Complex Systems

The world is made up of complex systems, from power grids and neural networks to fish migration and microbial communities. Researchers at WID work to characterize, model, and understand such systems to make advances in medicine, agriculture, technology, the environment, and more.

Systems Biology
We use computational and mathematical tools alongside laboratory studies to understand interactions within complex biological systems.

We study the communities of microorganisms that live on or in people, plants, soil, oceans, and the atmosphere and which influence human health and ecosystems.

We are working to manage and utilize massive biological data sets to understand gene regulation, cellular reprogramming, precision medicine, and more.

Data Science
From fundamental mathematics to optimization and machine learning, our data science research is making sense of complex systems.

Slide Complex Systems Faculty See all WID Faculty Complexity underlies nearly all research at WID. Our faculty study diverse systems, from power grids to microbial communities and everything in between. Below are some of the WID faculty working on complex systems. Alberto Del Pia Industrial & Systems Engineering John Denu Biomolecular Chemistry Michael Ferris Computer Sciences Jo Handelsman at WID Jo Handelsman Plant Pathology Lessard Laurent Lessard Electrical & Computer Engineering Sushmita Roy Sushmita Roy Biostatistics & Medical Informatics Daniel Pimentel-Alarcon Biostatistics & Medical Informatics Claudia Solís-Lemus Plant Pathology Thomas Rutherford Agricultural & Applied Economics Karen Schloss Psychology John Yin Chemical & Biological Engineering Xuehua Zhong Laboratory of Genetics

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