2017 Publications

2017 publications from our faculty and fellows during their time at WID are listed below. Please see each publication for additional information.

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2017A composite generator film impregnated with cellulose nanocrystals for enhanced triboelectric performancePeng, Jun; Zhang, Huilong; Zheng, Qifeng; Clemons, Craig M; Sabo, Ronald C; Gong, Shaoqin; Ma, Zhenqiang; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017A fast and high accuracy numerical simulation algorithm of the polymer spherulite at the mesoscale levelLiu, Yongzhi; Geng, Tie; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Liu, Chuntai; Cao, Wei; Shen, Changyu
2017A freestanding cellulose nanofibril--reduced graphene oxide--molybdenum oxynitride aerogel film electrode for all-solid-state supercapacitors with ultrahigh energy densityZheng, Qifeng; Kvit, Alexander; Cai, Zhiyong; Ma, Zhenqiang; Gong, Shaoqin
2017A job sizing strategy for high-throughput scientific workflowsTovar, Benjamin; da Silva, Rafael Ferreira; Juve, Gideon; Deelman, Ewa; Allcock, William; Thain, Douglas; Livny, Miron
2017A KL-LUCB algorithm for large-scale crowdsourcingTánczos, Ervin; Nowak, Robert; Mankoff, Bob
2017A new class of flexible nanogenerators consisting of porous aerogel films driven by mechanoradicalsTang, Yanfeng; Zheng, Qifeng; Chen, Bo; Ma, Zhenqiang; Gong, Shaoqin
2017A personalized medicine approach to identifying dysregulated epigenetic enzymes in the development of castrate-resistant prostate cancer.Jarrard, David Frazier; Lee, Jin-Hee; Boersma, Melissa; Yang, Bing; Damaschke, Nathan Alan; Corey, Eva; Denu, John M
2017A prior-based integrative framework for functional transcriptional regulatory network inferenceSiahpirani, Alireza F; Roy, Sushmita
2017A robust accelerated optimization algorithm for strongly convex functionsCyrus, Saman; Hu, Bin; Van Scoy, Bryan; Lessard, Laurent
2017A subset of poorly prognostic pediatric posterior fossa ependymomas exhibit lowered H3K27me3 and DNA hypomethylation and show epigenetic similarities with H3K27M mutant diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomasVenneti, Sriram; Bayliss, Jill; Mukherjee, Piali; Lu, Chao; Jain, Siddhant; Chung, Chan; Martinez, Daniel; Sabari, Benjamin; Margol, Ashley; Lewis, Peter; others
2017AB3-loaded and tumor-targeted unimolecular micelles for medullary thyroid cancer treatmentJaskula-Sztul, Renata; Chen, Guojun; Dammalapati, Ajitha; Harrison, April; Tang, Weiping; Gong, Shaoqin; Chen, Herbert
2017Aberrant histone turnover in Alzheimer's diseaseDowell, James A; Gitcho, Michael A; Denu, John M
2017Active positive semidefinite matrix completion: algorithms, theory and applicationsBhargava, Aniruddha; Ganti, Ravi; Nowak, Rob
2017Aerogel microspheres based on cellulose nanofibrils as potential cell culture scaffoldsZhang, Chunmei; Zhai, Tianliang; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Algebraic variety models for high-rank matrix completionOngie, Greg; Willett, Rebecca; Nowak, Robert D; Balzano, Laura
2017An ecological framework for temporal and individual differences in color preferencesSchloss, Karen B; Palmer, Stephen E
2017An intraocular drug delivery system using targeted nanocarriers attenuates retinal ganglion cell degenerationZhao, Lei; Chen, Guojun; Li, Jun; Fu, Yingmei; Mavlyutov, Timur A; Yao, Annie; Nickells, Robert W; Gong, Shaoqin; Guo, Lian-Wang
2017Analysis of approximate stochastic gradient using quadratic constraints and sequential semidefinite programsHu, Bin; Seiler, Peter; Lessard, Laurent
2017Analyzing random permutations for cyclic coordinate descentWright, Stephen J; Lee, Ching-Pei
2017Antineoplastic effects of histone deacetylase inhibitors in neuroendocrine cancer cells are mediated through transcriptional regulation of Notch1 by activator protein 1Jang, Samuel; Jin, Haining; Roy, Madhuchhanda; Ma, Alice L; Gong, Shaoqin; Jaskula-Sztul, Renata; Chen, Herbert
2017Approximate gradient coding via sparse random graphsCharles, Zachary; Papailiopoulos, Dimitris; Ellenberg, Jordan
2017Behavior of accelerated gradient methods near critical points of nonconvex problemsO'Neill, Michael; Wright, Stephen J
2017Biochemical insights into the mechanism of oncohistonesLewis, Peter W
2017Biocompatible, degradable thermoplastic polyurethane based on polycaprolactone-block-polytetrahydrofuran-block-polycaprolactone copolymers for soft tissue engineeringMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Napiwocki, Brett N; Hagerty, Breanna S; Chen, Guojun; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Carboplatin-complexed and cRGD-conjugated unimolecular nanoparticles for targeted ovarian cancer therapyWang, Yuyuan; Wang, Liwei; Chen, Guojun; Gong, Shaoqin
2017Catastrophic thresholds, Bayesian learning and the robustness of climate policy recommendationsChang, Wonjun; Rutherford, Thomas F
2017Challenges to multimodal data set collection in games based learning environmentsTurker, Aybuke G; Dalsen, Jennifer; Berland, Matthew; Steinkuehler, Constance
2017Characterization of stereocomplex polylactide/nanoclay nanocompositesSrithep, Y; Pholharn, D; Turng, L-S
2017Chromatin module inference on cellular trajectories identifies key transition points and poised epigenetic states in diverse developmental processesRoy, Sushmita; Sridharan, Rupa
2017Coalescent-based species tree estimation: a stochastic Farris transformDasarathy, Gautam; Mossel, Elchanan; Nowak, Robert; Roch, Sebastien
2017Comparative study of chemical and physical foaming methods for injection-molded thermoplastic polyurethaneKharbas, Hrishikesh A; McNulty, Jason D; Ellingham, Thomas; Thompson, Cyrus; Manitiu, Mihai; Scholz, Guenter; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Comparison between PCL/hydroxyapatite (HA) and PCL/halloysite nanotube (HNT) composite scaffolds prepared by co-extrusion and gas foamingJing, Xin; Mi, Hao-Yang; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Comprehensive study on cellular morphologies, proliferation, motility, and epithelial--mesenchymal transition of breast cancer cells incubated on electrospun polymeric fiber substratesDomura, Ryota; Sasaki, Rie; Okamoto, Masami; Hirano, Minoru; Kohda, Katsunori; Napiwocki, Brett; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Connected spaces: helping makers know their neighborsKumar, Vishesh; Tissenbaum, Mike; Wielgus, Lauren; Berland, Matthew
2017Control interpretations for first-order optimization methodsHu, Bin; Lessard, Laurent
2017Controlling hESC-CM cell morphology on patterned substrates over a range of stiffnessNapiwocki, Brett N; Salick, Max R; Ashton, Randolph S; Crone, Wendy C
2017Controlling superwettability by microstructure and surface energy manipulation on three dimensional substrates for versatile gravity eriven oil/water separationMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Huang, Han-Xiong; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Co-optimization of demand response and reserve offers for a major consumerHabibian, Mahbubeh; Zakeri, Golbon; Downward, Anthony; Anjos, Miguel F; Ferris, Michael
2017Creep crack growth behavior of alloys 617 and 800H in air and impure helium environments at high temperaturesGrierson, DS; Cao, G; Brooks, P; Pezzi, P; Glaudell, A; Kuettel, D; Fischer, G; Allen, T; Sridharan, K; Crone, WC
2017Crystal structure and kinetic analysis of the class B3 di-zinc metallo-β-lactamase LRA-12 from an Alaskan soil metagenomeRodriguez, Maria Margarita; Herman, Raphael; Ghiglione, Barbara; Kerff, Frederic; Gonzalez, Gabriela DÆAmico; Bouillenne, Fabrice; Galleni, Moreno; Handelsman, Jo; Charlier, Paulette; Gutkind, Gabriel; others
2017CuS-based theranostic micelles for NIR-controlled combination chemotherapy and photothermal therapy and photoacoustic imagingChen, Guojun; Ma, Ben; Wang, Yuyuan; Xie, Ruosen; Li, Chun; Dou, Kefeng; Gong, Shaoqin
2017Deposition-induced effects of isotactic polypropylene and polycarbonate composites during fused deposition modelingZhou, Ying-Guo; Su, Bei; Turng, Lih-sheng
2017Deriving, regenerating, and engineering CNS tissues using human pluripotent stem cellsLemke, Kristen A; Aghayee, Alireza; Ashton, Randolph S
2017Development and mechanism of small-molecule SIRT6 activatorsKlein, Mark; Liu, Can; Camacho, Beatriz; Tang, Weiping; Denu, John M
2017Differential disruption of nucleocytoplasmic trafficking pathways by rhinovirus 2A proteasesWatters, Kelly; Inankur, Bahar; Gardiner, Jaye C; Warrick, Jay; Sherer, Nathan M; Yin, John; Palmenberg, Ann C
2017Dissipativity theory for Nesterov's accelerated methodHu, Bin; Lessard, Laurent
2017Diverse modes of eco-evolutionary dynamics in communities of antibiotic-producing microorganismsVetsigian, Kalin
2017Does the future of systematics really rest on the legacy of one mid-20th-century German entomologist?Baum, David A
2017Draft genome sequence of Flavobacterium johnsoniae CI04, an isolate from the soybean rhizosphereBravo, Juan I; Lozano, Gabriel L; Handelsman, Jo
2017Draft genome sequence of Pseudomonas koreensis CI12, a Bacillus cereus "hitchhiker" from the soybean rhizosphereLozano, Gabriel L; Bravo, Juan I; Handelsman, Jo
2017Driver movement patterns indicate distraction and engagementRadwin, Robert G; Lee, John D; Akkas, Oguz
2017Dysregulation of Sirtuin 2 (SIRT2) and histone H3K18 acetylation pathways associates with adverse prostate cancer outcomesDamodaran, Shivashankar; Damaschke, Nathan; Gawdzik, Joseph; Yang, Bing; Shi, Cedric; Allen, Glenn O; Huang, Wei; Denu, John; Jarrard, David
2017Effect of nucleating agent and two-stage expansion on the morphology and mechanical properties of microcellular injection molded thermoplastic polyurethaneEllingham, Thomas; Kharbas, Hrishikesh; Manitiu, Mihai; Scholz, Guenter; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Effects of trimetaphosphate on abiotic formation and hydrolysis of peptidesSibilska, Izabela K; Chen, Bingming; Li, Lingjun; Yin, John
2017Electrospinning of poly (lactic acid)/polycaprolactone blends: investigation of the governing parameters and biocompatibilityZhang, Chunmei; Zhai, Tianliang; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Electrospun polycaprolactone/gelatin composites with enhanced cell--matrix interactions as blood vessel endothelial layer scaffoldsJiang, Yong-Chao; Jiang, Lin; Huang, An; Wang, Xiao-Feng; Li, Qian; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Elucidating protein-DNA interactions in human alphoid chromatin via hybridization capture and mass spectrometryBuxton, Katherine E; Kennedy-Darling, Julia; Shortreed, Michael R; Zaidan, Nur Zafirah; Olivier, Michael; Scalf, Mark; Sridharan, Rupa; Smith, Lloyd M
2017EPND-08. epigenetic H3K27ME3 deregulation in pediatric posterior fossa ependymomasVenneti, Sriram; Bayliss, Jill; Mukherjee, Piyali; Lu, Chao; Jain, Siddhant; Chung, Chan; Panwalkar, Pooja; Martinez, Daniel; Sabari, Benjamin; Lewis, Peter; others
2017Establishment of reporter lines for detecting fragile X mental retardation (FMR1) gene reactivation in human neural cellsLi, Meng; Zhao, Huashan; Ananiev, Gene E; Musser, Michael T; Ness, Kathryn H; Maglaque, Dianne L; Saha, Krishanu; Bhattacharyya, Anita; Zhao, Xinyu
2017Evaluating perceived distance measures in room-scale spaces using consumer-grade head mounted displaysPeer, Alex; Ponto, Kevin
2017Evaluation of mixing performance in baffled screw channel using lagrangian particle calculationsXu, Baiping; Yu, Huiwen; Kuang, Tangqing; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Evolutionary systems biology integration of multi-level CTMC interaction models of biochemistry and cancer cell growth using EvolvixMeyer, Jocelyn R; Alarid, Elaine; Loewe, Laurence
2017Exponential stability analysis via integral quadratic constraintsBoczar, Ross; Lessard, Laurent; Packard, Andrew; Recht, Benjamin
2017Fabrication of poly (ε-caprolactone) tissue engineering scaffolds with fibrillated and interconnected pores utilizing microcellular injection molding and polymer leachingHuang, An; Jiang, Yongchao; Napiwocki, Brett; Mi, Haoyang; Peng, Xiangfang; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Fabrication of polycaprolactone electrospun fibers with different hierarchical structures mimicking collagen fibrils for tissue engineering scaffoldsJiang, Lin; Wang, Liwei; Wang, Nathan; Gong, Shaoqin; Wang, Lixia; Li, Qian; Shen, Changyu; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Fabrication of scaffolds in tissue engineering: a reviewZhao, Peng; Gu, Haibing; Mi, Haoyang; Rao, Chengchen; Fu, Jianzhong; Turng, Lih-sheng
2017Fabrication of shish-kebab-structured carbon nanotube/poly (ε-caprolactone) composite nanofibers for potential tissue engineering applicationsWu, Tong; Chen, Xin; Sha, Jin; Peng, Yi-Yan; Ma, Yu-Lu; Xie, Lin-Sheng; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Forest friends demo: a game-exhibit to promote computer science concepts in informal spacesSung, Isaac; Berland, Matthew
2017Fox-neuwirth-fuks cells, quantum shuffle algebras, and Malle's conjecture for function fieldsEllenberg, Jordan S; Tran, TriThang; Westerland, Craig
2017Fusion advanced design studiesEl-Guebaly, Laila; Henderson, Douglass; Wilson, Paul; Blanchard, Jake
2017Genome editing in human pluripotent stem cellsCarlson-Stevermer, Jared; Saha, Krishanu
2017Hawkes process modeling of adverse drug reactions with longitudinal observational dataBao, Yujia; Kuang, Zhaobin; Peissig, Peggy; Page, David; Willett, Rebecca
2017High throughput computing for massive scenario analysis and optimization to minimize cascading blackout riskAnderson, Eric James; Linderoth, Jeff
2017High-performance green semiconductor devices: materials, designs, and fabricationJung, Yei Hwan; Zhang, Huilong; Gong, Shaoqin; Ma, Zhenqiang
2017Histone lysine-to-methionine mutations reduce histone methylation and cause developmental pleiotropySanders, Dean; Qian, Shuiming; Fieweger, Rachael; Lu, Li; Dowell, James A; Denu, John M; Zhong, Xuehua
2017Homology of FI-modulesChurch, Thomas; Ellenberg, Jordan
2017Identification of a tissue-restricted isoform of SIRT1 defines a regulatory domain that encodes specificityDeota, Shaunak; Chattopadhyay, Tandrika; Ramachandran, Deepti; Armstrong, Eric; Camacho, Beatriz; Maniyadath, Babukrishna; Fulzele, Amit; Gonzalez-de-Peredo, Anne; Denu, John M; Kolthur-Seetharam, Ullas
2017Identifying dysregulated epigenetic enzyme activity in castrate-resistant prostate cancer developmentLee, Jin-Hee; Yang, Bing; Lindahl, Anastasia J; Damaschke, Nathan; Boersma, Melissa D; Huang, Wei; Corey, Eva; Jarrard, David F; Denu, John M
2017Identifying dysregulated epigenetic enzymes in castrate-resistant prostate cancer developmentLee, Jin-Hee; Yang, Bing H; Damaschke, Nathan H; Boersma, Melissa D; Huang, Wei H; Corey, Eva; Jarrard, David F; Denu, John M
2017Image-based identification of cell cultures by machine learningBabatunde, Oluleye; Baltes, Ashley; Yin, John
2017Impaired H3K36 methylation defines a subset of head and neck squamous cell carcinomasPapillon-Cavanagh, Simon; Lu, Chao; Gayden, Tenzin; Mikael, Leonie G; Bechet, Denise; Karamboulas, Christina; Ailles, Laurie; Karamchandani, Jason; Marchione, Dylan M; Lewis, Peter W; others
2017Improved injection molding of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene using supercritical nitrogenYilmaz, Galip; Ellingham, Thomas; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Improved processability and the processing-structure-properties relationship of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene via supercritical nitrogen and carbon dioxide in injection moldingYilmaz, Galip; Ellingham, Thomas; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Improving the flame retardance of microcellular nanocomposites by employing layered nanoclaysWang, Xin-Chao; Geng, Tie; Wu, Hai-Hong; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Inference and evolutionary analysis of genome-scale regulatory networks in large phylogeniesKoch, Christopher; Konieczka, Jay; Delorey, Toni; Lyons, Ana; Socha, Amanda; Davis, Kathleen; Knaack, Sara A; Thompson, Dawn; O'Shea, Erin K; Roy, Sushmita; others
2017Influence of processing conditions on the morphological structure and ductility of water-foamed injection molded PP/LDPE blended partsZhou, Ying-Guo; Su, Bei; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Inhibition of infection spread by co-transmitted defective interfering particlesBaltes, Ashley; Akpinar, Fulya; Inankur, Bahar; Yin, John
2017Instantaneous self-assembly of three-dimensional silica fibers in electrospinning: insights into fiber deposition behaviorMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Huang, Han-Xiong; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Integrating ecology and evolution to study hypothetical dynamics of algal blooms and MullerÆs ratchet using EvolvixNorthey, Sarah; Hove, Courtney; Kao, Justine; Ide, Jon; McKinney, Janel; Loewe, Laurence
2017Investigation of thermal and thermomechanical properties of biodegradable PLA/PBSA composites processed via supercritical fluid-assisted foam injection moldingPradeep, Sai Aditya; Kharbas, Hrishikesh; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Avalos, Abraham; Lawrence, Joseph G; Pilla, Srikanth
2017k-Support and ordered weighted sparsity for overlapping groups: hardness and algorithmsLim, Cong Han; Wright, Stephen
2017Learning low-dimensional metricsMason, Blake; Jain, Lalit; Nowak, Robert
2017Lift-and-project cuts for convex mixed integer nonlinear programsKılınç, Mustafa R; Linderoth, Jeff; Luedtke, James
2017Lower bounds on the lattice-free rank for packing and covering integer programsBodur, Merve; Del Pia, Alberto; Dey, Santanu S; Molinaro, Marco
2017Low-velocity impact and compressive behavior for shifted-tri-axial composite panelsLi, Jinghao; Hunt, John F; Gong, Shaoqin; Cai, Zhiyong
2017Magnetically driven superhydrophobic silica sponge decorated with hierarchical cobalt nanoparticles for selective oil absorption and oil/water separationMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Xie, Heng; Huang, Han-Xiong; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Mapping leadership: the tasks that matter for improving teaching and learning in schoolsHalverson, Richard; Kelley, Carolyn
2017Mechanical properties, crystallization characteristics, and foaming behavior of polytetrafluoroethylene-reinforced poly (lactic acid) compositesHuang, An; Kharbas, Hrishikesh; Ellingham, Thomas; Mi, Haoyang; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Peng, Xiangfang
2017Mechanical properties, fiber orientation, and length distribution of glass fiber-reinforced polypropylene parts: Influence of water-foaming technologyZhou, Ying-Guo; Su, Bei; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Mechanics of biological systems, materials and other topics in experimental and applied mechanics, volume 4Zavattieri, Pablo; Minary, Majid; Grady, Martha; Dannemann, Kathryn; Crone, Wendy
2017Metabolite exchange between microbiome members produces compounds that influence Drosophila behaviorFischer, Caleb; Trautman, Eric P; Crawford, Jason M; Stabb, Eric V; Handelsman, Jo; Broderick, Nichole A
2017Minotaur: a mixed-integer nonlinear optimization toolkitMahajan, Ashutosh; Leyffer, Sven; Linderoth, Jeff; Luedtke, James; Munson, Todd
2017Modeling surgical technical skill using expert assessment for automated computer ratingAzari, David P; Frasier, Lane L; Quamme, Sudha R Pavuluri; Greenberg, Caprice C; Pugh, Carla M; Greenberg, Jacob A; Radwin, Robert G
2017Multi-tissue chromatin modulation during hibernationDhillon, Rashpal S; Krautkramer, Kimberly A; Denu, John M; Carey, Hannah V
2017Mussel-inspired electroactive chitosan/graphene oxide composite hydrogel with rapid self-healing and recovery behavior for tissue engineeringJing, Xin; Mi, Hao-Yang; Napiwocki, Brett N; Peng, Xiang-Fang; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Neuroendocrine tumor-targeted upconversion nanoparticle-based micelles for simultaneous NIR-controlled combination chemotherapy and photodynamic therapy, and fluorescence imagingChen, Guojun; Jaskula-Sztul, Renata; Esquibel, Corinne R; Lou, Irene; Zheng, Qifeng; Dammalapati, Ajitha; Harrison, April; Eliceiri, Kevin W; Tang, Weiping; Gong, Shaoqin; others
2017New method for isolation of native yeast nucleosomes-development and applicationKuznietsov, Viacheslav I; Fox, Catherine A; Denu, John M
2017NEXT: A system to easily connect crowdsourcing and adaptive data collectionSievert, Scott; Ross, Daniel; Jain, Lalit; Jamieson, Kevin; Nowak, Rob; Mankoff, Robert
2017NMRbox: a resource for biomolecular NMR computationMaciejewski, Mark W; Schuyler, Adam D; Gryk, Michael R; Moraru, Ion I; Romero, Pedro R; Ulrich, Eldon L; Eghbalnia, Hamid R; Livny, Miron; Delaglio, Frank; Hoch, Jeffrey C
2017Numerical study of mixing dynamics inside the novel elements of a corotating nontwin screw extruderXu, Baiping; Liu, Yao; He, Liang; Chen, Jinwei; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017On large subsets of Fqn with no three-term arithmetic progressionEllenberg, Jordan S; Gijswijt, Dion
2017On learning high dimensional structured single index modelsGanti, Ravi; Rao, Nikhil; Balzano, Laura; Willett, Rebecca; Nowak, Robert
2017On l-torsion in class groups of number fieldsEllenberg, Jordan; Pierce, Lillian; Wood, Melanie
2017Online learning for changing environments using coin bettingJun, Kwang-Sung; Orabona, Francesco; Wright, Stephen; Willett, Rebecca
2017Online thinning for high volume streaming dataHunt, Xin J; Willett, Rebecca
2017Paris after Trump: an inconvenient insightBöhringer, Christoph; Rutherford, Thomas F.
2017Particle tracking acceleration via signed distance fields in DAGMCShriwise, Patrick C; Davis, Andrew; Jacobson, Lucas J; Wilson, Paul PH
2017Physiological responses and gene co-expression network of mycorrhizal roots under K+ deprivationGarcia, Kevin; Chasman, Deborah; Roy, Sushmita; Ané, Jean-Michel
2017PKM2 methylation by CARM1 activates aerobic glycolysis to promote tumorigenesisLiu, Fabao; Ma, Fengfei; Wang, Yuyuan; Hao, Ling; Zeng, Hao; Jia, Chenxi; Wang, Yidan; Liu, Peng; Ong, Irene M; Li, Baobin; others
2017Post-crosslinkable biodegradable thermoplastic polyurethanes: synthesis, and thermal, mechanical, and degradation propertiesMi, Hao-Yang; Jing, Xin; Hagerty, Breanna S; Chen, Guojun; Huang, An; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Preliminary exploration: perceived egocentric distance measures in room-scale spaces using consumer-grade head mounted displaysPeer, Alex; Ponto, Kevin
2017Profiling metabolic flux modes by enzyme cost reveals variable trade-offs between growth and yield in Escherichia coli.Wortel, Meike T; Noor, Elad; Ferris, Michael; Bruggeman, Frank J; Liebermeister, Wolfram
2017Quadratic cone cutting surfaces for quadratic programs with on--off constraintsJeon, Hyemin; Linderoth, Jeff; Miller, Andrew
2017Quantitative profiling of innate immune activation by viral infection in single cellsTimm, Andrea C; Warrick, Jay; Yin, John
2017Quantum-dot-based theranostic micelles conjugated with an anti-EGFR nanobody for triple-negative breast cancer therapyWang, Yuyuan; Wang, Yidan; Chen, Guojun; Li, Yitong; Xu, Wei; Gong, Shaoqin
2017Quasi-static compression and low-velocity impact behavior of tri-axial bio-composite structural panels using a spherical headLi, Jinghao; Hunt, John F; Gong, Shaoqin; Cai, Zhiyong
2017Rational points on solvable curves over Q via non-abelian ChabautyEllenberg, Jordan S; Hast, Daniel Rayor
2017Rayleigh quotient iteration with a multigrid in energy preconditioner for massively parallel neutron transportSlaybaugh, RN; Evans, TM; Davidson, GG; Wilson, PPH
2017Reducing thumb extensor risk in laboratory rat gavageNimunkar, Amit J; San Chun, Keum; Phung, Ngoc; Wreksoatmodjo, Kevin; Yen, Thomas Y; Radwin, Robert G
2017Regulation of histone methylation via methionine metabolismHaws, Spencer A; Denu, John M
2017Rheo-dielectric effects in three types of dark chocolate with different compositionsPeng, YY; Chen, X; Wang, XC; Wang, N; Li, HM; Turng, L-S; Wang, Q
2017Robust convergence analysis of distributed optimization algorithmsSundararajan, Akhil; Hu, Bin; Lessard, Laurent
2017Role of acyl-CoA short chain synthetase 2 and acetyl-CoA in regulation of chromatin modifications and gene expressionLindahl, Anastasia J; Moffett, John R; Krishnan, Jishnu KS; Appu, Abhilash; Puthillathu, Narayanan V; Krautkramer, Kimberly; Dowell, James A; Namboodiri, Aryan MA; Denu, John M
2017Scalable generalized linear bandits: online computation and hashingJun, Kwang-Sung; Bhargava, Aniruddha; Nowak, Robert; Willett, Rebecca
2017Seasonal changes in color preferences are linked to variations in environmental colors: a longitudinal study of fallSchloss, Karen B; Heck, Isobel A
2017Selective localization of graphene oxide in electrospun polylactic acid/poly (ε-caprolactone) blended nanofibersWang, Xiaofeng; Gao, Yanhong; Li, Xuyan; Xu, Yiyang; Jiang, Jing; Hou, Jianhua; Li, Qian; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Sirtuin 3-and diet-mediated regulation of mitochondrial function during agingDhillon, Rashpal S; van Ginkel, Paul R; Fu, Vivian; Prolla, Tomas A; Denu, John M
2017Solving stochastic dynamic programming problems: a mixed complementarity approachChang, Wonjun; Rutherford, Thomas F
2017Sparse tableau formulation for optimal power flow applicationsPark, Byungkwon; Netha, Jayanth; Ferris, Michael C; DeMarco, Christopher L
2017Structural and mechanistic insights into ATRX-dependent and-independent functions of the histone chaperone DAXXHoelper, Dominik; Huang, Hongda; Jain, Aayushi Y; Patel, Dinshaw J; Lewis, Peter W
2017Sub-critical gas-assisted processing using CO 2 foaming to enhance the exfoliation of graphene in polypropylene+ graphene nanocompositesEllingham, Thomas; Duddleston, Lukas; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2017Subspace clustering via tangent conesJalali, Amin; Willett, Rebecca
2017Subspace clustering with missing and corrupted dataCharles, Zachary; Jalali, Amin; Willett, Rebecca
2017TFG facilitates outer coat disassembly on COPII transport carriers to promote tethering and fusion with ER--Golgi intermediate compartmentsHanna, Michael G; Block, Samuel; Frankel, EB; Hou, Feng; Johnson, Adam; Yuan, Lin; Knight, Gavin; Moresco, James J; Yates, John R; Ashton, Randolph; others
2017Totally unimodular congestion gamesDel Pia, Alberto; Ferris, Michael; Michini, Carla
2017Triaxial compressive strain in bilayer graphene enabled by nitride stressor layerMikael, Solomon; Seo, Jung-Hun; Park, Dong-Wook; Kim, Munho; Mi, Hongyi; Javadi, Alireza; Gong, Shaoqin; Ma, Zhenqiang
2017Tumor-targeted pH/redox dual-sensitive unimolecular nanoparticles for efficient siRNA deliveryChen, Guojun; Wang, Yuyuan; Xie, Ruosen; Gong, Shaoqin
2017Two-stage linear decision rules for multi-stage stochastic programmingBodur, Merve; Luedtke, James
2017Uni-CAVE: a Unity3D plugin for non-head mounted VR display systemsTredinnick, Ross; Boettcher, Brady; Smith, Simon; Solovy, Sam; Ponto, Kevin
2017Unimolecular micelle-based hybrid system for perivascular drug delivery produces long-term efficacy for neointima attenuation in ratsChen, Guojun; Shi, Xudong; Wang, Bowen; Xie, Ruosen; Guo, Lian-Wang; Gong, Shaoqin; Kent, K Craig
2017US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement: economic implications of carbon-tariff conflictsBöhringer, Christoph; Rutherford, Thomas F
2017Using comparative biology to understand how aging affects mitochondrial metabolismDhillon, Rashpal S; Denu, John M
2017Using neural networks to detect line outages from PMU dataLee, Ching-pei; Wright, Stephen J
2017Viscoelastic relaxation of HEMA-DMAEMA responsive hydrogelsBenjamin, Chandler C; Lakes, Roderic S; Crone, Wendy C
2017Visualizing stressful aspects of repetitive motion tasks and opportunities for ergonomic improvements using computer visionGreene, Runyu L; Azari, David P; Hu, Yu Hen; Radwin, Robert G