Esau Allen

  • Undergraduate Student

Research auto-catalyst cycles in mineral solutions that mimic the anaerobic conditions of early earth

Kris Sankaran

Kris Sankaran headshot

Assistant Professor

  • Discovery Fellow

Statistical tools for exploring latent variation in microbiological and earth systems data

Anusha Mehendale

  • Research Staff

Diet, aging, metabolism and epigenetic states in model systems and population studies.

Carl Simmons

  • Graduate Student

Epigenetic mechanisms in plants and computational biology.

Jordan Chao

Jordan Chao headshot

  • Undergraduate Student

Meta-analysis of viral rates of elongation

Steven Manos

Steven Manos

  • Undergraduate Student

Chemical ecosystem selection as the basis for the origins of life

Christopher Endemann

Christopher Endemann

Data Science Facilitator

  • Administrative Staff

Facilitating connections and training researchers in data science.

WID alumnus awarded first AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowship in the U.S. Department of the Treasury

WID and Saha Lab alumnus, and current postdoc at the Morgridge Institute for Research, Amritava Das anticipates that he will put his engineering and bioscience training to use exploring the sometimes knotty connections between science, national security, and finance.

Tolulope Perrin-Stowe

  • Postdoctoral Associate

Relationship between genomes and their environments to predict organisms' fitness correlations.

Molecular Puzzles in 3D: Understanding a Mechanism for Methylation

A new publication from the Xuehua Zhong’s group at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery and the genetics department at the University of Wisconsin–Madison clarifies an important epigenetic mechanism in plants that will help researchers better understand the epigenomes of both plants and animals.

Spencer Halberg

  • Graduate Student

Computational methods to model cellular networks.

UW Researchers Partner with US Department of Defense to Develop Stem Cell Therapy for Combat-Related Eye Injuries

Using an ingenious microscopic retinal patch, eye researchers at UW‒Madison will develop and test a new way to treat United States military personnel blinded in combat. WID’s Sarah Gong is a collaborator on the project.

Randolph Ashton and Collaborators Win WARF Innovation Award

WID’s Randolph Ashton, Gavin Knight, Benjamin Knudsen, and Nisha Iyer take top honors from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation’s Innovation Awards. Their work, Superior Neural Tissue Models for Disease Modeling, Drug Development and More, was selected from more than 400 innovation disclosures.

New Effective and Safe Antifungal Isolated from Sea Squirt Microbiome

By combing the ocean for antimicrobials, scientists at the University of Wisconsin–Madison have discovered a new antifungal compound that efficiently targets multi-drug-resistant strains of deadly fungi without toxic side effects in mice. WID postdoc Marc Chevrette is part of the team that published the finding in Science.

Saptarshi Pyne

  • Postdoctoral Associate

Development of computational methods for inference and analysis of biological networks