The important work done in WID’s collaborative network does not end with publication in scientific journals. A key part of WID’s mission is to share our discoveries with our community and the world — here, we tell the story of our unique approach to scientific inquiry, our connections on campus and beyond, and the incredible discoveries that can change our world.

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mating dragonflies The 2021 winners: Cool Science Image Contest Includes Three WIDites October 1, 2021 READ MORE WID postdoc awarded AAAS Science & Technology Fellowship in U.S. Department of State September 30, 2021 READ MORE UW-Madison Grad Student Uses TikTok To Teach Thousands About Astrobiology September 28, 2021 READ MORE

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Genome-edited neurons (yellow; green NeuN + red tdTomato) are present in the brain of an Ai14 reporter mouse after intracerebral injection of nanocapsules carrying CRISPR-Cas9/sgRNA ribonucleoprotein. Photo courtesy of Emborg Lab. Nanocapsule gene editing system earns new NIH funding September 23, 2021 READ MORE Arabidopsis thaliana Molecular Puzzles in 3D: Understanding a Mechanism for Methylation July 1, 2021 READ MORE This electron microscope image of the new “scaffolding” for growing and implanting retinal cells shows the ice cube tray-shaped reservoirs that hold cells and cylinder-shaped holes in the bottom layer, which provide channels for maturing photoreceptors to make contact with a patient’s retinal tissue. COURTESY OF THE MA LAB Micro-Molded ‘Ice Cube Tray’ Scaffold is Next Step in Returning Sight to Injured Retinas April 22, 2021 READ MORE

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Research aims to give everyone a fair shot at accessing COVID-19 vaccines July 22, 2021 READ MORE Wisconsin Students to Speak with NASA Astronauts Aboard Space Station July 13 July 12, 2021 READ MORE Three 2021 Hilldale Fellows Add to WID's Undergraduate Research Legacy May 28, 2021 READ MORE

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