Baide Xue

  • Undergraduate Student

Interested in the studies concerning COVID-19(SARS-CoV-2)

Brady Lundin

  • Graduate Student

Creating and utilizing neural tissue engineering platforms for the study of clinical disease.

Human Nature Screening

The the MS Biotechnology program at UW and the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery are partnering to screen the documentary film “Human Nature”, an exploration of gene editing and its implications both biological and ethical.

Tiny Capsules Packed with Gene-Editing Tools Offer Alternative to Viral Delivery of Gene Therapy

An interdisciplinary pair of WID researchers has developed a new nanocapsule delivery method for delivering the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing tool. The new system could be used for many types of gene therapies.

Claudia Solís-Lemus

Assistant Professor

  • WID Faculty

My research involves the development of statistical models to answer biological questions.

Uncovering a Connection Between Regulators and Genes During Early Neurodevelopment

WID researchers used a collaborative combination of computational and wet lab experimental techniques to find a connection between a transcription factor and a neurodevelopment gene.

Ryan Herringa

Ryan Herringa

Associate Professor

  • Discovery Fellow

Neurodevelopmental mechanisms of stress and mental illness in youth

Amulya Suresh

Amulya Suresh

  • Undergraduate Student

CRISPR-Cas9 Strategy to Generate DOT1L-Deficient Embryonic Stem Cells to Study Pluripotency

WID Hubs Launch at Illuminating Connections Event

WID’s new hubs—Data Science, Multi-Omics, and Illuminating Discovery—represent a new path forward for collaborative research projects and fields.

New Technology for Controlling Neural Tissue Manufacturing

A paper published in eLife this week by an interdisciplinary team at WID describes new methods for reproducibly manufacturing brain and spinal cord organoids with strict control over morphogenic and developmental processes.

Micah Dombroe

Micah Dombroe

Lab Manager

  • Research Staff

Genomic DNA sequencing and viral production. Facilitate various administrative functions.

Min Zhu

MIn Zhu

  • Graduate Student

Nanoparticles for delivery of therapeutic agents and with gene-editing