesEl-Guebaly, Laila; Henderson, Douglass; Wilson, Paul; Blanchard, Jake
2017Genome editing in human pluripotent stem cellsCarlson-Stevermer, Jared; Saha, Krishanu
2017Hawkes process modeling of adverse drug reactions with longitudinal observational dataBao, Yujia; Kuang, Zhaobin; Peissig, Peggy; Page, David; Willett, Rebecca
2017High throughput computing for massive scenario analysis and optimization to minimize cascading blackout riskAnderson, Eric James; Linderoth, Jeff
2017High-performance green semiconductor devices: materials, designs, and fabricationJung, Yei Hwan; Zhang, Huilong; Gong, Shaoqin; Ma, Zhenqiang
2017Histone lysine-to-methionine mutations reduce histone methylation and cause developmental pleiotropySanders, Dean; Qian, Shuiming; Fieweger, Rachael; Lu, Li; Dowell, James A; Denu, John M; Zhong, Xuehua
2017Homology of FI-modulesChurch, Thomas; Ellenberg, Jordan
2017Identification of a tissue-restricted isoform of SIRT1 defines a regulatory domain that encodes specificityDeota, Shaunak; Chattopadhyay, Tandrika; Ramachandran, Deepti; Armstrong, Eric; Camacho, Beatriz; Maniyadath, Babukrishna; Fulzele, Amit; Gonzalez-de-Peredo, Anne; Denu, John M; Kolthur-Seetharam, Ullas
2017Identifying dysregulated epigenetic enzyme activity in castrate-resistant prostate cancer developmentLee, Jin-Hee; Yang, Bing; Lindahl, Anastasia J; Damaschke, Nathan; Boersma, Melissa D; Huang, Wei; Corey, Eva; Jarrard, David F; Denu, John M
2017Identifying dysregulated epigenetic enzymes in castrate-resistant prostate cancer developmentLee, Jin-Hee; Yang, Bing H; Damaschke, Nathan H; Boersma, Melissa D; Huang, Wei H; Corey, Eva; Jarrard, David F; Denu, John M
2017Image-based identification of cell cultures by machine learningBabatunde, Oluleye; Baltes, Ashley; Yin, John
2017Impaired H3K36 methylation defines a subset of head and neck squamous cell carcinomasPapillon-Cavanagh, Simon; Lu, Chao; Gayden, Tenzin; Mikael, Leonie G; Bechet, Denise; Karamboulas, Christina; Ailles, Laurie; Karamchandani, Jason; Marchione, Dylan M; Lewis, Peter W; others
2017Improved injection molding of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene using supercritical nitrogenYilmaz, Galip; Ellingham, Thomas; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Improved processability and the processing-structure-properties relationship of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene via supercritical nitrogen and carbon dioxide in injection moldingYilmaz, Galip; Ellingham, Thomas; Turng, Lih-Sheng
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