WID Hubs Launch at Illuminating Connections Event

WID’s new hubs—Data Science, Multi-Omics, and Illuminating Discovery—represent a new path forward for collaborative research projects and fields.

Erika Da-Inn Lee

Erika Lee

  • Graduate Student

Developing computational tools to learn the principles of genome organization

Scientists Discovered How PCK1 Gene Is Involved In Diabetes and Metastasis in Some Types of Cancer

An international team of researchers including WID scientists has discovered new mechanisms to regulate the activity of a gene essential in metabolism, with implications for pathologies related to alterations in glucose levels in the body, such as diabetes or metastasis in some types of cancer.

Students Search for New Antibiotics in Initiative that Brings Real Science to Classrooms

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: At a recent training event, teachers from Milwaukee Public Schools were joined by a teacher from New York Public Schools, a middle school teacher from Oak Creek, and even a researcher planning to bring the program back to his home university in India.

Brian Yandell

Brian Yandell


  • Discovery Fellow

Co-lead of Data Science Hub (hub.datascience.wisc.edu). Research on systems genetics.

Jo Handelsman

WID Director

  • WID Faculty

Genetic and biochemical processes underlying interactions within plant and human microbiomes.

Britney Washington

Britney Washington

  • Graduate Student

Cryopreservation's effect on cell isolates and manufactured therapeutic phenotypes