Recent Publications

Recent publications from our faculty and fellows during their time at WID are listed below. Please see each publication for additional information.

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2021A biomimetic basement membrane consisted of hybrid aligned nanofibers and microfibers with immobilized collagen IV and laminin for rapid endothelializationChenglong Yu, Guoping Guan, Stefanie Glas, Lu Wang, Zhutong Li, Lih-Sheng TurngArticle
2021A dual-responsive antibiotic-loaded nanoparticle specifically binds pathogens and overcomes antimicrobial-resistant infectionsMingzhou Ye, Yi Zhao, Yuyuan Wang, Miao Zhao, Nisakorn Yodsanit, Ruosen Xie, David Andes, Shaoqin GongArticle
2021A review of thermoplastic polymer foams for functional applicationsGaojian Wu, Pengcheng Xie, Huaguang Yang, Kaifang Dang, Yuxuan Xu, Mohini Sain, Lih-Sheng Turng, Weimin Yang Article
2021Acetyl-CoA flux from the cytosol to the ER regulates engagement and quality of the secretory pathwayIA Dieterich, Y Cui, MM Braun, AJ Lawton, NH Robinson, JL Peotter, Q Yu, JC Casler, BS Glick, A Audhya, JM Denu, L Li, L PuglielliArticle
2021An adventitial painting modality of local drug delivery to abate intimal hyperplasiaTakuro Shirasu, Nisakorn Yodsanit, Xiujie Xie, Yi Zhao, Yuyuan Wang, Ruosen Xie, Yitao Huang, Bowen Wang, Go Urabe, Shaoqin Gong, Lian-Wang Guo, K. Craig KentArticle
2021An Approximation algorithm for indefinite mixed integer quadratic programmingAlberto Del PiaPreprint
2021Application of quantum machine learning using the quantum kernel algorithm on high energy physics analysis at the LHCSau Lan Wu, Shaojun Sun, Wen Guan, Chen Zhou, Jay Chan, Chi Lung Cheng, Tuan Pham, Yan Qian, Alex Zeng Wang, Rui Zhang, Miron Livny, Jennifer Glick, Panagiotis Kl. Barkoutsos, Stefan Woerner, Ivano Tavernelli, Federico Carminati, Alberto Di Meglio, Andy C. Y. Li, Joseph Lykken, Panagiotis Spentzouris, Samuel Yen-Chi Chen, Shinjae Yoo, Tzu-Chieh WeiPreprint
2021BedsideNotes: Sharing physicians' notes with parents during hospitalizationBenjamin M. Zellmer, Carrie L. Nacht, Ryan J. Coller, Peter L.T. Hoonakker, Catherine Arnott-Smith, Daniel J. Sklansky, Shannon M. Dean, Windy Smith, Carley M. Sprackling, Brad D. Ehlenfeld, Michelle M. KellyArticle
2021Benchmarking quantitative performance in label-free proteomicsJames A. Dowell, Logan J. Wright, Eric A. Armsrong, John M. DenuArticle
2021Biological role and mechanism of chromatin readers in plantsRay Scheid, Jiani Chen, Xuehua ZhongArticle
2021Climate policies after Paris: pledge, trade, and recycleChristoph Böhringer, Sonja Peterson, Thomas F. Rutherford, Jan Schneider, Malte WinklerProceeding
2021Climate policies after Paris: Pledge, trade, and recycle. Insights from the 36th Energy Modeling Forum study (EMF36)Christoph Böhringer, Sonja Peterson, Thomas F. Rutherford, Jan Schneider, Malte WinklerProceeding
2021Complexity of projected Newton methods for bound-constrained optimizationYue Xie, Stephen J. WrightPreprint
2021Controlling CRISPR with small molecule regulation for somatic cell genome editingNamita Khajanchi, Krishanu SahaArticle
2021CRISPR base editing as a potential therapeutic approach for Kir7.1 channelopathyMeha Kabra, Pawan K Shahi, Allison Spillane, Yuyuan Wang, Divya Sinha, Gregory A Newby, Sivani Saxena, Krishanu Saha, Mariya Moosajee, David Gamm, David R Liu, Shaoqin Gong, Bikash R PattnaikArticle
2021Current state of magnetic levitation and its applications in polymers: A reviewJun Xie, Peng Zhao, Chengqian Zhang, Jianzhong Fu, Lih-Sheng TurngPreprint
2021Economic and environmental impacts of a proposed 'Carbon adder' on New York's energy marketGökçe Akin-Olçum, Christoph Böhringer, Thomas Rutherford, Andrew SchreiberArticle
2021Eggshell membrane and expanded polytetrafluoroethylene piezoelectric-enhanced triboelectric bio-nanogenerators for energy harvestingShujie Yan, Zhi Zhang, Xingxing Shi, Yiyang Xu, Yuan Li, Xiaofeng Wang, Qian Li, Lih-Sheng TurngArticle
2021Endoplasmic reticulum acetyltransferases Atase1 and Atase2 differentially regulate reticulophagy, macroautophagy and cellular acetyl-CoA metabolismMichael J. Rigby, Alexis J. Lawton, Gulpreet Kaur, Varuna C. Banduseela, William E. Kamm, Aparna Lakkaraju, John M. Denu, Luigi PuglielliArticle
2021Evaluating the gas-laden ability of polymer melt under atmospheric conditions using a modified torque rheometerXing-Yu Mei, Ying-Guo Zhou, Hong-Long Sun, Bin-Bin Dong, Chun-Tai Liu, Li-Sheng TurngArticle
2021Evidence for distinct facial signals of reward, affiliation, and dominance from both perception and production tasksJared D. Martin, Adrienne Wood, William T. L. Cox, Scott Sievert, Robert Nowak, Eva Gilboa-Schechtman, Fangyun Zhao, Zachary Witkower, Andrew T. Langbehn, Paula M. Niedenthal Article
2021Expanded polytetrafluoroethylene/silk fibroin/salicin vascular graft fabrication for improved endothelialization and anticoagulationShujie Yan, Yuan Lie Yong, Chao Jiang, Yiyang Xu, Dongfang Wang, Xiang Zhang, Qian Li, Lih-Sheng TurngArticle
2021From metagenomes to molecules: innovations in functinoal metagenomics unlock hidden chemistry in the human microbiomeMarc G. Chevrette, Jo HandelsmanArticle
2021Gender can influence student experiences in MD-PhD trainingAnna S. Heffron, Katarina M. Braun, Cora Allen-Savietta, Amarette Filut, Chelsea Hanewall, Anna Huttenlocher, Jo Handelsman, Molly CarnesArticle
2021Heteroscedasticity-aware residuals-basedcontextual stochastic optimizationRohit Kannan, Güzin Bayraksan, James R. LuedtkePreprint
2021Hybrid liquid-metal heat dissipation structure enabled by phase transition for flexible electronicsHaicheng Li, Huilong Zhang, Seunghwan Min, Tao Zhou, Shaoqin Gong, Xue Feng, Zhenqiang MaPreprint
2021Hydrogen peroxide-responsive platelet membrane-coated nanoparticles for thrombus therapyYi Zhao, Ruosen Xie, Nisakorn Yodsanit, Mingzhou Ye, Yuyuan Wang, Bowen Wang, Lian-Wang Guo, K Craig Kent, Shaoqin GongArticle
2021Improving polylactide toughness by plasticizing with low molecular weight polylactide-poly(butylene succinate) copolymerYottha Srithep1, Onpreeya Veang-in, Dutchanee Pholharn, Lih-Sheng Turng, John MorrisArticle
2021Industrial, large-scale model predictive control with structured neural networksPratyush Kuman, James B. Rawlings, Stephen J. WrightArticle
2021Integrating biomaterials and genome editing approaches to advance biomedical scienceAmr A. Abdeen, Brian D. Cosgrove, Charles A. Gersbach, Krishanu SahaArticle
2021Integrating United States biomanufacturing across vaccines and therapeuticsKrishanu Saha, Krishnendu RoyArticle
2021Kinetics and potency of T cell and CAR-T cell mediated cytolysis of glioma stem cellsHeather Brant Hayes, Meghan T. Logun, Stacie A. Chvatal, Katie Mueller, Nicole Piscopo, Amritava Das, Krishanu Saha, Daniel C. Millard, Lohitash KarumbaiahProceeding
2021Label-free metabolic imaging of tumor-induced T cell exhaustionDan L. Pham, Katherine Mueller, Krishanu Saha, Melissa C. SkalaProceeding
2021Multiphoton autofluorescence imaging of immune cells in cancerMelissa C. Skala, Tiffany M. Heaster, Kelsey Tweed, Alexa Heaton, Dan Pham, Katherine Mueller, Dave Beebe, Paul Sondel, Krishanu SahaProceeding
2021Multi-stable bacterial communities exhibit extreme sensitivity to initial conditionsErik S Wrignt, Raveena Gupta, Kalin H VetsigianArticle
2021Nearest Neighbor Search Under UncertaintyBlake Mason, Ardhendu Tripathy, Robert NowakPreprint
2021New valid inequalities and formulation for the static chance-constrained lot-sizing problemZeyang Zhang, Chuanhou Gao, James LuedtkePreprint
2021On generating Lagrangian cuts for two-stage stochastic integer programsRui Chen, James LuedtkePreprint
2021Overparameterization of deep ResNet: zero loss and mean-field analysisZhiyan Ding, Shi Chen, Qin Li, Stephen J. WrightPreprint
2021Pareto optimal model selection in linear banditsYinglun Zhu, Robert NowakPreprint
2021Patterns of virus growth across the diversity of lifeTianyi Jin, John YinArticle
2021Randomized algorithms for scientific computing (RASC)Aydın Buluç, Tamara G. Kolda, Stefan M. Wild, Mihai Anitescu, Anthony DeGennaro, John Jakeman, Chandrika Kamath, Ramakrishnan (Ramki) Kannan, Miles, E. Lopes, Per-Gunnar Martinsson, Kary Myers, Jelani Nelson, Juan M. Restrepo, C. Seshadhri, Draguna Vrabie, Brendt Wohlberg, Stephen J. Wright, Chao Yang, Peter ZwartProceeding
2021Red state, blue state: The polarizing influence of color in political mapsRémy A. Furrer, Karen Schloss, Gary Lupyan, Paula M. Niedenthal, Adrienne WoodPreprint
2021S- to X-band stretchable inductors and filters for gigahertz soft and epidermal electronicsYu Lan, Huilong Zhang, Seunghwan Min, Donghyeok Kim, Shaoqin Gong, Linda Katehi, Yuehang Xu, Zhenqiang MaArticle
2021The incidence of CO2 emissions pricing under alternative international market responses a computable general equilibrium analysis for GermanyChristoph Böhringer, Thomas F. Rutherford, Jan SchneiderPreprint
2021The mathematical foundations of epistemic network analysisDale Bowman, Zachari Swiecki, Zhiqiang Cai, Yeyu Wang, Brendan Eagan, Jeff Linderoth, David Williamson ShafferProceeding
2021The NIH somatic cell genome editing programKrishanu Saha, Erik J. Sontheimer, et alArticle
2021Tiny Earth: A big idea for STEM education and antibiotic discoveryAmanda Hurley, Marc G. Chevrette, Deepa D. Acharya, Gabriel L. Lozano, Manuel Garavito, Jen Heinritz, Luis Balderrama, Mara Beebe, Martel L. DenHartog, Kamiyah Corinaldi, Renee Engels, Alyssa Gutierrez, Orli Jona, Josephine H. I. Putnam, Brody Rhodes, Tiffany Tsang, Simon Hernandez, Carol Bascom-Slack, Jessamina E. Blum, Paul A. Price, Debra Davis, Joanna Klein, Joshua Pultorak, Nora L. Sullivan, Nigel J. Mouncey, Pieter C. Dorrestein, Sarah Miller, Nichole A. Broderick, Jo HandelsmanArticle
2021Toward molecular cooperation by de novo peptidesIzabela K. Sibilska-Kaminski, John YinArticle
2021Toward understanding everyday lives of older adults: A methodological explorationJung-hye Shin, Youhung Her-Xiong, ross Gredinnick, Kevin PontoArticle
2021Ultrathin micromolded 3D scaffolds for high-density photoreceptor layer reconstructionIn-Kyu Lee, Allison L. Ludwig, M. Joseph Phillips, Juhwan Lee, Ruosen Xie, Benjamin S. Sajdak, Lindsey D. Jager, Shaoqin Gong, David M. Gamm, Zhenqiang MaArticle
2021UVR8 interacts with de novo DNA methyltransferase and suppresses DNA methylation in arabidopsisJianjun Jiang, Jie Liu, Dean Sanders, Shuiming Qian, Wendan Ren, Jikui Song, Fengquan Liu, Xuehua ZhongArticle
2021Variance reduction via primal-dual accelerated dual averaging for nonsmooth convex finite-sumsChaobing Song, Stephen J. Wright, Jelena DiakonikolasPreprint
2021Viscosity characterization and flow simulation and visualization of polytetrafluoroethylene paste extrusion using a green and biofriendly lubricantGeorge A. Schmidt II, Yu-Jyun Lin, Yiyang Xu, Dongfang Wang, Galip Yilmaz, Lih-Sheng TurngArticle
2021What kinds of functions do deep neural networks learn? Insights from variational spline theoryRahul Parhi, Robert D. NowakArticle