Chenglong (Belong) Yu

  • Visiting Scholar

Focusing on the researches of small-diameter vascular grafts and rapid endothelialization

Julia Nepper

  • Postdoctoral Associate

Effects of community interactions on microbial physiology

Brandon Dawning

  • Undergraduate Student

Chemical Ecosystem Selection and The origins of Life Project

Kayla Cohen

  • Research Staff

Soil science researcher and science writer

Zhen Peng

  • Postdoctoral Associate

Theoretical research on the emergence of life-like systems from chemical reaction networks

Tiny Capsules Packed with Gene-Editing Tools Offer Alternative to Viral Delivery of Gene Therapy

An interdisciplinary pair of WID researchers has developed a new nanocapsule delivery method for delivering the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing tool. The new system could be used for many types of gene therapies.

Claudia Solís-Lemus

Assistant Professor

  • WID Faculty

My research involves the development of statistical models to answer biological questions.

Noah Stafford

  • Graduate Student

Exploring multitask learning algorithms for single cell network inference

Zhenyang Jia

Zhenyang Jia

  • Graduate Student

Evolutionary strategies for de novo peptide functions

Ryan Herringa

Ryan Herringa

Associate Professor

  • Discovery Fellow

Neurodevelopmental mechanisms of stress and mental illness in youth

UW–Madison Researchers Earn Army Research Office Grant to Study Microbial Communication

WID Director Jo Handelsman and biochemistry professor Ophelia Venturelli are part of a multi-university interdisciplinary team awarded a grant to study information transmission in microbial communities and how biological networks communicate.