Matthew Vivirito

  • Kohler Art Fellow @ WID

I construct physical and conceptual artworks in response to the world we reside upon.

Aedan Gardill

  • Kohler Art Fellow @ WID

Precision measurements with nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond

Laura Knoll


  • Discovery Fellow

Molecular analysis of the developmental regulation and virulence of protozoan parasites

Human Nature Screening

The the MS Biotechnology program at UW and the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery are partnering to screen the documentary film “Human Nature”, an exploration of gene editing and its implications both biological and ethical.

Julia Nepper

  • Postdoctoral Associate

Effects of community interactions on microbial physiology

NSF Grant Takes Scientific Approach to Public Engagement with Science

A grant from the National Science Foundation will help a team of researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison discover the factors that contribute to successful public engagement with science endeavors. In particular, the team is interested in learning what motivations and experiences mold the profiles of scientists who engage successfully with the public.

WSJ: ‘Who Owns Science?’ Wisconsin Science Festival Panel Explores Culture, Representation

university faculty and students, politicians and indigenous advocates discussed representation and inclusion in science at the panel moderated by Rabiah Mayas, associate director of Northwestern University’s Science in Society research center.

Kayla Cohen

  • Research Staff

Soil science researcher and science writer

Know Your Madisonian: Illumination is Goal of Discovery Hub Director Ginger Contreras

Ginger Ann Contreras, executive director of the Illuminating Discovery Hub at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery at UW-Madison, is working to help create science-themed murals in Madison and promote accurate and diverse portrayals of scientists in entertainment.

Jon Eckhardt

Jon Eckhardt

Associate Professor

  • Discovery Fellow

Entrepreneurship, including firm formation, venture finance, and university driven entrepreneurship