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Fast Facts

Year founded: 2010

Number of core faculty: 19

Number of affiliated faculty: ~40

Number of faculty, staff, and students: ~350

Mission: The mission of WID is to discover and inspire through interdisciplinary research conducted in a dynamic, collaborative community. WID advances frontiers of knowledge, accelerates development of solutions, and engages the State of Wisconsin through interdisciplinary research.

Expertise: WID has research strengths in complex systems, data science, emerging technologies, and precision medicine. WID is also home to campus hubs in Data Science, Multi-Omics (including Epigenetics and Microbiome), and Illuminating Discovery. See all WID labs.

LeadershipJo Handelsman, Ph.D., Professor, Plant Pathology, WID Director (2017-present)

Press contact:, 608-316-4325



WID Logo (for web use)


The WID logo consists of a stylized compass rosette and a wordmark in Trajan Pro 3. The black is r0 g0 b0 (#000000) and the red is r185 g0 b20 (#b90014).Our style guide includes parameters for print and web use including correct colors and buffer zones. The proportions of the logo must not be distorted. If there is a version you do not see here, please contact In limited circumstances, such as the need to use the logo in a size that would be too small to read the words, it is acceptable to use the WID acronym logo or the WID simple acronym logo.

Primary 2 color logo
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White logo
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Simple Acronym
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