Carl Simmons

  • Graduate Student

Epigenetic mechanisms in plants and computational biology.

Cindy Liu

Cindy Liu Headshot

  • Undergraduate Student

CRISPR-mediated knock-ins of Polycomb-associated DNA elements in Arabidopsis thaliana

Wenwen Tian

Wenwen Tian headshot

  • Visiting Scholar

Mechanisms that link metabolism and epigenetic information

Harshini Cormaty

  • Graduate Student

Epigenetic mechanisms that control Primordial Germ Cell differentiation in mice

Molecular Puzzles in 3D: Understanding a Mechanism for Methylation

A new publication from the Xuehua Zhong’s group at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery and the genetics department at the University of Wisconsin–Madison clarifies an important epigenetic mechanism in plants that will help researchers better understand the epigenomes of both plants and animals.

Xinrui Ji

  • Undergraduate Student

Epigenetic regulations in arabidopsis thaliana

Spencer Halberg

  • Graduate Student

Computational methods to model cellular networks.

Nan (Yifang) Jiang

  • Graduate Student

Functions of human coronaviruses defective genomes on the range and severity of diseases.

Saptarshi Pyne

  • Postdoctoral Associate

Development of computational methods for inference and analysis of biological networks

Myra Mohammad

  • Undergraduate Student

Virus-host interactions and proofreading mechanisms in coronaviruses

Jose Moran

  • Graduate Student

Mechanistic studies on catalysis and regulation of SIRT6 deacetylation on nucleosomal substrates

Jie Liu

  • Postdoctoral Associate

Cross talk between DNA methylation and histone modification

Xiaoya Zhang

  • Graduate Student

Epigenetic control of cell identity in development and somatic cell reprogramming.

Ryan Herringa

Ryan Herringa

Associate Professor

  • Discovery Fellow

Neurodevelopmental mechanisms of stress and mental illness in youth