Stefan Gavosto

Stefan Gavosto headshot
330 North Orchard Street, Room 2235F-2
Madison WI 53715
Preferred pronouns: he/him/his
Joined WID: 2023

Modeling growth of various E. coli strains in different media by measuring optical density.


Stefan Gavosto is an undergraduate pre-medical student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying biology and history. He is from a small town in northern New Jersey.


BS, Biology; BA, History, University of Wisconsin–Madison (in progress)

Research Description

I’m an undergraduate student in the May Multiscale Immunobiology Design, Algorithms and Simulations (MIDAS) lab at University of Wisconsin - Madison. Our lab develops integrated empirical and theoretical models of biological systems on various scales ranging from metabolic networks, gene networks and signal transduction models to multicellular models. We model individual cells (bacteria and mammalian) to study metabolic and genetic responses of E.coli., M. tuberculosis and macrophages to study changes in their environment. We also model interactions between cells (microbial and host-microbe) to understand the impact of exogenous stressors, host-induced stress, deficiencies and comorbidities on microbial communities and host-pathogen interactions. My current research project involves characterizing and comparing the growth of various E. coli strains including K12 MG1655 and fluorescently-labeled IhfB by measuring optical density. 


  • American Medical Student Association
  • Hoofers Ski and Snowboard Club