2013 Publications

2013 publications from our faculty and fellows during their time at WID are listed below. Please see each publication for additional information.

2013A family of algorithms for computing consensus about node state from network dataBrush, Eleanor R; Krakauer, David C; Flack, Jessica C
2013A greedy forward-backward algorithm for atomic norm constrained minimizationRao, Nikhil; Shah, Parikshit; Wright, Stephen; Nowak, Robert
2013A model of flux regulation in the cholesterol biosynthesis pathway: immune mediated graduated flux reduction versus statin-like led stepped flux reductionWatterson, Steven; Guerriero, Maria Luisa; Blanc, Mathieu; Mazein, Alexander; Loewe, Laurence; Robertson, Kevin A; Gibbs, Holly; Shui, Guanghou; Wenk, Markus R; Hillston, Jane; others
2013A network approach for segmentation in intensity modulated arc therapyGunawardena, Athula DA; Ferris, Michael C; Meyer, Robert R
2013A quantitative infection assay for human type I, II, and III interferon antiviral activitiesVoigt, Emily; {\.I}nankur, Bahar; Baltes, Ashley; Yin, John
2013Activation of the protein deacetylase SIRT6 by long-chain fatty acids and widespread deacylation by mammalian sirtuinsFeldman, Jessica L; Baeza, Josue; Denu, John M
2013An approximate, efficient LP solver for LP roundingSridhar, Srikrishna; Wright, Stephen; Re, Christopher; Liu, Ji; Bittorf, Victor; Zhang, Ce
2013An integrated transport network-computable general equilibrium models in mixed-complementarity format for Zurichvan Nieuwkoop, Renger; Rutherford, Thomas F
2013Analyzing the benefits of manure separation using mathematical optimizationDong, Hongbo; Ferris, Michael; Cox, Tom; Norman, John
2013Animal communication: hidden complexityFlack, Jessica C
2013Application of semidefinite programming to large-scale optimal power flow problemsMolzahn, Daniel; Lesieutre, Bernard; DeMarco, Christopher; Ferris, Michael
2013Application of the variational asymptotic method for unit cell homogenization in the prediction of mechanical properties for microcellular plasticsYu, Emily; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2013Aptamer-conjugated and doxorubicin-loaded unimolecular micelles for targeted therapy of prostate cancerXu, Wenjin; Siddiqui, Imtiaz A; Nihal, Minakshi; Pilla, Srikanth; Rosenthal, Kimberly; Mukhtar, Hasan; Gong, Shaoqin
2013Arboretum: reconstruction and analysis of the evolutionary history of condition-specific transcriptional modulesRoy, Sushmita; Wapinski, Ilan; Pfiffner, Jenna; French, Courtney; Socha, Amanda; Konieczka, Jay; Habib, Naomi; Kellis, Manolis; Thompson, Dawn; Regev, Aviv
2013Assessment of embrittlement of VHTR structural alloys in impure helium environmentsCrone, Wendy; Cao, Guoping; Sridhara, Kumar
2013Atomic norm denoising with applications to line spectral estimationBhaskar, Badri Narayan; Tang, Gongguo; Recht, Benjamin
2013Automated video exposure assessment of repetitive hand activity level for a load transfer taskChen, Chia-Hsiung; Hu, Yu Hen; Yen, Thomas Y; Radwin, Robert G
2013Brainwash: a data system for feature engineering.Anderson, Michael; Antenucci, Dolan; Bittorf, Victor; Burgess, Matthew; Cafarella, Michael J; Kumar, Arun; Niu, Feng; Park, Yongjoo; Ré, Christopher; Zhang, Ce
2013Branch-and-cut approaches for chance-constrained formulations of reliable network design problemsSong, Yongjia; Luedtke, James R
2013Calorie restriction and SIRT3 trigger global reprogramming of the mitochondrial protein acetylomeHebert, Alexander S; Dittenhafer-Reed, Kristin E; Yu, Wei; Bailey, Derek J; Selen, Ebru Selin; Boersma, Melissa D; Carson, Joshua J; Tonelli, Marco; Balloon, Allison J; Higbee, Alan J; others
2013'Caring for my imagined future': important considerations for electronic advance care planning for older community dwelling adults with chronic, life limiting illnessJaffray, LM; Smith, CA; Ellis, IK
2013Challenges and opportunities for optimization in electricity systemsPhilpott, Andrew B; Ferris, Michael C; Oren, Shmuel S
2013Characterization and properties of electrospun thermoplastic polyurethane blend fibers: effect of solution rheological properties on fiber formationMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Jacques, Brianna R; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Peng, Xiang-Fang
2013Characterization of thermoplastic polyurethane/polylactic acid (TPU/PLA) tissue engineering scaffolds fabricated by microcellular injection moldingMi, Hao-Yang; Salick, Max R; Jing, Xin; Jacques, Brianna R; Crone, Wendy C; Peng, Xiang-Fang; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2013Circadian clock NAD+ cycle drives mitochondrial oxidative metabolism in micePeek, Clara Bien; Affinati, Alison H; Ramsey, Kathryn Moynihan; Kuo, Hsin-Yu; Yu, Wei; Sena, Laura A; Ilkayeva, Olga; Marcheva, Biliana; Kobayashi, Yumiko; Omura, Chiaki; others
2013COLUMBUS: feature selection on data analytics SystemsKumar, Arun; Konda, Pradap; Ré, Christopher
2013Compressed sensing off the gridTang, Gongguo; Bhaskar, Badri Narayan; Shah, Parikshit; Recht, Benjamin
2013Compressive coded aperture keyed exposure imaging with optical flow reconstructionHarmany, Zachary T; Marcia, Roummel F; Willett, Rebecca M
2013Computing general equilibrium theories of monopolistic competition and heterogeneous firmsBalistreri, Edward J; Rutherford, Thomas F; others
2013Crystalline morphology of electrospun poly (ε-caprolactone)(PCL) nanofibersWang, Xiaofeng; Zhao, Haibin; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Li, Qian
2013Cultivating imagination: development and pilot test of a therapeutic use of an immersive virtual reality CAVEBrennan, Patricia Flatley; Nicolalde, F Daniel; Ponto, Kevin; Kinneberg, Megan; Freese, Vito; Paz, Dana
2013Decomposition methods for large scale LP decodingBarman, Siddharth; Liu, Xishuo; Draper, Stark C; Recht, Benjamin
2013Different strategies to overcome multidrug resistance in cancerSaraswathy, Manju; Gong, Shaoqin
2013Dual-scale masks for spatio-temporal compressive imagingHarmany, Zachary T; Marcia, Roummel F; Willett, Rebecca M
2013Effects of annealing time and temperature on the crystallinity and heat resistance behavior of injection-molded poly (lactic acid)Srithep, Yottha; Nealey, Paul; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2013Environmental impact on epigenetic histone languageDenu, John M
2013Equilibrium, uncertainty and risk in hydro-thermal electricity systemsPhilpott, Andy; Ferris, Michael; Wets, Roger
2013Evolutionary principles of modular gene regulation in yeastsThompson, Dawn A; Roy, Sushmita; Chan, Michelle; Styczynsky, Mark P; Pfiffner, Jenna; French, Courtney; Socha, Amanda; Thielke, Anne; Napolitano, Sara; Muller, Paul; others
2013Experiments on hydrogels of varying shapeCrone, Wendy C; Chindhy, Shahzad; Springmann, John C; Benjamin, Chandler
2013Exploratory feature selection on large-scale dataKumar, Arun; Konda, Pradap; Ré, Christopher
2013Fabrication and characterization of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)/nanofibrillated cellulose (NFC) filamentsPeng, Jun; Srithep, Yottha; Sabo, Ronald; Pilla, Srikanth; Peng, Xiang-Fang; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Clemons, Craig
2013Factors influencing power hand tool fastening accuracy and reaction forcesRadwin, Robert G; Chourasia, Amrish O; Howery, Robert S; Fronczak, Frank J; Yen, Thomas Y; Subedi, Yashpal; Sesto, Mary E
2013Faust: flexible acquistion and understanding system for textVoss, LL; Wilkins, David E; Israel, David; Manning, Christopher; Jurafsky, Daniel; Weld, Daniel S; Domingos, Pedro; Shavlik, Jude; Re, Christopher; McCallum, Andrew
2013Feature selection in enterprise analytics: a demonstration using an R-based data analytics systemKonda, Pradap; Kumar, Arun; Ré, Christopher; Sashikanth, Vaishnavi
2013Federal research data requirements set to changeGoben, Abigail; Salo, Dorothea
2013From Egypt to Wisconsin: tactical innovation with digital mediaSquire, Kurt; Gaydos, Matthew
2013Games+ Learning+ Society (GLS) Conference 8.0Martin, Crystle; Ochsner, Amanda; Squire, Kurt
2013Hazy: making it easier to build and maintain big-data analyticsKumar, Arun; Niu, Feng; Ré, Christopher
2013High-throughput computer vision introduces the time axis to a quantitative trait map of a plant growth responseMoore, Candace R; Johnson, Logan S; Kwak, Il-Youp; Livny, Miron; Broman, Karl W; Spalding, Edgar P
2013IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing technical program overviewBouman, Charles; Nowak, Robert; Scaglione, Anna
2013Image-guided and tumor-targeted drug delivery with radiolabeled unimolecular micellesGuo, Jintang; Hong, Hao; Chen, Guojun; Shi, Sixiang; Zheng, Qifeng; Zhang, Yin; Theuer, Charles P; Barnhart, Todd E; Cai, Weibo; Gong, Shaoqin
2013Incorporating advance care plans into the new Personally Controlled Electronic Health RecordEllis, IK; Smith, CA; Jaffray, LM; Skinner, TC
2013Influence and prediction of processing parameters on the properties of microcellular injection molded thermoplastic polyurethane based on an orthogonal array testMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Peng, Jun; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Peng, Xiang-Fang
2013Initial characterization of histone H3 serine 10 O-acetylationBritton, Laura-Mae P; Newhart, Alyshia; Bhanu, Natarajan V; Sridharan, Rupa; Gonzales-Cope, Michelle; Plath, Kathrin; Janicki, Susan M; Garcia, Benjamin A
2013Integrated module and gene-specific regulatory inference implicates upstream signaling networksRoy, Sushmita; Lagree, Stephen; Hou, Zhonggang; Thomson, James A; Stewart, Ron; Gasch, Audrey P
2013Intelligent optimization algorithmsGao, Yuehua; Zhao, Peng; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Zhou, Huamin
2013Introduction to the issue on anomalous pattern discovery for spatial, temporal, networked, and high-dimensional signalsSaligrama, Venkatesh; Arias-Castro, Ery; Chellappa, Rama; Hero, Alfred O; Nowak, Robert; Veeravalli, Venugopal V
2013Investigation of crystallization behavior of solid and microcellular injection molded polypropylene/nano-calcium carbonate composites using carbon dioxide as a blowing agentChen, Jie; Sun, Xiaofei; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Zhao, Ling; Liu, Tao; Yuan, Wei-Kang
2013Knowledge-enhanced compressive measurement designs for estimating sparse signals in clutterJain, Swayambhoo; Soni, Akshay; Haupt, Jarvis; Rao, Nikhil; Nowak, Robert
2013Lazy Updating increases the speed of stochastic simulationsEhlert, Kurt; Loewe, Laurence
2013Learning programming with IPRO: the effects of a mobile, social programming environmentMarTin, Taylor; Berland, MaTThew; BenTon, ToM; SMiTh, CarMen PeTriCk
2013Lectin functionalized nanocarriers for gene deliveryGajbhiye, Virendra; Gong, Shaoqin
2013Leukemia driven by a NUP98-Phd domain fusion is highly sensitive to disruption of H3K4me3-Phd domain binding by a small molecule inhibitorLee, Fan; Walker, Robert L; Yang, Fan; Zhu, Yuelin; Pineda, Marbin; Onozawa, Masahiro; Chung, Yang Jo; Bilke, Sven; Wagner, Elise K; Denu, John M; others
2013Listening in the momentBrennan, Patti; Swanberg, Wendy
2013Locally ideal formulations for piecewise linear functions with indicator variablesSridhar, Srikrishna; Linderoth, Jeff; Luedtke, James
2013MACBETH: development of a training game for the mitigation of cognitive biasDunbar, Norah E; Wilson, Scott N; Adame, Bradley J; Elizondo, Javier; Jensen, Matthew L; Miller, Claude H; Kauffman, Abigail Allums; Seltsam, Toby; Bessarabova, Elena; Vincent, Cindy; others
2013Mathematical tools for evolutionary systems biologyLoewe, Laurence; Swain, Peter; Gutenkunst, Ryan
2013Meaningful play the intersection of video games and environmental policyBell-Gawne, Keari; Stenerson, Mark; Shapiro, Ben; Squire, Kurt
2013Melt compounding of poly (3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate)/nanofibrillated cellulose nanocompositesSrithep, Yottha; Ellingham, Thomas; Peng, Jun; Sabo, Ronald; Clemons, Craig; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Pilla, Srikanth
2013Microcellular injection molding of gas-laden pellets using nitrogen (N2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) as co-blowing agentsSun, Xiaofei; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Gorton, Patrick J; Nigam, Pankaj; Buell, Sezen
2013Microcellular injection molding of in situ modified poly (ethylene terephthalate) with supercritical nitrogenXi, Zhenhao; Zhang, Fanglin; Zhong, Hua; Liu, Tao; Zhao, Ling; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2013Microcellular injection molding of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) scaffolds using carbon dioxide and water as co-blowing agentsMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Peng, Xiang-Fang
2013Mixed-integer nonlinear optimizationBelotti, Pietro; Kirches, Christian; Leyffer, Sven; Linderoth, Jeff; Luedtke, James; Mahajan, Ashutosh
2013Mobile media learning: ubiquitous computing environments for the mobile generationSquire, Kurt D
2013Modeling water allocating institutions based on multiple optimization problems with equilibrium constraintsBritz, Wolfgang; Ferris, Michael; Kuhn, Arnim
2013Morphology and properties of injection molded solid and microcellular polylactic acid/polyhydroxybutyrate-valerate (PLA/PHBV) blendsZhao, Haibin; Cui, Zhixiang; Sun, Xiaofei; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Peng, Xiangfang
2013Next-generation solvers for mixed-integer nonlinear programs: structure, search, and implementationLinderoth, Jeff T; Luedtke, James R
2013Noniterative optimization methodsZhao, Peng; Gao, Yuehua; Zhou, Huamin; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2013Novel injection molding foaming approaches using gas-laden pellets with N2, CO2, and N2+ CO2 as the blowing agentsSun, Xiaofei; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2013Nursing competencies needed for electronic advance care planning in communitySmith, CA; Ellis, IK; Jaffray, LM
2013Octreotide-functionalized and resveratrol-loaded unimolecular micelles for targeted neuroendocrine cancer therapyXu, Wenjin; Burke, Jocelyn F; Pilla, Srikanth; Chen, Herbert; Jaskula-Sztul, Renata; Gong, Shaoqin
2013On finding the largest mean among manyJamieson, Kevin; Malloy, Matthew; Nowak, Robert; Bubeck, Sebastien
2013On GROUSE and incremental SVDBalzano, Laura; Wright, Stephen J
2013On valid inequalities for quadratic programming with continuous variables and binary indicatorsDong, Hongbo; Linderoth, Jeff
2013Opening stem cell research and development: a policy proposal for the management of data, intellectual property, and ethicsWinickoff, David E; Saha, Krishanu; Graff, Gregory D
2013Optimization algorithms and applications for speech and language processingWright, Stephen J; Kanevsky, Dimitri; Deng, Li; He, Xiaodong; Heigold, Georg; Li, Haizhou
2013Optimization and mathematical modeling in computer architectureNowatzki, Tony; Ferris, Michael; Sankaralingam, Karthikeyan; Estan, Cristian; Vaish, Nilay; Wood, David
2013Optimization methods based on surrogate modelsGao, Yuehua; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Zhao, Peng; Zhou, Huamin
2013Packing ellipsoids with overlapUhler, Caroline; Wright, Stephen J
2013Parallel stochastic gradient algorithms for large-scale matrix completionRecht, Benjamin; Ré, Christopher
2013Patient-centered care requires a patient-oriented workflow modelOzkaynak, Mustafa; Flatley Brennan, Patricia; Hanauer, David A; Johnson, Sharon; Aarts, Jos; Zheng, Kai; Haque, Saira N
2013Payment rules for unit commitment dispatchLiu, Yanchao; Ferris, Michael C
2013Peering into the black box of reprogramming to the pluripotent stateJackson, Steven A; Sridharan, Rupa
2013Perceptual calibration for immersive display environmentsPonto, Kevin; Gleicher, Michael; Radwin, Robert G; Shin, Hyun Joon
2013Piecewise smooth approximation of bottom--up abatement cost curvesKiuila, O; Rutherford, TF
2013Planning for local net congestion in global routingShojaei, Hamid; Davoodi, Azadeh; Linderoth, Jeffrey
2013Poly (ε-caprolactone) nanofibers with a self-induced nanohybrid shish-kebab structure mimicking collagen fibrilsWang, Xiaofeng; Salick, Max R; Wang, Xiaodong; Cordie, Travis; Han, Wenjuan; Peng, Yiyan; Li, Qian; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2013Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)--cellulose nanofibril (CNF)--multiwalled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) hybrid organic aerogels with superior mechanical propertiesZheng, Qifeng; Javadi, Alireza; Sabo, Ronald; Cai, Zhiyong; Gong, Shaoqin
2013Polyvinyl alcohol-cellulose nanofibrils-graphene oxide hybrid organic aerogelsJavadi, Alireza; Zheng, Qifeng; Payen, Francois; Javadi, Abdolreza; Altin, Yasin; Cai, Zhiyong; Sabo, Ronald; Gong, Shaoqin
2013Poster: say it to see it: a speech based immersive model retrieval systemTredinnick, Ross; Ponto, Kevin
2013Power-driven global routing for multisupply voltage domainsWu, Tai-Hsuan; Davoodi, Azadeh; Linderoth, Jeffrey T
2013Prediction of mechanical properties of microcellular plastics using the variational asymptotic method for unit cell homogenization (VAMUCH) methodYu, Emily; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2013Probabilistic web data managementChen, Lei; Ilyas, Ihab; Re, Christopher; Zhou, Xiaofang
2013Processing and characterization of solid and microcellular poly (lactic acid)/polyhydroxybutyrate-valerate (PLA/PHBV) blends and PLA/PHBV/Clay nanocompositesZhao, Haibin; Cui, Zhixiang; Wang, Xiaofeng; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Peng, Xiangfang
2013Project HealthDesign: a preliminary program-level reportCasper, Gail R; Brennan, Patricia Flatley
2013Proteomic and genomic approaches reveal critical functions of H3K9 methylation and heterochromatin protein-1γ in reprogramming to pluripotencySridharan, Rupa; Gonzales-Cope, Michelle; Chronis, Constantinos; Bonora, Giancarlo; McKee, Robin; Huang, Chengyang; Patel, Sanjeet; Lopez, David; Mishra, Nilamadhab; Pellegrini, Matteo; others
2013Public libraries in an age of financial complexity: toward enhancing community financial literacySmith, Catherine Arnott; Eschenfelder, Kristin
2013Quantification of mitochondrial acetylation dynamics highlights prominent sites of metabolic regulationStill, Amelia J; Floyd, Brendan J; Hebert, Alexander S; Bingman, Craig A; Carson, Joshua J; Gunderson, Drew R; Dolan, Brendan K; Grimsrud, Paul A; Dittenhafer-Reed, Kristin E; Stapleton, Donald S; others
2013Question and answer session at the Marquette University Scholarly Communication Symposium, 2013Salo, Dorothea; Shreeves, Sarah L; Ogburn, Joyce L
2013Random Dieudonné modules, random-divisible groups, and random curves over finite fieldsCais, Bryden; Ellenberg, Jordan S; Zureick-Brown, David
2013Rebel: convex relaxations for Poisson GLRTHarmany, Zachary; Malloy, Matthew; Bhargava, Aniruddha; Rao, Nikhil; Wright, Stephen
2013Revisiting sociotechnical systems in a case of unreported use of health information exchange system in three hospital emergency departmentsOzkaynak, Mustafa; Brennan, Patricia Flatley
2013Risk-neutral second best toll pricingBan, Xuegang Jeff; Ferris, Michael C; Tang, Lisa; Lu, Shu
2013Robustness in biological and social systemsFlack, J.C.; Hammerstein, P.; Krakauer, D.C.
2013RSVP: ridiculously scalable video playback on clustered tiled displaysKimball, Jason; Ponto, Kevin; Wypych, Tom; Kuester, Falko
2013SculptUp: a rapid, immersive 3D modeling environmentPonto, Kevin; Tredinnick, Ross; Bartholomew, Aaron; Roy, Carrie; Szafir, Dan; Greenheck, Daniel; Kohlmann, Joe
2013Seeing change in time: video games to teach about temporal change in scientific phenomenaCorredor, Javier; Gaydos, Matthew; Squire, Kurt
2013Seismic data interpolation and denoising using svd-free low-rank matrix factorizationKumar, Rajiv; Aravkin, Aleksandr Y; Mansour, Hassan; Recht, Ben; Herrmann, Felix J
2013Sequential Nucleophilic Substitutions Permit Orthogonal Click Functionalization of Multicomponent PEG BrushesSha, Jin; Lippmann, Ethan S; McNulty, Jason; Ma, Yulu; Ashton, Randolph S
2013Simple bounds for recovering low-complexity modelsCandes, Emmanuel; Recht, Benjamin
2013Sirtuin 1 inhibition delays cyst formation in autosomal-dominant polycystic kidney diseaseZhou, Xia; Fan, Lucy X; Sweeney Jr, William E; Denu, John M; Avner, Ellis D; Li, Xiaogang
2013Sketching sparse matricesDasarathy, Gautam; Shah, Parikshit; Bhaskar, Badri Narayan; Nowak, Robert
2013Social support, and computer networksBrennan, Patricia Flatley; Fink, Sue V
2013Solution software for computable general equilibrium modelingHorridge, Mark; Meeraus, Alex; Pearson, Ken; Rutherford, Thomas F
2013Sparse overlapping sets lasso for multitask learning and its application to fMRI analysisRao, Nikhil; Cox, Christopher; Nowak, Rob; Rogers, Timothy T
2013Stochastic subgradient estimation training for support vector machinesLee, Sangkyun; Wright, Stephen J
2013Study of biobased shape memory polylactic acid/thermoplastic polyurethane (PLA/TPU) blendsJing, Xin; Mi, Hao-Yang; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Peng, Xiang-Fang
2013Subglobal climate agreements and energy-intensive activities: an evaluation of carbon leakage in the copper industryLanz, Bruno; Rutherford, Thomas F; Tilton, John E
2013Superstrong approximation for monodromy groupsEllenberg, Jordan S
2013Targeted drug delivery with octreotide-conjugated unimolecular micelles in medullary thyroid cancerBurke, JF; Xu, W; Pilla, S; Dammalapati, A; Chen, H; Gong, SS; Jaskula-Sztul, R
2013Thailandepsin A, a new HDAC inhibitor, reduces cellular proliferation and activates the Notch pathway in human carcinoids cancer cells.Jaskula-Sztul, Renata; Dammalapati, Ajitha; Korlesky, Colin; Gong, Shaoqin; Cheng, Yi-Qiang; Chen, Herbert
2013The beauty of bounded gaps: a huge discovery about prime numbers and what it means for the future of mathematicsEllenberg, Jordan
2013The cost of reducing CO2 emissions: integrating abatement technologies into economic modelingKiuila, Olga; Rutherford, Thomas F
2013The C-terminus of human nucleotide receptor P2X7 is critical for receptor oligomerization and N-linked glycosylationWickert, Lisa E; Blanchette, Joshua B; Waldschmidt, Noelle V; Bertics, Paul J; Denu, John M; Denlinger, Loren C; Lenertz, Lisa Y
2013The degradation rate of polyanhydride (poly (sebacic acid), diacetoxy terminated, PSADT)Cui, Zhixiang; Peng, Yiyan; Li, Ke; Peng, Jun; Zhao, Haibin; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Shen, Changyu
2013The inferential evolution of biological complexity: forgetting nature by learning to nurtureKrakauer, David
2013The nexus of Tet1 and the pluripotency networkJackson, Steven A; Sridharan, Rupa
2013The Princeton guide to evolutionLosos, Jonathan B
2013The sample complexity of search over multiple populationsMalloy, Matthew L; Tang, Gongguo; Nowak, Robert D
2013Timescales, symmetry, and uncertainty reduction in the origins of hierarchy in biological systemsFlack, Jessica C; Erwin, Doug; Elliot, Tanya; Krakauer, David C
2013Toward fine-grained online task characteristics estimation in scientific workflowsDa Silva, Rafael Ferreira; Juve, Gideon; Deelman, Ewa; Glatard, Tristan; Desprez, Frédéric; Thain, Douglas; Tovar, Benjamìn; Livny, Miron
2013Towards high-throughput Gibbs sampling at scale: a study across storage managersZhang, Ce; Ré, Christopher
2013Transition towards a low carbon economy: a computable general equilibrium analysis for PolandBöhringer, Christoph; Rutherford, Thomas F
2013Uncovering CPU load balancing policies with harmonyMeehean, Joseph T; Arpaci-Dusseau, Andrea C; Arpaci-Dusseau, Remzi H; Livny, Miron
2013Using commonsense knowledge to automatically create (noisy) training examples from text.Natarajan, Sriraam; Picado, Jose; Khot, Tushar; Kersting, Kristian; Re, Christopher; Shavlik, Jude W
2013Using learning analytics to understand the learning pathways of novice programmersBerland, Matthew; Martin, Taylor; Benton, Tom; Petrick Smith, Carmen; Davis, Don
2013Video game-based learning: an emerging paradigm for instructionSquire, Kurt D
2013Virtual exertions physical interactions in a virtual reality CAVE for simulating forceful tasksRadwin, Robert G; Chen, Karen B; Ponto, Kevin; Tredinnick, Ross D
2013Visual analytics of inherently noisy crowdsourced data on ultra high resolution displaysHuynh, Andrew; Ponto, Kevin; Lin, Albert Yu-Min; Kuester, Falko