Evan Gorstein

Evan Gorstein headshot

  • Graduate Student

High dimensional mixed effect models for microbiome data

Abbey Manning

Abbey Manning

  • Undergraduate Student

Looking at soil bacteria for antibiotic compounds.

Kayla Cohen

Kayla Cohen headshot


  • Visiting Scholar

Fiction that accurately depicts scientific processes and the empowering effect that science can have

Xudong Tang

  • Graduate Student

Neural network models on soil micobiome data to predict characteristics of potato growth.

Julia Nepper

  • Postdoctoral Associate

Effects of community interactions on microbial physiology

Martel DenHartog

Martel DenHartog

  • Research Staff

Catalog, analyze, and characterize novel antibiotics from soil bacteria

Students Search for New Antibiotics in Initiative that Brings Real Science to Classrooms

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: At a recent training event, teachers from Milwaukee Public Schools were joined by a teacher from New York Public Schools, a middle school teacher from Oak Creek, and even a researcher planning to bring the program back to his home university in India.

Jo Handelsman

Jo Handelsman

WID Director

  • WID Faculty

Genetic and biochemical processes underlying interactions within plant and human microbiomes.

Tools for Discovery: Sam Rikkers

Sam Rikkers was born and raised in south central Wisconsin but has managed to make his mark in far-flung places. A graduate of Columbia University with a Master of International Affairs, he has served the Peace Corps in Zambia, earned a Law Degree from the University of Wisconsin and served …

Weaning Crops from Nitrogen Fertilizers: Examining Evolution’s Innovations

WID researcher Sushmita Roy and collaborators at UW­–Madison and the University of Florida will use a $7 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to study how some plants partner with bacteria to create usable nitrogen and to transfer this ability to the bioenergy crop poplar.

Josh Pultorak

Josh Pultorak

Instructor, Tiny Earth

  • Research Staff

Interdisciplinary undergraduate science education with an emphasis on experimental biology.

Multi-Omics Hub

The Multi-Omics Hub will focus on the use of big data about the genes, microorganisms, and metabolites to understand biological systems. WID’s expertise makes it an ideal home for the Epigenetics Initiative for the large campus community that studies the epigenome, and as such WID will organize meetings, seminars, mutli-PI …