Daniel Ajuzie

Computational modeling of bacterial iron homeostasis and oxidative stress response


Daniel Ajuzie is a Nigerian International raised in Aba, a commercial hub in the South Eastern Nigerian region. He loves the dew, rains, streams, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, but not the ocean; tennis, soccer, volley ball. Daniel loves the Bible and loves engaging in conversations about life, death, judgment, purpose, nations and politics.


 BSc, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Research Description

My work in the May-MIDAS lab focuses on developing in-silico models of bacterial stress response. More specifically, I combine mathematical differential equation-based models and statistical gene models to study bacterial response to environmental or host-induced iron and hydrogen peroxide stress. Along this line, I am also developing methods for multi-phenotype parametrization and optimization of dynamical system models.