Recent Publications

Recent publications from our faculty and fellows during their time at WID are listed below. Please see each publication for additional information.

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2020A comparative analysis of 3D user interaction: how to move virtual objects in mixed realityHyo Jeong Kang, Jung-hye Shin, Kevin PontoProceeding
2020A line-search descent algorithm for strict saddle functions with complexity guaranteesMichael O'Neill, Stephen J. WrightPreprint
2020A pH-responsive silica-metal-organic framework hybrid nanoparticle for the delivery of hydrophilic drugs, nucleic acids, and CRISPR-Cas9 genome-editing machineriesYuyuan Wang, Pawan K. Shahi, Ruosen Xie, Huilong Zhang, Amr A.Abdeen, Nisakorn Yodsanit, Zhenqiang Ma, Krishanu Saha, Bikash R. Pattnaik, Shaoqin GongArticle
2020A self-powered and arch-structured triboelectric nanogenerator for portable electronics and human-machine communicationXingxing Shi, Shuidong Zhang, Shaoqin GongArticle
2020A sociotechnical systems approach toward tailored design for personal health information managementNicole E. Werner, Michelle Tong, Dan Nathan-Roberts, Catherine Arnott-Smith, Ross Tredinnick, Kevin Ponto, Marijke Melles, Peter HoonakkerArticle
2020An ecological framework for the analysis of prebiotic chemical reaction networksZhen Peng, Alex M. Plum, Praful Gagrani, David A. BaumArticle
2020An ecological framework for the analysis of prebiotic chemical reaction networks and their dynamical behavior Zhen Peng, Alex Plum, Praful Gagrani, David A. BaumPreprint
2020An inferred fitness consequence map of the rice genomeZoé Joly-Lopez, Adrian E. Platts, Brad Gulko, Jae Young Choi, Simon C. Groen, Xuehua Zhong, Adam Siepel, Michael D. PuruggananArticle
2020Analysis of biased stochastic gradient descent using sequential semidefinite programsBin Hu, Peter Seiler, Laurent LessardTechnical Report
2020Axial-circular magnetic levitation: a three-dimensional density measurement and manipulation approachChengqian Zhang, Peng Zhao, Fu Gu, Xuechun Zhang, Jun Xie, Yong He, Huamin Zhou, Jianzhong Fu, Lih-Sheng TurngArticle
2020Beta cell dedifferentiation induced by IRE1α deletion prevents type 1 diabetesHugo Lee, Yong-Syu Lee, Quincy Harenda, Stefan Pietrzak, Hülya Zeynep Oktay, Sierra Schreiber, Yian Liao, Shreyash Sonthalia, Ashley E. Ciecko, Yi-Guang Chen, Sunduz Keles, Rupa Sridharan, Feyza EnginArticle
2020Bioengineering tissue morphogenesis and function in human neural organoidsNikolai J. Fedorchak, Nisha Iyer, Randolph S. AshtonArticle
2020Biological and catalytic functions of sirtuin 6 as targets for small-molecule modulatorsMark A. Klein, John M. DenuArticle
2020Biologically functionalized expanded polytetrafluoroethylene blood vessel graftsDongfang Wang, Yiyang Xu, Yu-Jyun Lin, Galip Yilmaz, Jue Zhang, George Schmidt, Qian Li, James A. Thomson, Lih-Sheng TurngArticle
2020Blue hues don't bring the blues: questioning conventional notions of color-emotion associationsKaren B. Schloss, Christoph Witzel, Leslie Y. Lai Article
2020Breakup of a viscoelastic droplet in co-rotating non-twin screw channelsHuiwen Yu, Baiping Xu, Hongwu Wu, Yaoxue Du, Chuntai Liu, Lih-Sheng TurngArticle
2020BREWing better broader impactsAnne Lynn Gillian-Daniel, Matthew D. Stilwell, Nicholas L. Abbott, Wendy C. CroneTechnical Report
2020Characterization of polymer materials using magnetic levitationJun Xie, Peng Zhao, Jianfeng Zhang, Hongwei Zhou, Jianzhong Fu, Lih-Sheng TurngArticle
2020Classification of T-cell activation via autofluorescence lifetime imagingAlex J. Walsh, Katherine P. Mueller, Kelsey Tweed, Isabel Jones, Christine M. Walsh, Nicole J. Piscopo, Natalie M. Niemi, David J. Pagliarini, Krishanu Saha, Melissa C. SkalaArticle
2020Constitutionalism at the nexus of life and lawJ. Benjamin Hurlbut, Sheila Jasanoff, Krishanu SahaArticle
2020Crosslinked polymer nanocapsules for therapeutic, diagnostic, and theranostic applicationsHaotian Sun, William Erdman III, Yuan Yuan, Mohamed Alaa Mohamed, Ruosen Xie, Yuyuan Wang, Shaoqin Gong, Chong ChengArticle
2020Data-driven sample average approximation with covariate informationRohit Kannan, Güzin Bayraksan, James R. LuedtkeArticle
2020Effect of carbonization temperature on mechanical properties and biocompatibility of biochar/ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene compositesSuiyi Li, Yiyang Xu, Xin Jing, Galip Yilmaz, Dagang Li, Lih-Sheng TurngArticle
2020Ethanol-lubricated expanded-polytetrafluoroethylene vascular grafts loaded with eggshell membrane extract and heparin for rapid endothelialization and anticoagulationShujie Yan, Yiyang Xu, Yu-JyunLin, Zhi Zhang, Xiang Zhang, Galip Yilmaz, Qian Li, Lih-Sheng TurngArticle
2020Expanded poly(tetrafluoroethylene) blood vessel grafts with embedded Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)-responsive antithrombogenic drug for elimination of thrombosisDongfang Wang, Yiyang Xu, Lixia Wang, Xiofeng Wang, Cuihong Ren, Bo Zhang, Qian Li, James A. Thomson, Lih-Sheng TurngArticle
2020Expanded polytetrafluoroethylene/graphite composites for easy water/oil separationRyan Aturaliya, Dongfang Wang, Yi-Yang Xu, Yu-Jyun Lin, Qian Li, Lih-Sheng TurngArticle
2020Exploring the universe from Antarctica - an informal STEM polar research exhibitRoss Tredinnick, Rebecca Cors, James Madsen, David Gagnon, Silvia Bravo-Gallart, Bryce Sprecher, Kevin PontoArticle
2020FEM of gas-assisted injection molding mased on 3D modelXinchao Wang, Tie Geng, Liqun Yan, Yonggang Guo, Lih-Sheng TurngArticle
2020Finding all ε-good arms in stochastic banditsBlake Mason, Lalit Jain, Ardhendu Tripathy, Robert NowakPreprint
2020Fluid-Powered projectile-assisted injection molding: principles and developmentsT.-Q. Kuang, T. Liu, Q. Feng, W.-W Liu, H.-S. Liu, L.-S. TurngArticle
2020Functionalization of 3-D porous thermoplastic polyurethane scaffolds by two-stage polydopamine/hydroxyapatite composite nanoparticlesZ. X. Cui, S. Shen, J. H. Wu, J. H. Si, Q. T. Wang, L-S. Turng, W. Z. ChenArticle
2020Genome editing with precision and accuracyKrishanu SahaBook
2020Genome engineering of induced pluripotent stem cells to manufacture natural killer cell therapiesKeerthana Shankar, Christian M. Capitini, Krishanu SahaArticle
2020Geometry, inference, complexity, and democracyJordan S. EllenbergPreprint
2020Highly efficient removal of methylene blue dye from an aqueous solution using cellulose acetate nanofibrous membranes modified by polydopamineJiaqi Cheng, Conghua Zhan, Jiahui Wu, Zhixiang Cui, Junhui Si, Qianting Wang, Xiangfang Peng, Lih-Sheng TurngArticle
2020High-resolution interactive immersive renderings of real-world environmentsKevin Ponto, Ross TredinnickArticle
2020Integer packing sets form a well-quasi-orderingAlberto Del Pia, Dion Gijswijt, Jeff Linderoth, Haoran ZhuArticle
2020Intelligent technologies for polymer injection moldingPeng Zhao, Jianfeng Zhang, Zhengyang Dong, Junye Huang, Hongwei Zhou, Jianzhong Fu, Lih-Sheng TurngArticle
2020KinderMiner Web: a simple web tool for ranking pairwise associations in biomedical applicationsFinn Kuusisto, Daniel Ng, John Steill, Ian Ross, Miron Livny, James Thomson, David Page, Ron StewartPreprint
2020Label-free classification of T cell activationMelissa C. Skala, Alex J. Walsh, Kelsey Tweed, Katie Mueller, Isabel Jones, Steven M. Trier, Krishanu SahaProceeding
2020Lagrangian dual decision rules for multistage stochastic mixed integer programmingMaryam Daryalal, Merve Bodur, James R. LuedtkePreprint
2020Linear programming and community detectionAlberto Del Pia, Aida Khajavirad, Dmitriy KuniskyPreprint
2020MaxiMin active learning in overparameterized model classesMina Karzand, Robert D. NowakArticle
2020Measuring visual acuity and stereo accuracy as mediated by immersive displaysAlex Peer, Kevin PontoArticle
2020Metabolism and the epigenome: a dynamic relationshipSpencer A. Haws, Cassandra M. Leech, John M. DenuArticle
2020Mixed-Integer linear programming for scheduling unconventional oil field developmentAkhilesh Soni, Jeff Linderoth, James Luedtke, Fabian RigterinkArticle
2020Multi-trait analysis of rare-variant association summary statistics using MTARLan Luo, Judong Shen, Hong Zhang, Aparna Chhibber, Devan V. Mehrotra, Zheng-Zheng TangArticle
2020Neural networks, ridge splines, and TV regularization in the radon domainRahul Parhi, Robert D. NowakPreprint
2020On regret with multiple best armsYinglun Zhu, Robert NowakPreprint
2020Optimal confidence regions for the multinomial parameterMatthew L. Malloy, Ardhendu Tripathy, Robert D. NowakPreprint
2020Optimization-Based dispatching policies for open-pit miningAmanda Smith, Jeff Linderoth, Jim LuedtkeArticle
2020Orbital conflict: cutting planes for symmetric integer programsJeff Linderoth, José Núñez Ares, Article
2020pH-Responsive rolymer-drug conjugate: an effective strategy to combat the antimicrobial resistanceMingzhou Ye, Yi Zhao, Yuyuan Wang, Nisakorn Yodsanit, Ruosen Xie, Shaoqin GongArticle
2020Piecewise polyhedral formulations for a multilinear termKaarthik Sundar, Harsha Nagarajan, Site Wang, Jeff Linderoth, Russell BentPreprint
2020Proximity in concave integer quadratic programmingAlberto Del Pia, Mingchen MaPreprint
2020Robust outlier arm identificationYinglun Zhu, Sumeet Katariya, Robert NowakProceeding
2020Systematic analysis of distributed optimization algorithms over jointly-connected networksBryan Van Scoy, Laurent LessardPreprint
2020The drivers of greenhouse gas emissions intensity improvements in major economies: analysis of trends 1995–2009Madanmohan Ghosh, Deming Luo, Muhammad Shahid Siddiqui, Thomas Rutherford, Yunfa ZhuArticle
2020The effect of micromechanics models on mechanical property predictions for short fiber compositesJian Zhao, Dong-Xiao Su, Jin-ming Yi, Gengdong Cheng, Lih-Sheng Turng, Tim OsswaldArticle
2020The merger that made usDavid A. Baum, Buzz BaumArticle
2020Thermosensitive polyacrylonitrile/polyethylene oxide/polyacrylonitrile membrane separators for prompt and safer thermal lithium-ion battery shutdownWenzheng Gong, Zhi Zhang, Shuya Wei, Shilun Ruan, Changyu Shen, Lih-Sheng TurngArticle
2020Transitions between biomes are common and directional in Bombacoideae (Malvaceae)Alexander Zizka, Jefferson G. Carvallho-Sobrinho, R. Toby Pennington, Luciano P. Queiroz, Suzana Alcantara, David A. Baum, Christine D. Bacon, Alexandre AntonelliArticle
2020Variable smoothing for weakly convex composite functionsAxel Böhm, Stephen J. WrightPreprint