Recent Publications

Recent publications from our faculty and fellows during their time at WID are listed below. A more detailed listing of recent publications is available on the WID Google Scholar Page. Please see each publication for additional information.

2019Bilinear Bandits with Low-rank StructureJun, Kwang-Sung; Willett, Rebecca; Wright, Stephen; Nowak, Robert
2019CRISPR/Cas9 editing of APP C-terminus attenuates β-cleavage and promotes α-cleavageSun, Jichao; Carlson-Stevermer, Jared; Das, Utpal; Shen, Minjie; Delenclos, Marion; Snead, Amanda M.; Koo, So Yeon; Wang, Lina; Qiao, Dianhua; Loi, Jonathan; Petersen, Andrew J.; Stockton, Michael; Bhattacharyya, Anita; Jones, Mathew V.; Zhao, Xinyu; McLean, Pamela J.; Sproul, Andrew A.; Saha, Krishanu; Roy, Subhojit
2019Effect of centerline distance on mixing of a Non-Newtonian fluid in a cavity with asymmetric rotorsXu, Baiping; Liu, Yao; He, Liang; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Liu, Chuntai
2019Efficient convex optimization for linear MPCWright, Stephen J
2019Electrospun nanofibrous thermoplastic polyurethane/poly (glycerol sebacate) hybrid scaffolds for vocal fold tissue engineering applicationsJiang, Lin; Jiang, Yongchao; Stiadle, Jeanna; Wang, Xiaofeng; Wang, Lixia; Li, Qian; Shen, Changyu; Thibeault, Susan L; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2019Fabrication and modification of wavy multicomponent vascular grafts with biomimetic mechanical properties, antithrombogenicity, and enhanced endothelial cell affinityMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Li, Zhu-Tong; Lin, Yu-Jyun; Thomson, James A; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2019Fabrication of triple-layered vascular grafts composed of silk fibers, polyacrylamide hydrogel, and polyurethane nanofibers with biomimetic mechanical propertiesMi, Hao-Yang; Jiang, Yongchao; Jing, Xin; Enriquez, Eduardo; Li, Heng; Li, Qian; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2019Nonvanishing of hyperelliptic zeta functions over finite fieldsEllenberg, Jordan S; Li, Wanlin; Shusterman, Mark
2019Obesity-dependent CDK1 signaling stimulates mitochondrial respiration at complex I in pancreatic β-cellsGregg, Trillian; Sdao, Sophia M; Dhillon, Rashpal S; Rensvold, Jarred W; Lewandowski, Sophie L; Pagliarini, David J; Denu, John M; Merrins, Matthew J
2019What color are emergency exit signs? Egress behavior differs from verbal reportKinateder, Max; Warren, William H; Schloss, Karen B
20183D microstructured scaffolds to support photoreceptor polarization and maturationJung, Yei Hwan; Phillips, M Joseph; Lee, Juhwan; Xie, Ruosen; Ludwig, Allison L; Chen, Guojun; Zheng, Qifeng; Kim, Tong June; Zhang, Huilong; Barney, Patrick; Min, Jee; Barlow, Katherine; Gong, Shaoqin; Gamm, David M.; Ma, Zhenqiang
2018A 3D model of human skeletal muscle innervated with stem cell-derived motor neurons enables epsilon-subunit targeted myasthenic syndrome studiesBakooshli, Mohsen Afshar; Lippmann, Ethan S; Mulcahy, Ben; Tung, Kayee; Pegoraro, Elena; Ahn, Henry; Ginsberg, Howard; Zhen, Mei; Ashton, Randolph S; Gilbert, Penney M
2018A canonical form for first-order distributed optimization algorithmsSundararajan, Akhil; Van Scoy, Bryan; Lessard, Laurent
2018A chemical ecosystem selection approach for generating evolvable chemical systems in vitroVincent, Lena; Vetsigian, Kalin; Baum, David
2018A distributed quasi-Newton algorithm for empirical risk minimization with nonsmooth regularizationLee, Ching-pei; Lim, Cong Han; Wright, Stephen J
2018A Malvaceae mystery: A mallow maelstrom of genome multiplications and maybe misleading methods?Conover, Justin L; Karimi, Nisa; Stenz, Noah; Ané, Cécile; Grover, Corrinne E; Skema, C; Tate, Jennifer A; Wolff, Kirsten; Logan, Samuel A; Wendel, Jonathan F; others
2018A Newton-CG algorithm with complexity guarantees for smooth unconstrained optimizationRoyer, Clément W; O'Neill, Michael; Wright, Stephen J
2018A numerical simulation of enhanced mixing of a non-Newtonian fluid in a cavity with asymmetric non-twin rotorsXu, Baiping; Liu, Yao; Yu, Huiwen; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Liu, Chuntai
2018A paradigm of endothelium-protective and stent-free anti-restenotic therapy using biomimetic nanoclustersWang, Bowen; Chen, Guojun; Urabe, Go; Xie, Ruosen; Wang, Yuyuan; Shi, Xudong; Guo, Lian-Wang; Gong, Shaoqin; Kent, K Craig
2018A structure-preserving pivotal method for affine variational inequalitiesKim, Youngdae; Huber, Olivier; Ferris, Michael C
2018A three-dimensional culture model of innervated human skeletal muscle enables studies of the adult neuromuscular junction and disease modelingBakooshli, Mohsen Afshar; Lippmann, Ethan S; Mulcahy, Ben; Iyer, Nisha; Nguyen, Christine T; Tung, Kayee; Stewart, Bryan A; van den Dorpel, Hubrecht; Fuehrmann, Tobias; Shoichet, Molly S; others
2018A universal GSH-responsive nanoplatform for the delivery of DNA, mRNA, and Cas9/sgRNA ribonucleoproteinChen, Guojun; Ma, Ben; Wang, Yuyuan; Gong, Shaoqin
2018A visualization of flow patterns of viscoelastic fluid partially filled in a co-rotating nontwin screw extruderYu, Huiwen; Xu, Baiping; Wu, Hongwu; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Wang, Meigui
2018Abstract LB-247: Targeting methionine metabolism to eradicate cancer stem cellsStrekalova, Elena; Malin, Dmitry; Hoelper, Dominik; Lewis, Peter; Cryns, Vincent
2018Abstract SY05-02: Polycomb dysregulation by oncohistonesLewis, Peter W
2018Adaptive sampling for coarse rankingKatariya, Sumeet; Jain, Lalit; Sengupta, Nandana; Evans, James; Nowak, Robert
2018Aggregation-based cutting-planes for packing and covering integer programsBodur, Merve; Del Pia, Alberto; Dey, Santanu S; Molinaro, Marco; Pokutta, Sebastian
2018Aging infrastructure creates opportunities for cost-efficient restoration of aquatic ecosystem connectivityNeeson, Thomas M; Moody, Allison T; O'Hanley, Jesse R; Diebel, Matthew; Doran, Patrick; Ferris, Michael; Colling, Timothy; McIntyre, Peter
2018AlGaAs/Si dual-junction tandem solar cells by epitaxial lift-off and print-transfer-assisted direct bondingXiong, Kanglin; Mi, Hongyi; Chang, Tzu-Hsuan; Liu, Dong; Xia, Zhenyang; Wu, Meng-Yin; Yin, Xin; Gong, Shaoqin; Zhou, Weidong; Shin, Jae Cheol; others
2018An inactivating mutation in the histone deacetylase SIRT6 causes human perinatal lethalityFerrer, Christina M; Alders, Marielle; Postma, Alex V; Park, Seonmi; Klein, Mark A; Cetinbas, Murat; Pajkrt, Eva; Glas, Astrid; van Koningsbruggen, Silvana; Christoffels, Vincent M; others
2018An ortholog of curly leaf/enhancer of zeste like-1 is required for proper flowering in Brachypodium distachyonLomax, Aaron; Woods, Daniel P; Dong, Yinxin; Bouché, Frédéric; Rong, Ying; Mayer, Kevin S; Zhong, Xuehua; Amasino, Richard M
2018Antibiotic-induced acceleration of type 1 diabetes alters maturation of innate intestinal immunityZhang, Xue-Song; Li, Jackie; Krautkramer, Kimberly A; Badri, Michelle; Battaglia, Thomas; Borbet, Timothy C; Koh, Hyunwook; Ng, Sandy; Sibley, Rachel A; Li, Yuanyuan; others
2018ATOMO: communication-efficient learning via atomic sparsificationWang, Hongyi; Sievert, Scott; Liu, Shengchao; Charles, Zachary; Papailiopoulos, Dimitris; Wright, Stephen
2018ATRX, DAXX or MEN1 mutant pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors are a distinct ôalpha-cell signatureö subgroupLaddha, Saurabh V; Chan, Chang S; Lewis, Peter; Koletsky, Matthew; Robzyk, Kenneth; Da Silva, Edaise; Torres, Paula J; Untch, Brian; Bose, Promita; Chan, Timothy; others
2018Automated video lifting posture classification using bounding box dimensionsGreene, Runyu; Hu, Yu Hen; Difranco, Nicholas; Wang, Xuan; Lu, Ming-Lun; Bao, Stephen; Lin, Jia-Hua; Radwin, Robert G
2018Biocompatible, self-healing, highly stretchable polyacrylic acid/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite hydrogel sensors via mussel-inspired chemistryJing, Xin; Mi, Hao-Yang; Peng, Xiang-Fang; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Bioengineering solutions for manufacturing challenges in CAR T cellsPiscopo, Nicole J; Mueller, Katherine P; Das, Amritava; Hematti, Peiman; Murphy, William L; Palecek, Sean P; Capitini, Christian M; Saha, Krishanu
2018Blended conditional gradients: the unconditioning of conditional gradientsBraun, Gábor; Pokutta, Sebastian; Tu, Dan; Wright, Stephen
2018Building capacity for a global genome editing observatory: conceptual challengesHurlbut, J Benjamin; Jasanoff, Sheila; Saha, Krishanu; Ahmed, Aziza; Appiah, Anthony; Bartholet, Elizabeth; Baylis, Françoise; Bennett, Gaymon; Church, George; Cohen, I Glenn; others
2018Building capacity for a global genome editing observatory: institutional designSaha, Krishanu; Hurlbut, J Benjamin; Jasanoff, Sheila; Ahmed, Aziza; Appiah, Anthony; Bartholet, Elizabeth; Baylis, Françoise; Bennett, Gaymon; Church, George; Cohen, I Glenn; others
2018Call center arrivals: when to jointly forecast multiple streams?Ye, Han; Luedtke, James; Shen, Haipeng
2018Can surgical performance for varying experience be measured from hand motions?Azari, David P; Miller, Brady L; Le, Brian V; Greenberg, Jacob A; Greenberg, Caprice C; Pugh, Carla M; Hu, Yu Hen; Radwin, Robert G
2018Canonical and non-canonical actions of Arabidopsis histone deacetylases in ribosomal RNA processingChen, Xiangsong; Lu, Li; Qian, Shuiming; Scalf, Mark; Smith, Lloyd M; Zhong, Xuehua
2018Clonal polymorphism and high heterozygosity in the celibate genome of the Amazon mollyWarren, Wesley C; Garcìa-Pérez, Raquel; Xu, Sen; Lampert, Kathrin P; Chalopin, Domitille; Stöck, Matthias; Loewe, Laurence; Lu, Yuan; Kuderna, Lukas; Minx, Patrick; others
2018Color inference in visual communication: the meaning of colors in recyclingSchloss, Karen B; Lessard, Laurent; Walmsley, Charlotte S; Foley, Kathleen
2018Color, Music, and Emotion: Bach to the BluesWhiteford, Kelly L; Schloss, Karen B; Helwig, Nathaniel E; Palmer, Stephen E
2018Compartmentalization of HP1 proteins in pluripotency acquisition and maintenanceZaidan, Nur Zafirah; Walker, Kolin J; Brown, Jaime E; Schaffer, Leah V; Scalf, Mark; Shortreed, Michael R; Iyer, Gopal; Smith, Lloyd M; Sridharan, Rupa
2018Complexity analysis of second-order line-search algorithms for smooth nonconvex optimizationRoyer, Clément W; Wright, Stephen J
2018Computing generalized matrix inverse on spiking neural substrateShukla, Rohit; Khoram, Soroosh; Jorgensen, Erik; Li, Jing; Lipasti, Mikko; Wright, Stephen
2018Concave integer quadratic programming with totally unimodular matricesDel Pia, Alberto
2018Concentration inequalities for the empirical distributionMardia, Jay; Jiao, Jiantao; Tánczos, Ervin; Nowak, Robert D; Weissman, Tsachy
2018Conserving rare species can have high opportunity costs for common speciesNeeson, Thomas M; Doran, Patrick J; Ferris, Michael C; Fitzpatrick, Kimberly B; Herbert, Matthew; Khoury, Mary; Moody, Allison T; Ross, Jared; Yacobson, Eugene; McIntyre, Peter B
2018Co-optimization of demand response and interruptible load reserve offers for a price-making major consumerHabibian, Mahbubeh; Zakeri, Golbon; Downward, Anthony; Anjos, Miguel F; Ferris, Michael
2018Core/shell structure of electrospun polycarbonate nanofibersWang, Xiaofeng; Xu, Yiyang; Jiang, Yongchao; Jiang, Jing; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Li, Qian
2018Defect diagnosis for polymeric samples via magnetic levitationXia, Neng; Zhao, Peng; Xie, Jun; Zhang, Chengqian; Fu, Jianzhong; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Design considerations for the enhancement of human color vision by breaking binocular redundancyGundlach, Bradley S; Frising, Michel; Shahsafi, Alireza; Vershbow, Gregory; Wan, Chenghao; Salman, Jad; Rokers, Bas; Lessard, Laurent; Kats, Mikhail A
2018Designing and implementing algorithms for mixed-integer nonlinear optimization (Dagstuhl Seminar 18081)Bonami, Pierre; Gleixner, Ambros M; Linderoth, Jeff; Misener, Ruth
2018Developing precision medicine using scarless genome editing of human pluripotent stem cellsSteyer, Benjamin; Cory, Evan; Saha, Krishanu
2018Development of biomimetic thermoplastic polyurethane/fibroin small-diameter vascular grafts via a novel electrospinning approachYu, Emily; Mi, Hao-Yang; Zhang, Jue; Thomson, James A; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Dissipativity theory for accelerating stochastic variance reduction: a unified analysis of SVRG and Katyusha using semidefinite programsHu, Bin; Wright, Stephen; Lessard, Laurent
2018Distributive mixing in a corotating twin screw channel using Lagrangian particle calculationsXu, Baiping; Yu, Huiwen; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Dual recognition of H3K4me3 and H3K27me3 by a plant histone reader SHLQian, Shuiming; Lv, Xinchen; Scheid, Ray N; Lu, Li; Yang, Zhenlin; Chen, Wei; Liu, Rui; Boersma, Melissa D; Denu, John M; Zhong, Xuehua; others
2018Dynamic acetylation of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase toggles Enzyme Activity between gluconeogenic and anaplerotic reactionsLatorre-Muro, Pedro; Baeza, Josue; Armstrong, Eric A; Hurtado-Guerrero, Ramón; Corzana, Francisco; Wu, Lindsay E; Sinclair, David A; López-Buesa, Pascual; Carrodeguas, José A; Denu, John M
2018EBS is a bivalent histone reader that regulates floral phase transition in ArabidopsisYang, Zhenlin; Qian, Shuiming; Scheid, Ray N; Lu, Li; Chen, Xiangsong; Liu, Rui; Du, Xuan; Lv, Xinchen; Boersma, Melissa D; Scalf, Mark; others
2018Effect of alkyl group on the chain extension of phosphites in polylactideMeng, Xin; Zhu, Shengjie; Gong, Weiguang; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Xin, Zhong; Shi, Guotao; Peng, Jing; Shi, Yaoqi; Chen, Weijie
2018Effect of injection speed on the mechanical properties of isotactic polypropylene micro injection molded parts based on a nanoindentation testWang, Lixia; Zhang, Yang; Jiang, Lin; Yang, Xuecheng; Zhou, Yiping; Wang, Xiaoyu; Li, Qian; Shen, Changyu; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Effects of nanoclays on the thermal stability and flame retardancy of microcellular thermoplastic polyurethane nanocompositesWang, Xin-Chao; Geng, Tie; Han, Jian; Liu, Chun-Tai; Shen, Chang-Yu; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Yang, Hsinjin Edwin
2018Embodied carbon tariffsBöhringer, Christoph; Carbone, Jared C; Rutherford, Thomas F
2018Emergence of evolutionarily stable communities through eco-evolutionary tunnellingKotil, Seyfullah Enes; Vetsigian, Kalin
2018Exclusivity offers a sound yet practical species criterion for bacteria despite abundant gene flowWright, Erik S; Baum, David A
2018Fabrication of fibrous silica sponges by self-assembly electrospinning and their application in tissue engineering for three-dimensional tissue regenerationMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Napiwocki, Brett N; Li, Zhu-Tong; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Huang, Han-Xiong
2018Frame-subsampled, drift-resilient video object trackingWang, Xuan; Hu, Yuhen; Radwin, Robert G; Lee, John D
2018General method for rapid purification of native chromatin fragmentsKuznetsov, Vyacheslav I; Haws, Spencer A; Fox, Catherine A; Denu, John M
2018Globally solving nonconvex quadratic programming problems with box constraints via integer programming methodsBonami, Pierre; Günlük, Oktay; Linderoth, Jeff
2018Graph-based regularization for regression problems with highly-correlated designsLi, Yuan; Mark, Benjamin; Raskutti, Garvesh; Willett, Rebecca
2018Healthcare in a virtual environment: workload and simulation sickness in a 3D CAVEHoonakker, Peter; Casper, Gail; Peer, Alex; Smith, Catherine Arnott; Tredinnick, Ross; Werner, Nicole; Ponto, Kevin
2018HEP Software Foundation Community White Paper Working Group--Data Organization, Management and Access (DOMA)Berzano, Dario; Bianchi, Riccardo Maria; Bird, Ian; Bockelman, Brian; Campana, Simone; De, Kaushik; Duellmann, Dirk; Elmer, Peter; Gardner, Robert; Garonne, Vincent; Grandi, Claudio; Gutsche, Oliver; Hanushevsky, Andrew; Holzman, Burt; Jayatilaka, Bodhitha; Jimenez, Ivo; Jouvin, Michel; Keeble, Oliver; Klimentov, Alexei; Kuznetsov, Valentin; Lancon, Eric; Lassnig, Mario; Livny, Miron Livny; others
2018Highly compressible ultra-light anisotropic cellulose/graphene aerogel fabricated by bidirectional freeze drying for selective oil absorptionMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Politowicz, Alexander L; Chen, Edward; Huang, Han-Xiong; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Highly filled biochar/ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene/linear low density polyethylene composites for high-performance electromagnetic interference shieldingLi, Suiyi; Huang, An; Chen, Yann-Jiun; Li, Dagang; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Highly porous composite aerogel based triboelectric nanogenerators for high performance energy generation and versatile self-powered sensingMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Cai, Zhiyong; Liu, Yuejun; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Gong, Shaoqin
2018Highly porous polymer aerogel film-based triboelectric nanogeneratorsZheng, Qifeng; Fang, Liming; Guo, Haiquan; Yang, Kefang; Cai, Zhiyong; Meador, Mary Ann B; Gong, Shaoqin
2018Highly stretchable and biocompatible strain sensors based on mussel-inspired super-adhesive self-healing hydrogels for human motion monitoringJing, Xin; Mi, Hao-Yang; Lin, Yu-Jyun; Enriquez, Eduardo; Peng, Xiang-Fang; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018High-performance flexible triboelectric nanogenerator based on porous aerogels and electrospun nanofibers for energy harvesting and sensitive self-powered sensingMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Zheng, Qifeng; Fang, Liming; Huang, Han-Xiong; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Gong, Shaoqin
2018How do computer vision upper extremity exposure measures compare against manual measures?Akkas, Oguz; Hu, Yu Hen; Lee, Cheng-Hsien; Bao, Stephen; Harris-Adamson, Carisa; Lin, Jia-Hua; Meyers, Alysha; Rempel, David; Radwin, Robert G
2018Improving the processibility and mechanical properties of poly (lactic acid)/linear low-density polyethylene/paraffin wax blends by subcritical gas-assisted processingChen, Yann-Jiun; Yu, Emily; Ellingham, Thomas; Chung, Chunhui; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018In situ synthesis of polyurethane scaffolds with tunable properties by controlled crosslinking of tri-block copolymer and polycaprolactone triol for tissue regenerationMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Yilmaz, Galip; Hagerty, Breanna S; Enriquez, Eduardo; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Increasing the precision of gene editing in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivoMueller, Katherine; Carlson-Stevermer, Jared; Saha, Krishanu
2018Inexact successive quadratic approximation for regularized optimizationLee, Ching-pei; Wright, Stephen J
2018Inexact variable metric stochastic block-coordinate descent for regularized optimizationLee, Ching-pei; Wright, Stephen J
2018Injection and injection compression molding of ultra?high?molecular weight polyethylene powderYilmaz, Galip; Ellingham, Thomas; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018In-situ fibrillated polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) in thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) via melt blending: effect on rheological behavior, mechanical properties, and microcellular foamabilityHuang, An; Peng, Xiangfang; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Integrative genomic analysis discovers the causative regulatory mechanisms of a breast cancer-associated genetic variantZhang, Yi; Manjunath, Mohith; Zhang, Shilu; Chasman, Deborah; Roy, Sushmita; Song, Jun S
2018Integrative genomic analysis predicts causative cis-regulatory mechanisms of the breast cancer-associated genetic variant rs4415084Zhang, Yi; Manjunath, Mohith; Zhang, Shilu; Chasman, Deborah; Roy, Sushmita; Song, Jun S
2018Interactions between Roseburia intestinalis and diet modulate atherogenesis in a murine modelKasahara, Kazuyuki; Krautkramer, Kimberly A; Org, Elin; Romano, Kymberleigh A; Kerby, Robert L; Vivas, Eugenio I; Mehrabian, Margarete; Denu, John M; Bäckhed, Fredrik; Lusis, Aldons J; others
2018Kinetic modeling of virus growth in cellsYin, John; Redovich, Jacob
2018Lyapunov functions for first-order methods: tight automated convergence guaranteesTaylor, Adrien; Van Scoy, Bryan; Lessard, Laurent
2018Manipulating the structure and mechanical properties of thermoplastic polyurethane/polycaprolactone hybrid small diameter vascular scaffolds fabricated via electrospinning using an assembled rotating collectorMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Yu, Emily; Wang, Xiaofeng; Li, Qian; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Mapping color to meaning in colormap data visualizationsSchloss, Karen B; Gramazio, Connor C; Silverman, Allison T; Parker, Madeline L; Wang, Audrey S
2018Measurement of the stiffening parameter for stimuli-responsive hydrogelsBenjamin, CC; Lakes, RS; Crone, WC
2018Mechanical properties and thermal characteristics of poly (lactic acid) and paraffin wax blends prepared by conventional melt compounding and sub-critical gas-assisted processing (SGAP)Chen, Yann-Jiun; Huang, An; Ellingham, Thomas; Chung, Chunhui; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Methylated BAF155 promotes cancer metastasis by cooperating with BRD4 to potentiate genes addicted to super-enhancersKim, Eui-Jun; Wang, Yidan; Lu, Li; Rui, Lixin; Zhong, Xuehua; Wisinski, Kari B; Xu, Wei
2018Microcellular injection molding process for producing lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane with customizable propertiesEllingham, Thomas; Kharbas, Hrishikesh; Manitiu, Mihai; Scholz, Guenter; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Minimizing opportunity costs to aquatic connectivity restoration while controlling an invasive speciesMilt, Austin W; Diebel, Matthew W; Doran, Patrick J; Ferris, Michael C; Herbert, Matthew; Khoury, Mary L; Moody, Allison T; Neeson, Thomas M; Ross, Jared; Treska, Ted; others
2018Missing data in sparse transition matrix estimation for sub-gaussian vector autoregressive processesJalali, Amin; Willett, Rebecca
2018Modeling and characterization of crystallization during rapid heat cycle moldingLi, Jiquan; Li, Taidong; Jia, Yadong; Yang, Shaoguan; Jiang, Shaofei; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Modeling color preference using color space metricsSchloss, Karen B; Lessard, Laurent; Racey, Chris; Hurlbert, Anya C
2018MP01-07 use of computer vision motion analysis to aid in surgical skill assessment of suturing tasksMiller, Brady; Azari, David; Radwin, Robert; Le, Brian
2018Network estimation from point process dataMark, Benjamin; Raskutti, Garvesh; Willett, Rebecca
2018Neutronics aspects of the FESS-FNSFDavis, A; Harb, M; El-Guebaly, L; Wilson, P; Marriott, E; others
2018New solution approaches for the maximum-reliability stochastic network interdiction problemTowle, Eli; Luedtke, James
2018NIR-induced spatiotemporally controlled gene silencing by upconversion nanoparticle-based siRNA nanocarrierChen, Guojun; Ma, Ben; Xie, Ruosen; Wang, Yuyuan; Dou, Kefeng; Gong, Shaoqin
2018NMR-STAR: comprehensive ontology for representing, archiving and exchanging data from nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic experimentsUlrich, Eldon L; Baskaran, Kumaran; Dashti, Hesam; Ioannidis, Yannis E; Livny, Miron; Romero, Pedro R; Maziuk, Dimitri; Wedell, Jonathan R; Yao, Hongyang; Eghbalnia, Hamid R; Hoch, Jeffrey C; Markley, John L
2018Novel polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) composites reinforced with three-dimensional continuous silica fibersMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Huang, Han-Xiong; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018On the impact of running intersection inequalities for globally solving polynomial optimization problemsDel Pia, Alberto; Khajavirad, Aida; Sahinidis, Nikolaos
2018Online data thinning via multi-subspace trackingHunt, Xin Jiang; Willett, Rebecca
2018Optimizing makespan and ergonomics in integrating collaborative robots Into manufacturing processesPearce, Margaret; Mutlu, Bilge; Shah, Julie; Radwin, Robert
2018Oxygen-deficient and nitrogen-doped MnO 2 nanowire-reduced graphene oxide--cellulose nanofibril aerogel electrodes for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitorsZheng, Qifeng; Xie, Ruosen; Fang, Liming; Cai, Zhiyong; Ma, Zhenqiang; Gong, Shaoqin
2018Polycaprolactone nanofibers containing vascular endothelial growth factor-encapsulated gelatin particles enhance mesenchymal stem cell differentiation and angiogenesis of endothelial cellsJiang, Yong-Chao; Wang, Xiao-Feng; Xu, Yi-Yang; Qiao, Yu-Hui; Guo, Xin; Wang, Dong-Fang; Li, Qian; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Polylactide/thermoplastic polyurethane/polytetrafluoroethylene nanocomposites with in situ fibrillated polytetrafluoroethylene and nanomechanical properties at the interface using atomic force microscopyHuang, An; Wang, Hankun; Peng, Xiangfang; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Predicting sagittal plane lifting postures from image bounding box dimensionsGreene, Runyu L; Hu, Yu Hen; Difranco, Nicholas; Wang, Xuan; Lu, Ming-Lun; Bao, Stephen; Lin, Jia-Hua; Radwin, Robert G
2018Primary cilium-mediated retinal pigment epithelium maturation is disrupted in ciliopathy patient cellsMay-Simera, Helen Louise; Wan, Qin; Jha, Balendu Shekhar; Hartford, Juliet; Khristov, Vladimir; Dejene, Roba; Chang, Justin; Patnaik, Sarita; Lu, Quanlong; Sridharan, Rupa; others
2018Promoting endothelial cell affinity and antithrombogenicity of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) by mussel-inspired modification and RGD/heparin graftingMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Thomsom, James A; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Quantifying disruptive trade policiesBalistreri, Edward J; Böhringer, Christoph; Rutherford, Thomas F
2018Random sampling and efficient algorithms for multiscale PDEsChen, Ke; Li, Qin; Lu, Jianfeng; Wright, Stephen J
2018Randomized sampling for basis functions construction in generalized finite element methodsChen, Ke; Li, Qin; Lu, Jianfeng; Wright, Stephen J
2018Randomness and permutations in coordinate descent methodsGurbuzbalaban, Mert; Ozdaglar, Asuman; Vanli, Nuri Denizcan; Wright, Stephen J
2018Recognition of cancer mutations in histone H3K36 by epigenetic writers and readersKlein, Brianna J; Krajewski, Krzysztof; Restrepo, Susana; Lewis, Peter W; Strahl, Brian D; Kutateladze, Tatiana G
2018Residual wall thickness of water-powered projectile-assisted injection molding pipesKuang, Tang-Qing; Pan, Jun-Yu; Feng, Qiang; Liu, He-Sheng; Xu, Bai-Ping; Liu, Wen-Wen; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Response to BeriainSaha, Krishanu; Hurlbut, J Benjamin; Jasanoff, Sheila
2018Scalable sparse subspace clustering via ordered weighted $$\backslash$ell\_1 $ regressionOswal, Urvashi; Nowak, Robert
2018Scarless genome editing of human pluripotent stem cells via transient puromycin selectionSteyer, Benjamin; Bu, Qian; Cory, Evan; Jiang, Keer; Duong, Stella; Sinha, Divya; Steltzer, Stephanie; Gamm, David; Chang, Qiang; Saha, Krishanu
2018Single cell dynamics maintain an intrinsic drug resistant state in T cell leukemia and lymphomaKhan, Hamidullah; Roy, Sushmita; Anshu, Ashish; Kittipongdaja, Wasakorn; Schieke, Stefan M
2018Single-injection ex ovo transplantation method for broad spinal cord engraftment of human pluripotent stem cell-derived motor neuronsEstevez-Silva, Maria C; Sreeram, Akshitha; Cuskey, Stephanie; Fedorchak, Nikolai; Iyer, Nisha; Ashton, Randolph S
2018Sparse subspace clustering with missing and corrupted dataCharles, Zachary; Jalali, Amin; Willett, Rebecca
2018Sparse transition matrix estimation for sub-gaussian autoregressive processes with missing dataJalali, Amin; Willett, Rebecca
2018Stochastic exits from dormancy give rise to heavy-tailed distributions of descendants in bacterial populationsWright, Erik S; Vetsigian, Kalin
2018Stretchable gelatin/silver nanowires composite hydrogels for detecting human motionJing, Xin; Wang, Xin-Yi; Mi, Hao-Yang; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Strong convex nonlinear relaxations of the pooling problemLuedtke, James; D'Ambrosio, Claudia; Linderoth, Jeff; Schweiger, Jonas
2018Students' perceptions of pair programming in CS1LeGault, Laura Hobbes; Berland, Matthew
2018Subdeterminants and concave integer quadratic programmingDel Pia, Alberto
2018Subset selection in sparse matricesDel Pia, Alberto; Dey, Santanu S; Weismantel, Robert
2018Superhydrophobic graphene/cellulose/silica aerogel with hierarchical structure as superabsorbers for high efficiency selective oil absorption and recoveryMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Huang, Han-Xiong; Peng, Xiangfang; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2018Teacher improves learning by selecting a training subsetMa, Yuzhe; Nowak, Robert; Rigollet, Philippe; Zhang, Xuezhou; Zhu, Xiaojin
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