Christopher Bou-Saab

Christopher Bou-Saab headshot

  • Undergraduate Student

Identifying the key regulator genes that are responsible for reprogramming.

Jarron Roy

  • Graduate Student

Targeted delivery of biologics

Dawid Maciorowski

Dawid Maciorowski headshot

MD-PhD Candidate

  • Graduate Student

Novel CRISPR-based gene editing strategies to investigate treatments for pediatric cancer

Jayaraman Tharmalingam

Jayaraman Tharmalingam Headshot

  • Postdoctoral Associate

Integrate computational and experimental models of host-pathogen interaction in bacterial infections

Cindy Liu

Cindy Liu Headshot

  • Undergraduate Student

CRISPR-mediated knock-ins of Polycomb-associated DNA elements in Arabidopsis thaliana

Mackenzie Beam

  • Undergraduate Student

Mechanism that links neurodegenerative diseases to lysosomal and endosomal dysfunction.

Jacobus (Jack) Burger

Jack Burger headshot

  • Graduate Student

Developing biomedical nanomaterials for drug delivery applications

WID alumnus awarded first AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowship in the U.S. Department of the Treasury

WID and Saha Lab alumnus, and current postdoc at the Morgridge Institute for Research, Amritava Das anticipates that he will put his engineering and bioscience training to use exploring the sometimes knotty connections between science, national security, and finance.

Harshini Cormaty

  • Graduate Student

Epigenetic mechanisms that control Primordial Germ Cell differentiation in mice

Nan (Yifang) Jiang

  • Graduate Student

Functions of human coronaviruses defective genomes on the range and severity of diseases.

Dan Cappabianca

  • Graduate Student

Novel CAR T Cell therapy development in translational and bench top settings