Víctor Blanco

Víctor Blanco headshot

Visiting Professor

  • Visiting Professor

Mathematical Optimization with applications in different fields as Logistics, DS or Network Design.

Woojin Kim

Woojin Kim Headshot

  • Graduate Student

Construction of strong convex relaxation in integer optimization problem arising in machine learning

Evan Gorstein

Evan Gorstein headshot

  • Graduate Student

High dimensional mixed effect models for microbiome data

Josh Arnold

Campus Energy Coordinator, UW-Madison Office of Sustainability

  • WID Affiliate

Develop policy discussions to inform scenarios for moving Wisconsin to a clean energy future

Sushrut Karmalkar

SushrutvKarmalkar headshot

  • Postdoctoral Associate

Designing efficient estimators which are robust to aggressive noise models

Jinsu Gim

Jinsu Gim headshot

  • Postdoctoral Associate

Injection molding, Polymer processing, Process monitoring and optimization

Ahmet Alacaoglu

Ahmet Alacaoglu

  • Postdoctoral Associate

Continuous optimization for machine learning, reinforcement learning and other data science problems

Cheng-Wei Lu

Cheng-Wei Lu headshot

  • Graduate Student

Optimization applications on real-world problems.

Greg Canal

Greg Canal

  • Postdoctoral Associate

Algorithm and theory development in interactive machine learning

Jeremy Johnson

  • Graduate Student

I am interested in the cross-section of algebraic geometry and data science.

Professor Stephen Wright Announced Winner of the Test of Time Award at 2020 NeurIPS Conference

Professor of Computer Sciences at WID Stephen Wright and three colleagues were announced winners of the prestigious Test of Time Award at the 2020 Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems.

Changyu Gao

  • Graduate Student

Optimization algorithms and machine learning