Esau Allen

  • Undergraduate Student

Research auto-catalyst cycles in mineral solutions that mimic the anaerobic conditions of early earth

Jordan Chao

Jordan Chao headshot

  • Undergraduate Student

Meta-analysis of viral rates of elongation

Madeline Cicero

Madeline Cicero headshot

  • Undergraduate Student

Assisting with neural rosette research

Nancy Davis

Nancy Davis Headshot

  • Undergraduate Student

Introductory studies and assistance in visual reasoning, specific to color and concept associations

Stefan Gavosto

Stefan Gavosto headshot

  • Undergraduate Student

Modeling growth of various E. coli strains in different media by measuring optical density.

Olly (Ziqi) Guo

Olly Guo

  • Undergraduate Student

Using machine learning to understand user behavior in virtual environments.

Yichen (Ethan) Zhuang

Yichen Zhuang

  • Undergraduate Student

Study on the chemical origins of life and the autocatalysis process of molecules in Yin Lab.