Capital Data Sponsors WID 2023 Symposium

Capital Data LogoIn a world where scientific research is becoming ever more complex and interdisciplinary, it is vital to maintain data integrity to preserve and protect what could be a groundbreaking discovery. The Wisconsin Institute for Discovery’s (WID) top-level 2023 Symposium sponsor, Capital Data, embodies that notion and has worked with the University of Wisconsin for 15+ years to help researchers stay on the cutting edge of data-driven solutions.

Capital Data delivers a full stack of IT solutions for their clients, including IT infrastructure, cloud, and security solutions. It is a 100% Wisconsin-based company and considers itself a partner to the UW–Madison system. Max Babler, senior account manager at Capital Data, stated, “We have taken the time to get to understand the UW at all levels over our time together, and this has given us  great insights and understanding  to drive solutions that deliver on the long-term mission and success of the university.”

Capital Data aims to ensure that citizens of Wisconsin and the companies that do business here experience the highest level of satisfaction with any end-to-end system they might be involved in, knowingly or not. Unlike a lot of its larger competitors, Capital Data is highly committed to the Wisconsin marketplace, from working with UW researchers who design and model highway construction to working with manufacturing and commerce and financial services. The company has kept pace with innovations in data storage, server security, computer, and IT infrastructure, with 90% of their workforce consisting of specialists in computer engineering, IT architecture, and network specialists, to name a few.

“The nexus of opportunity is not in having a cloud owned and managed by other companies,” Babler says. Researchers’ data is their “secret sauce,” and “owning and maintaining that is critical to your success. We are here to help do that: own it, protect it, and do it at scale.” Capital Data even provides a no-cost assessment and architectural design to meet your business needs, so you can essentially “try them before you buy.”

Just as the internet revolutionized our way of work, play, and commerce, Babler believes that we will also see similar shifts with the recent advancements of artificial intelligence (AI). “AI is the biggest change we are facing in technology since the internet itself,” Babler stated. “Broadly available AI platforms have already changed the way businesses operate, the way consumers make purchases or pay utility bills, the way we engage in social media, and so much more. There are many net positives to come from AI, and we plan to be there for UW and all of our clients as we face more and more of these changes.”

Citing a nearly 20-year-old article from Newsweek, “Why the Web Won’t Be Nirvana,” Babler recalled how skeptical pundits, who thought the internet would fail, clashed with the visionaries who foresaw the opportunities we experience today. Capital Data, according to Babler, is not shying away from AI, but engaging with it head on. It has brought in experts who have worked with AI and machine-learning platforms for decades and continue to hire young experts each year to keep up with changes and advancements in the field. Capital Data is proud of its large number of hires direct from the UW itself, as the company continues growing the Wisconsin community and expertise in the IT industry.

Check their site for career opportunities! Be sure to stop by their booth at the 2023 WID Symposium Expo, November 15th from 3:00-4:30pm to talk with them directly.