Recent Publications

Recent publications from our faculty and fellows during their time at WID are listed below. Please see each publication for additional information.

2019A discrete least squares collocation method for two-dimensional nonlinear time-dependent partial differential equationsFanhai Zeng, Ian Turner, Kevin Burrage, Stephen J. Wright
2019a log-barrier Newton-CG method for bound constrained optimization with complesity guaranteesMichael O'Neill, Stephen J. Wright
2019Bacterial analogs of plant tetrahydropyridine alkaloids mediate microbial interactions in a rhizosphere model systemGabriel L. Lozano, Hyun Bong Park, Juan I. Bravo, Eric A. Armstrong, John M. Denu, Eric V. Stabb, Nichole A. Broderick, Jason M. Crawford, Jo Handelsman
2019Bilinear Bandits with Low-rank StructureKwang-Sung Jun, Rebecca Willett, Stephen Wright, Robert Nowak
2019Biomaterials with functionally graded stiffnessBram Siemers, Alana Stempien, Rachel Craven, Brett Napiwocki, Wendy Crone
2019Crepe cellulose paper and nitrocellulose membrane-based triboelectric nanogenerators for energy harvesting and self-powered human-machine interactionSheng Chen, Jingxian Jiang, Feng Xu, Shaoqin Gong
2019CRISPR/Cas9 editing of APP C-terminus attenuates β-cleavage and promotes α-cleavageJichao Sun, Jared Carlson-Stevermer, Utpal Das, Minjie Shen, Marion Delenclos, Amanda M. Snead, So Yeon Koo, Lina Wang, Dianhua Qiao, Jonathan Loi, Andrew J. Petersen, Michael Stockton, Anita Bhattacharyya, Mathew V. Jones, Xinyu Zhao, Pamela J. McLean, Andrew A. Sproul, Krishanu Saha, Subhojit Roy
2019Defining reprogramming checkpoints from single-cell analysis of induced pluripotencyKhoa A Tran, Stefan J Pietrzak, Nur Zafirah Zaidan, Alireza Siahpirani, Sunnie Grace McCalla, Gopal Iyer, Sushmita Roy, Rupa Sridharan
2019Defining reprogramming checkpoints from single-cell analysis of induced pluripotencyKhoa A Tran, Stefan J Pietrzak, Nur Zafirah Zaidan, Alireza Siahpirani, Sunnie Grace McCalla, Gopal Iyer, Sushmita Roy, Rupa Sridharan
2019Direct synthesis of iterative algorithms with bounds on achievable worst-case convergence rateLaurent Lessard, Peter Seiler
2019Effect of centerline distance on mixing of a Non-Newtonian fluid in a cavity with asymmetric rotorsBaiping Xu, Yao Liu, Liang He, Lih-Sheng Turng, Chuntai Liu
2019Efficient convex optimization for linear MPCStephen J Wright
2019Electrospun nanofibrous thermoplastic polyurethane/poly (glycerol sebacate) hybrid scaffolds for vocal fold tissue engineering applicationsLin Jiang, Yongchao Jiang, Jeanna Stiadle, Xiaofeng Wang, Lixia Wang, Qian Li, Changyu Shen, Susan L Thibeault, Lih-Sheng Turng
2019Enhanced performance of an expanded polytetrafluoroethylene-based triboelectric nanogenerator for energy harvestingZhi Zhang, Yiyang Xu, Dongfang Wang, Huaguang Yang, Jiansheng Guo, Lih-Sheng Turng
2019Fabrication and modification of wavy multicomponent vascular grafts with biomimetic mechanical properties, antithrombogenicity, and enhanced endothelial cell affinityHao-Yang Mi, Xin Jing, Zhu-Tong Li, Yu-Jyun Lin, James A Thomson, Lih-Sheng Turng
2019Fabrication of triple-layered vascular grafts composed of silk fibers, polyacrylamide hydrogel, and polyurethane nanofibers with biomimetic mechanical propertiesHao-Yang Mi, Yongchao Jiang, Xin Jing, Eduardo Enriquez, Heng Li, Qian Li, Lih-Sheng Turng
2019Female surgeons and surgical trainesss tend to under rate technical skills on self-assessmentBrady Miller, David Azari, Rebecca Gerber, Robert Radwin, Brian Le
2019H3K27M induces defective chromatin spread of PRC2-mediated repressive H3K27me2/me3 and is essential for glioma tumorigenesisAshot S. Harutyunyan, Brian Krug, Haifen Chen, Simon Papillon-Cavanagh, Michele Zeinieh, Nicolas De Jay, Shriya Deshmukh, Carol C. L. Chen, Jad Belle, Leonie G. Mikael, Dylan M. Marchione, Rui Li, Hamid Nikbakht, Bo Hu, Gael Cagnone, Warren A. Cheung, Abdulshakour Mohammadnia, Denise Bechet, Damien Faury, Melissa K. McConechy, Manav Pathania, Siddhant U. Jain, Benjamin Ellezam, Alexander G. Weil, Alexandre Montpetit, Paolo Salomoni, Tomi Pastinen, Chao Lu, Peter W. Lewis, Benjamin A. Garcia, Claudia L. Kleinman, Nada Jabado, Jacek Majewski
2019Histone H3 tail binds a unique sensing pocket in EZH2 to activate the PRC2 methyltransferaseKrupa S. Jani, Siddhant U. Jain, Eva J. Ge, Katharine L. Diehl, Stefan M. Lundgren, Manuel M. Müller, Peter W. Lewis, Tom W. Muir
2019In search of characterizing surgical skillDavid Azari, Caprice Greenberg, Carla Pugh, Douglas Wiegmann, Robert Radwin
2019In-situ ultrasonic characterization of microcellular injection moldingPeng Zhao, Yao Zhao, Hrishikesh Kharbas, Jianfeng Zhang, Tong Wu, Weimin Yang, Jianzhong Fu, Lih-Sheng Turng
2019Integral quadratic constraints: exact convergence rates and worst-case trajectoriesBrian Van Scoy, Laurent Lessard
2019Linear bandits with feature feedbackUrvashi Oswal, Aniruddha Bhargava, Robert Nowak
2019Micro-injection molded, poly(vinyl alcohol)-calcium salt templates for precise customization of 3D hydrogel internal architectureJason D. McNulty, Carlos Marti-Figueroa, Frank Seipel, Joshua Z. Plantz, Thomas Ellingham, Lukas J. L. Duddleston, Sebastian Goris, Benjamin L. Cox, Tim A. Osswald, Lih-Sheng Turng, Randolph S. Ashton
2019Mineral surfaces select for longer RNA moleculesRyo Mizuuchi, Alex Blokhuis, Lena Vincent, Philippe Nghe, Niles Lehman, David Baum
2019Modification od 3-D porous hydroxyapatite/thermoplastic polyurethane composite scaffolds for reinforcing interfacial adhesion by polydopamine surface coatingZifeng Zheng, Zhixiang Cui, Junhui Si, Shengrui Yu, Qianting Wang, Wenzhe Chen, Lih-Sheng Turng
2019Nanocapsule delivery system for ribonucleoproteinsShaoqin Gong, Amr Abdeen, Krishanu Saha, Ghojun Chen, Yuyuan Wang, Ruosen Xie
2019Nonvanishing of hyperelliptic zeta functions over finite fieldsJordan S Ellenberg, Wanlin Li, Mark Shusterman
2019Obesity-dependent CDK1 signaling stimulates mitochondrial respiration at complex I in pancreatic β-cellsTrillian Gregg, Sophia M Sdao, Rashpal S Dhillon, Jarred W Rensvold, Sophie L Lewandowski, David J Pagliarini, John M Denu, Matthew J Merrins
2019Two-Dimensional culture systems to enable mechanics-based assays for stem cell-derived cardiomyocytesJ. Notbohm, B.N. Napiwocki, W.J. de Lange, A. Stempien, A. Saraswathibhatla, R.J. Craven, M.R. Salick, J.C. Ralphe, W.C. Crone
2019Ultrasonication-induced modification of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles onto a 3D porous poly(lactic acid) scaffold with improved mechanical properties and biocompatibilityJunhui Si, Jixin Lin, Chen Su, Shengrui Yu, Zhixiang Cui, Qianting Wang, Wenzhe Chen, Lih?Sheng Turng
2019Using surgeon hand motions to predict surgical maneuversDavid P. Azari, Yu Hen Hu, Brady L. Miller, Brian V. Le, Robert G. Radwin
2019What color are emergency exit signs? Egress behavior differs from verbal reportMax Kinateder, William H Warren, Karen B Schloss
20183D microstructured scaffolds to support photoreceptor polarization and maturationYei Hwan Jung, M Joseph Phillips, Juhwan Lee, Ruosen Xie, Allison L Ludwig, Guojun Chen, Qifeng Zheng, Tong June Kim, Huilong Zhang, Patrick Barney, Jee Min, Katherine Barlow, Shaoqin Gong, David M. Gamm, Zhenqiang Ma
2018A 3D model of human skeletal muscle innervated with stem cell-derived motor neurons enables epsilon-subunit targeted myasthenic syndrome studiesMohsen Afshar Bakooshli, Ethan S Lippmann, Ben Mulcahy, Kayee Tung, Elena Pegoraro, Henry Ahn, Howard Ginsberg, Mei Zhen, Randolph S Ashton, Penney M Gilbert
2018A canonical form for first-order distributed optimization algorithmsAkhil Sundararajan, Bryan Van Scoy, Laurent Lessard
2018A chemical ecosystem selection approach for generating evolvable chemical systems in vitroLena Vincent, Kalin Vetsigian, David Baum
2018A distributed quasi-Newton algorithm for empirical risk minimization with nonsmooth regularizationChing-pei Lee, Cong Han Lim, Stephen J Wright
2018A Malvaceae mystery: A mallow maelstrom of genome multiplications and maybe misleading methods?Justin L Conover, Nisa Karimi, Noah Stenz, Cécile Ané, Corrinne E Grover, C Skema, Jennifer A Tate, Kirsten Wolff, Samuel A Logan, Jonathan F Wendel, David A. Baum
2018A Newton-CG algorithm with complexity guarantees for smooth unconstrained optimizationClément W Royer, Michael O'Neill, Stephen J Wright
2018A numerical simulation of enhanced mixing of a non-Newtonian fluid in a cavity with asymmetric non-twin rotorsBaiping Xu, Yao Liu, Huiwen Yu, Lih-Sheng Turng, Chuntai Liu
2018A paradigm of endothelium-protective and stent-free anti-restenotic therapy using biomimetic nanoclustersBowen Wang, Guojun Chen, Go Urabe, Ruosen Xie, Yuyuan Wang, Xudong Shi, Lian-Wang Guo, Shaoqin Gong, K Craig Kent
2018A structure-preserving pivotal method for affine variational inequalitiesYoungdae Kim, Olivier Huber, Michael C Ferris
2018A three-dimensional culture model of innervated human skeletal muscle enables studies of the adult neuromuscular junction and disease modelingMohsen Afshar Bakooshli, Ethan S Lippmann, Ben Mulcahy, Nisha Iyer, Christine T Nguyen, Kayee Tung, Bryan A Stewart, Hubrecht van den Dorpel, Tobias Fuehrmann, Molly S Shoichet, Anne Bigot, Elena Pegoraro, Henry Ahn, Howard Ginsberg, Mei Zhen, Randolph S Ashton, Penney M Gilbert
2018A universal GSH-responsive nanoplatform for the delivery of DNA, mRNA, and Cas9/sgRNA ribonucleoproteinGuojun Chen, Ben Ma, Yuyuan Wang, Shaoqin Gong
2018A visualization of flow patterns of viscoelastic fluid partially filled in a co-rotating nontwin screw extruderHuiwen Yu, Baiping Xu, Hongwu Wu, Lih-Sheng Turng, Meigui Wang
2018Abstract LB-247: Targeting methionine metabolism to eradicate cancer stem cellsElena Strekalova, Dmitry Malin, Dominik Hoelper, Peter Lewis, Vincent Cryns
2018Abstract SY05-02: Polycomb dysregulation by oncohistonesPeter W Lewis
2018Adaptive sampling for coarse rankingSumeet Katariya, Lalit Jain, Nandana Sengupta, James Evans, Robert Nowak
2018Aggregation-based cutting-planes for packing and covering integer programsMerve Bodur, Alberto Del Pia, Santanu S Dey, Marco Molinaro, Sebastian Pokutta
2018Aging infrastructure creates opportunities for cost-efficient restoration of aquatic ecosystem connectivityThomas M Neeson, Allison T Moody, Jesse R O'Hanley, Matthew Diebel, Patrick Doran, Michael Ferris, Timothy Colling, Peter McIntyre
2018AlGaAs/Si dual-junction tandem solar cells by epitaxial lift-off and print-transfer-assisted direct bondingKanglin Xiong, Hongyi Mi, Tzu-Hsuan Chang, Dong Liu, Zhenyang Xia, Meng-Yin Wu, Xin Yin, Shaoqin Gong, Weidong Zhou, Jae Cheol Shin, others
2018An inactivating mutation in the histone deacetylase SIRT6 causes human perinatal lethalityChristina M Ferrer, Marielle Alders, Alex V Postma, Seonmi Park, Mark A Klein, Murat Cetinbas, Eva Pajkrt, Astrid Glas, Silvana van Koningsbruggen, Vincent M Christoffels, Marcel M.A.M. Mannens, Lia Knegt, Jean-Pierre Etchegaray, Ruslan I. Sadreyev, John M. Denu, Gustavo Mostoslavsky, Merel C. van Maarle, Raul Mostoslavsky
2018An ortholog of curly leaf/enhancer of zeste like-1 is required for proper flowering in Brachypodium distachyonAaron Lomax, Daniel P Woods, Yinxin Dong, Frédéric Bouché, Ying Rong, Kevin S Mayer, Xuehua Zhong, Richard M Amasino
2018Antibiotic-induced acceleration of type 1 diabetes alters maturation of innate intestinal immunityXue-Song Zhang, Jackie Li, Kimberly A Krautkramer, Michelle Badri, Thomas Battaglia, Timothy C Borbet, Hyunwook Koh, Sandy Ng, Rachel A Sibley, Yuanyuan Li, Wimal Pathmasiri, Shawn Jindal, Robin R Shields-Cutler, Ben Hillmann7, Gabriel A Al-Ghalith, Victoria E Ruiz, Alexandra Livanos, Angélique B van't Wout, Nabeetha Nagalingam, Arlin B Rogers, Susan Jenkins Sumner, Dan Knights, John M Denu, Huilin Li, Kelly V Ruggles, Richard Bonneau, R Anthony Williamson, Marcus Rauch, Martin J Blaser
2018ATOMO: communication-efficient learning via atomic sparsificationHongyi Wang, Scott Sievert, Shengchao Liu, Zachary Charles, Dimitris Papailiopoulos, Stephen Wright
2018ATRX, DAXX or MEN1 mutant pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors are a distinct ôalpha-cell signatureö subgroupSaurabh V Laddha, Chang S Chan, Peter Lewis, Matthew Koletsky, Kenneth Robzyk, Edaise Da Silva, Paula J Torres, Brian Untch, Promita Bose, Timothy Chan, others
2018Automated video lifting posture classification using bounding box dimensionsRunyu Greene, Yu Hen Hu, Nicholas Difranco, Xuan Wang, Ming-Lun Lu, Stephen Bao, Jia-Hua Lin, Robert G Radwin
2018Biocompatible, self-healing, highly stretchable polyacrylic acid/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite hydrogel sensors via mussel-inspired chemistryXin Jing, Hao-Yang Mi, Xiang-Fang Peng, Lih-Sheng Turng
2018Bioengineering solutions for manufacturing challenges in CAR T cellsNicole J Piscopo, Katherine P Mueller, Amritava Das, Peiman Hematti, William L Murphy, Sean P Palecek, Christian M Capitini, Krishanu Saha
2018Blended conditional gradients: the unconditioning of conditional gradientsGábor Braun, Sebastian Pokutta, Dan Tu, Stephen Wright
2018Building capacity for a global genome editing observatory: conceptual challengesJ Benjamin Hurlbut, Sheila Jasanoff, Krishanu Saha, Aziza Ahmed, Anthony Appiah, Elizabeth Bartholet, Françoise Baylis, Gaymon Bennett, George Church, I Glenn Cohen, others
2018Building capacity for a global genome editing observatory: institutional designKrishanu Saha, J Benjamin Hurlbut, Sheila Jasanoff, Aziza Ahmed, Anthony Appiah, Elizabeth Bartholet, Françoise Baylis, Gaymon Bennett, George Church, I Glenn Cohen, others
2018Call center arrivals: when to jointly forecast multiple streams?Han Ye, James Luedtke, Haipeng Shen
2018Can surgical performance for varying experience be measured from hand motions?David P Azari, Brady L Miller, Brian V Le, Jacob A Greenberg, Caprice C Greenberg, Carla M Pugh, Yu Hen Hu, Robert G Radwin
2018Canonical and non-canonical actions of Arabidopsis histone deacetylases in ribosomal RNA processingXiangsong Chen, Li Lu, Shuiming Qian, Mark Scalf, Lloyd M Smith, Xuehua Zhong
2018Clonal polymorphism and high heterozygosity in the celibate genome of the Amazon mollyWesley C Warren, Raquel García-Pérez, Sen Xu, Kathrin P Lampert, Domitille Chalopin, Matthias Stöck, Laurence Loewe, Yuan Lu, Lukas Kuderna, Patrick Minx, others
2018Color inference in visual communication: the meaning of colors in recyclingKaren B Schloss, Laurent Lessard, Charlotte S Walmsley, Kathleen Foley
2018Color, Music, and Emotion: Bach to the BluesKelly L Whiteford, Karen B Schloss, Nathaniel E Helwig, Stephen E Palmer
2018Compartmentalization of HP1 proteins in pluripotency acquisition and maintenanceNur Zafirah Zaidan, Kolin J Walker, Jaime E Brown, Leah V Schaffer, Mark Scalf, Michael R Shortreed, Gopal Iyer, Lloyd M Smith, Rupa Sridharan
2018Complexity analysis of second-order line-search algorithms for smooth nonconvex optimizationClément W Royer, Stephen J Wright
2018Computing generalized matrix inverse on spiking neural substrateRohit Shukla, Soroosh Khoram, Erik Jorgensen, Jing Li, Mikko Lipasti, Stephen Wright
2018Concave integer quadratic programming with totally unimodular matricesAlberto Del Pia
2018Concentration inequalities for the empirical distributionJay Mardia, Jiantao Jiao, Ervin Tánczos, Robert D Nowak, Tsachy Weissman
2018Conserving rare species can have high opportunity costs for common speciesThomas M Neeson, Patrick J Doran, Michael C Ferris, Kimberly B Fitzpatrick, Matthew Herbert, Mary Khoury, Allison T Moody, Jared Ross, Eugene Yacobson, Peter B McIntyre
2018Co-optimization of demand response and interruptible load reserve offers for a price-making major consumerMahbubeh Habibian, Golbon Zakeri, Anthony Downward, Miguel F Anjos, Michael Ferris
2018Core/shell structure of electrospun polycarbonate nanofibersXiaofeng Wang, Yiyang Xu, Yongchao Jiang, Jing Jiang, Lih-Sheng Turng, Qian Li
2018Defect diagnosis for polymeric samples via magnetic levitationNeng Xia, Peng Zhao, Jun Xie, Chengqian Zhang, Jianzhong Fu, Lih-Sheng Turng
2018Design considerations for the enhancement of human color vision by breaking binocular redundancyBradley S Gundlach, Michel Frising, Alireza Shahsafi, Gregory Vershbow, Chenghao Wan, Jad Salman, Bas Rokers, Laurent Lessard, Mikhail A Kats
2018Designing and implementing algorithms for mixed-integer nonlinear optimization (Dagstuhl Seminar 18081)Pierre Bonami, Ambros M Gleixner, Jeff Linderoth, Ruth Misener
2018Developing precision medicine using scarless genome editing of human pluripotent stem cellsBenjamin Steyer, Evan Cory, Krishanu Saha
2018Development of biomimetic thermoplastic polyurethane/fibroin small-diameter vascular grafts via a novel electrospinning approachEmily Yu, Hao-Yang Mi, Jue Zhang, James A Thomson, Lih-Sheng Turng
2018Dissipativity theory for accelerating stochastic variance reduction: a unified analysis of SVRG and Katyusha using semidefinite programsBin Hu, Stephen Wright, Laurent Lessard
2018Distributive mixing in a corotating twin screw channel using Lagrangian particle calculationsBaiping Xu, Huiwen Yu, Lih-Sheng Turng
2018Dual recognition of H3K4me3 and H3K27me3 by a plant histone reader SHLShuiming Qian, Xinchen Lv, Ray N Scheid, Li Lu, Zhenlin Yang, Wei Chen, Rui Liu, Melissa D Boersma, John M Denu, Xuehua Zhong, others
2018Dynamic acetylation of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase toggles Enzyme Activity between gluconeogenic and anaplerotic reactionsPedro Latorre-Muro, Josue Baeza, Eric A Armstrong, Ramón Hurtado-Guerrero, Francisco Corzana, Lindsay E Wu, David A Sinclair, Pascual López-Buesa, José A Carrodeguas, John M Denu
2018EBS is a bivalent histone reader that regulates floral phase transition in ArabidopsisZhenlin Yang, Shuiming Qian, Ray N Scheid, Li Lu, Xiangsong Chen, Rui Liu, Xuan Du, Xinchen Lv, Melissa D Boersma, Mark Scalf, Lloyd M. Smith, John M. Denu, Jiamu Du, Xueha Zhong
2018Effect of alkyl group on the chain extension of phosphites in polylactideXin Meng, Shengjie Zhu, Weiguang Gong, Lih-Sheng Turng, Zhong Xin, Guotao Shi, Jing Peng, Yaoqi Shi, Weijie Chen
2018Effect of injection speed on the mechanical properties of isotactic polypropylene micro injection molded parts based on a nanoindentation testLixia Wang, Yang Zhang, Lin Jiang, Xuecheng Yang, Yiping Zhou, Xiaoyu Wang, Qian Li, Changyu Shen, Lih-Sheng Turng
2018Effects of nanoclays on the thermal stability and flame retardancy of microcellular thermoplastic polyurethane nanocompositesXin-Chao Wang, Tie Geng, Jian Han, Chun-Tai Liu, Chang-Yu Shen, Lih-Sheng Turng, Hsinjin Edwin Yang
2018Embodied carbon tariffsChristoph Böhringer, Jared C Carbone, Thomas F Rutherford
2018Emergence of evolutionarily stable communities through eco-evolutionary tunnellingSeyfullah Enes Kotil, Kalin Vetsigian
2018Exclusivity offers a sound yet practical species criterion for bacteria despite abundant gene flowErik S Wright, David A Baum
2018Fabrication of fibrous silica sponges by self-assembly electrospinning and their application in tissue engineering for three-dimensional tissue regenerationHao-Yang Mi, Xin Jing, Brett N Napiwocki, Zhu-Tong Li, Lih-Sheng Turng, Han-Xiong Huang
2018Frame-subsampled, drift-resilient video object trackingXuan Wang, Yuhen Hu, Robert G Radwin, John D Lee
2018General method for rapid purification of native chromatin fragmentsVyacheslav I Kuznetsov, Spencer A Haws, Catherine A Fox, John M Denu
2018Globally solving nonconvex quadratic programming problems with box constraints via integer programming methodsPierre Bonami, Oktay Günlük, Jeff Linderoth
2018Graph-based regularization for regression problems with highly-correlated designsYuan Li, Benjamin Mark, Garvesh Raskutti, Rebecca Willett
2018Healthcare in a virtual environment: workload and simulation sickness in a 3D CAVEPeter Hoonakker, Gail Casper, Alex Peer, Catherine Arnott Smith, Ross Tredinnick, Nicole Werner, Kevin Ponto
2018HEP Software Foundation Community White Paper Working Group--Data Organization, Management and Access (DOMA)Dario Berzano, Riccardo Maria Bianchi, Ian Bird, Brian Bockelman, Simone Campana, Kaushik De, Dirk Duellmann, Peter Elmer, Robert Gardner, Vincent Garonne, Claudio Grandi, Oliver Gutsche, Andrew Hanushevsky, Burt Holzman, Bodhitha Jayatilaka, Ivo Jimenez, Michel Jouvin, Oliver Keeble, Alexei Klimentov, Valentin Kuznetsov, Eric Lancon, Mario Lassnig, Miron Livny Livny, others
2018Highly compressible ultra-light anisotropic cellulose/graphene aerogel fabricated by bidirectional freeze drying for selective oil absorptionHao-Yang Mi, Xin Jing, Alexander L Politowicz, Edward Chen, Han-Xiong Huang, Lih-Sheng Turng
2018Highly filled biochar/ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene/linear low density polyethylene composites for high-performance electromagnetic interference shieldingSuiyi Li, An Huang, Yann-Jiun Chen, Dagang Li, Lih-Sheng Turng
2018Highly porous composite aerogel based triboelectric nanogenerators for high performance energy generation and versatile self-powered sensingHao-Yang Mi, Xin Jing, Zhiyong Cai, Yuejun Liu, Lih-Sheng Turng, Shaoqin Gong
2018Highly porous polymer aerogel film-based triboelectric nanogeneratorsQifeng Zheng, Liming Fang, Haiquan Guo, Kefang Yang, Zhiyong Cai, Mary Ann B Meador, Shaoqin Gong
2018Highly stretchable and biocompatible strain sensors based on mussel-inspired super-adhesive self-healing hydrogels for human motion monitoringXin Jing, Hao-Yang Mi, Yu-Jyun Lin, Eduardo Enriquez, Xiang-Fang Peng, Lih-Sheng Turng
2018High-performance flexible triboelectric nanogenerator based on porous aerogels and electrospun nanofibers for energy harvesting and sensitive self-powered sensingHao-Yang Mi, Xin Jing, Qifeng Zheng, Liming Fang, Han-Xiong Huang, Lih-Sheng Turng, Shaoqin Gong
2018How do computer vision upper extremity exposure measures compare against manual measures?Oguz Akkas, Yu Hen Hu, Cheng-Hsien Lee, Stephen Bao, Carisa Harris-Adamson, Jia-Hua Lin, Alysha Meyers, David Rempel, Robert G Radwin
2018Improving the processibility and mechanical properties of poly (lactic acid)/linear low-density polyethylene/paraffin wax blends by subcritical gas-assisted processingYann-Jiun Chen, Emily Yu, Thomas Ellingham, Chunhui Chung, Lih-Sheng Turng
2018In situ synthesis of polyurethane scaffolds with tunable properties by controlled crosslinking of tri-block copolymer and polycaprolactone triol for tissue regenerationHao-Yang Mi, Xin Jing, Galip Yilmaz, Breanna S Hagerty, Eduardo Enriquez, Lih-Sheng Turng
2018Increasing the precision of gene editing in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivoKatherine Mueller, Jared Carlson-Stevermer, Krishanu Saha
2018Inexact successive quadratic approximation for regularized optimizationChing-pei Lee, Stephen J Wright
2018Inexact variable metric stochastic block-coordinate descent for regularized optimizationChing-pei Lee, Stephen J Wright
2018Injection and injection compression molding of ultra?high?molecular weight polyethylene powderGalip Yilmaz, Thomas Ellingham, Lih-Sheng Turng
2018In-situ fibrillated polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) in thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) via melt blending: effect on rheological behavior, mechanical properties, and microcellular foamabilityAn Huang, Xiangfang Peng, Lih-Sheng Turng
2018Integrative approaches for inference of genome-scale gene regulatory networksAlireza Fotuhi Siahpirani, Deborah Chasman, Sushmita Roy
2018Integrative genomic analysis discovers the causative regulatory mechanisms of a breast cancer-associated genetic variantYi Zhang, Mohith Manjunath, Shilu Zhang, Deborah Chasman, Sushmita Roy, Jun S Song
2018Integrative genomic analysis predicts causative cis-regulatory mechanisms of the breast cancer-associated genetic variant rs4415084Yi Zhang, Mohith Manjunath, Shilu Zhang, Deborah Chasman, Sushmita Roy, Jun S Song
2018Interactions between Roseburia intestinalis and diet modulate atherogenesis in a murine modelKazuyuki Kasahara, Kimberly A Krautkramer, Elin Org, Kymberleigh A Romano, Robert L Kerby, Eugenio I Vivas, Margarete Mehrabian, John M Denu, Fredrik Bäckhed, Aldons J Lusis, others
2018Kinetic modeling of virus growth in cellsJohn Yin, Jacob Redovich
2018Lyapunov functions for first-order methods: tight automated convergence guaranteesAdrien Taylor, Bryan Van Scoy, Laurent Lessard
2018Manipulating the structure and mechanical properties of thermoplastic polyurethane/polycaprolactone hybrid small diameter vascular scaffolds fabricated via electrospinning using an assembled rotating collectorHao-Yang Mi, Xin Jing, Emily Yu, Xiaofeng Wang, Qian Li, Lih-Sheng Turng
2018Mapping color to meaning in colormap data visualizationsKaren B Schloss, Connor C Gramazio, Allison T Silverman, Madeline L Parker, Audrey S Wang
2018Measurement of the stiffening parameter for stimuli-responsive hydrogelsCC Benjamin, RS Lakes, WC Crone
2018Mechanical properties and thermal characteristics of poly (lactic acid) and paraffin wax blends prepared by conventional melt compounding and sub-critical gas-assisted processing (SGAP)Yann-Jiun Chen, An Huang, Thomas Ellingham, Chunhui Chung, Lih-Sheng Turng
2018Methylated BAF155 promotes cancer metastasis by cooperating with BRD4 to potentiate genes addicted to super-enhancersEui-Jun Kim, Yidan Wang, Li Lu, Lixin Rui, Xuehua Zhong, Kari B Wisinski, Wei Xu
2018Microcellular injection molding process for producing lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane with customizable propertiesThomas Ellingham, Hrishikesh Kharbas, Mihai Manitiu, Guenter Scholz, Lih-Sheng Turng
2018Minimizing opportunity costs to aquatic connectivity restoration while controlling an invasive speciesAustin W Milt, Matthew W Diebel, Patrick J Doran, Michael C Ferris, Matthew Herbert, Mary L Khoury, Allison T Moody, Thomas M Neeson, Jared Ross, Ted Treska, others
2018Missing data in sparse transition matrix estimation for sub-gaussian vector autoregressive processesAmin Jalali, Rebecca Willett
2018Modeling and characterization of crystallization during rapid heat cycle moldingJiquan Li, Taidong Li, Yadong Jia, Shaoguan Yang, Shaofei Jiang, Lih-Sheng Turng
2018Modeling color preference using color space metricsKaren B Schloss, Laurent Lessard, Chris Racey, Anya C Hurlbert
2018MP01-07 use of computer vision motion analysis to aid in surgical skill assessment of suturing tasksBrady Miller, David Azari, Robert Radwin, Brian Le
2018Network estimation from point process dataBenjamin Mark, Garvesh Raskutti, Rebecca Willett
2018Neutronics aspects of the FESS-FNSFA Davis, M Harb, L El-Guebaly, P Wilson, E Marriott, others
2018New solution approaches for the maximum-reliability stochastic network interdiction problemEli Towle, James Luedtke
2018NIR-induced spatiotemporally controlled gene silencing by upconversion nanoparticle-based siRNA nanocarrierGuojun Chen, Ben Ma, Ruosen Xie, Yuyuan Wang, Kefeng Dou, Shaoqin Gong
2018NMR-STAR: comprehensive ontology for representing, archiving and exchanging data from nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic experimentsEldon L Ulrich, Kumaran Baskaran, Hesam Dashti, Yannis E Ioannidis, Miron Livny, Pedro R Romero, Dimitri Maziuk, Jonathan R Wedell, Hongyang Yao, Hamid R Eghbalnia, Jeffrey C Hoch, John L Markley
2018Novel polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) composites reinforced with three-dimensional continuous silica fibersHao-Yang Mi, Xin Jing, Han-Xiong Huang, Lih-Sheng Turng
2018On the impact of running intersection inequalities for globally solving polynomial optimization problemsAlberto Del Pia, Aida Khajavirad, Nikolaos Sahinidis
2018Online data thinning via multi-subspace trackingXin Jiang Hunt, Rebecca Willett
2018Optimizing makespan and ergonomics in integrating collaborative robots Into manufacturing processesMargaret Pearce, Bilge Mutlu, Julie Shah, Robert Radwin
2018Oxygen-deficient and nitrogen-doped MnO 2 nanowire-reduced graphene oxide--cellulose nanofibril aerogel electrodes for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitorsQifeng Zheng, Ruosen Xie, Liming Fang, Zhiyong Cai, Zhenqiang Ma, Shaoqin Gong
2018Polycaprolactone nanofibers containing vascular endothelial growth factor-encapsulated gelatin particles enhance mesenchymal stem cell differentiation and angiogenesis of endothelial cellsYong-Chao Jiang, Xiao-Feng Wang, Yi-Yang Xu, Yu-Hui Qiao, Xin Guo, Dong-Fang Wang, Qian Li, Lih-Sheng Turng
2018Polylactide/thermoplastic polyurethane/polytetrafluoroethylene nanocomposites with in situ fibrillated polytetrafluoroethylene and nanomechanical properties at the interface using atomic force microscopyAn Huang, Hankun Wang, Xiangfang Peng, Lih-Sheng Turng
2018Predicting sagittal plane lifting postures from image bounding box dimensionsRunyu L Greene, Yu Hen Hu, Nicholas Difranco, Xuan Wang, Ming-Lun Lu, Stephen Bao, Jia-Hua Lin, Robert G Radwin
2018Primary cilium-mediated retinal pigment epithelium maturation is disrupted in ciliopathy patient cellsHelen Louise May-Simera, Qin Wan, Balendu Shekhar Jha, Juliet Hartford, Vladimir Khristov, Roba Dejene, Justin Chang, Sarita Patnaik, Quanlong Lu, Rupa Sridharan, others
2018Promoting endothelial cell affinity and antithrombogenicity of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) by mussel-inspired modification and RGD/heparin graftingHao-Yang Mi, Xin Jing, James A Thomsom, Lih-Sheng Turng
2018Quantifying disruptive trade policiesEdward J Balistreri, Christoph Bóhringer, Thomas F Rutherford
2018Random sampling and efficient algorithms for multiscale PDEsKe Chen, Qin Li, Jianfeng Lu, Stephen J Wright
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