Daniel Ajuzie

  • Graduate Student

Computational modeling of bacterial iron homeostasis and oxidative stress response

Lauren Anthony

  • Graduate Student

Mathematical cognition and learning, particularly how representation impacts mathematical reasoning

Jacobus (Jack) Burger

Jack Burger headshot

  • Graduate Student

Developing biomedical nanomaterials for drug delivery applications

Dan Cappabianca

  • Graduate Student

Novel CAR T Cell therapy development in translational and bench top settings

Ivette Colón

Ivette Colón headshot

  • Graduate Student

Encoding of social and visual concepts in the brain and in deep learning models of human cognition

Harshini Cormaty

  • Graduate Student

Epigenetic mechanisms that control Primordial Germ Cell differentiation in mice

Elias DeVoe

Elias DeVoe Headshot

  • Graduate Student

Network biology approaches to understanding long-term survivors of metastatic breast cancer

Megh Doshi

Megh Doshi headshot

  • Graduate Student

Admittance based Haptics, Human Friendly Robotics, Handheld Haptic Devices

Danica Fliss

  • Graduate Student

Applications of machine learning for signal processing

Praful Gagrani

  • Graduate Student

Understanding the physics at the origins of life.

Changyu Gao

  • Graduate Student

Optimization algorithms and machine learning

Evan Gorstein

Evan Gorstein headshot

  • Graduate Student

High dimensional mixed effect models for microbiome data

Spencer Halberg

  • Graduate Student

Computational methods to model cellular networks.