2012 Publications

2012 publications from our faculty and fellows during their time at WID are listed below. Please see each publication for additional information.

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201210 activity theory in the learning technologiesDeVane, Benjamin; Squire, Kurt D
20122 designed culturesSquire, Kurt
20126.047/6.878 lecture 18 regulatory networks: inference, analysis, applicationRoy, Sushmita; Feizi, Soheil
2012A classification of errors in lay comprehension of medical documentsKeselman, Alla; Smith, Catherine Arnott
2012A cross case analysis of two out-of-school programs based on virtual worldsSteinkuehler, Constance; Alagoz, Esra; King, Elizabeth; Martin, Crystle
2012A new microcellular injection molding process for polycarbonate using water as the physical blowing agentPeng, Jun; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Peng, Xiang-Fang
2012A quantitative comet infection assay for influenza virusLindsay, Stephen M; Timm, Andrea; Yin, John
2012A theory-based online hip fracture resource center for caregivers: effects on dyadsNahm, Eun-Shim; Resnick, Barbara; Orwig, Denise; Magaziner, Jay; Bellantoni, Michelle; Sterling, Robert; Brennan, Patricia F
2012Accelerated block-coordinate relaxation for regularized optimizationWright, Stephen J
2012Adaptive sensing for sparse signal recoveryHaupt, Jarvis; Nowak, Robert
2012Algorithms and software for convex mixed integer nonlinear programsBonami, Pierre; Kilinç, Mustafa; Linderoth, Jeff
2012Algorithms for sparse optimization and machine learningWright, Stephen
2012Alterations in cerebrospinal fluid proteins in a presymptomatic primary glioma modelGonçalves, Joana P; Francisco, Alexandre P; Moreau, Yves; Madeira, Sara C; Recht, Benjamin
2012Amplifications of learning: use of mobile media devices among youthSquire, Kurt; Dikkers, Seann
2012Arithmetic Veech sublattices of SL(2,Z)Ellenberg, Jordan S; McReynolds, DB
2012Artificial neural network--based supercritical fluid dosage control for microcellular injection moldingSun, Xiaofei; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Dougherty, Eugene; Gorton, Patrick
2012Astrocytes regulate adult hippocampal neurogenesis through ephrin-B signalingAshton, Randolph S; Conway, Anthony; Pangarkar, Chinmay; Bergen, Jamie; Lim, Kwang-Il; Shah, Priya; Bissell, Mina; Schaffer, David V
2012Big data versus the crowd: looking for relationships in all the right placesZhang, Ce; Niu, Feng; Ré, Christopher; Shavlik, Jude
2012Bivalent recognition of a single nucleosome by the tandem PHD fingers of CHD4 is required for CHD4-mediated repressionMusselman, Catherine A; Ramirez, Julita; Sims, Jennifer K; Mansfield, Robyn E; Oliver, Samuel S; Denu, John M; Mackay, Joel P; Wade, Paul A; Hagman, James; Kutateladze, Tatiana G
2012Bivalent recognition of nucleosomes by the tandem PHD fingers of the CHD4 ATPase is required for CHD4-mediated repressionMusselman, Catherine A; Ramìrez, Julita; Sims, Jennifer K; Mansfield, Robyn E; Oliver, Samuel S; Denu, John M; Mackay, Joel P; Wade, Paul A; Hagman, James; Kutateladze, Tatiana G
2012Building an entity-centric stream filtering test collection for TREC 2012Frank, John R; Kleiman-Weiner, Max; Roberts, Daniel A; Niu, Feng; Zhang, Ce; Ré, Christopher; Soboroff, Ian
2012Characterization of the interfacial adhesion for responsive hydrogels on substratesBenjamin, Chandler; Springmann, John; Chindhy, Shahzad; Crone, Wendy
2012Characterizing patient care in hospital emergency departmentsOzkaynak, Mustafa; Brennan, Patricia Flatley
2012Chemically modified graphene/P (VDF-TrFE-CFE) electroactive polymer nanocomposites with superior electromechanical performanceJavadi, Alireza; Xiao, Yuling; Xu, Wenjin; Gong, Shaoqin
2012Co-delivery of doxorubicin and siRNA using octreotide-conjugated gold nanorods for targeted neuroendocrine cancer therapyXiao, Yuling; Jaskula-Sztul, Renata; Javadi, Alireza; Xu, Wenjin; Eide, Jacob; Dammalapati, Ajitha; Kunnimalaiyaan, Muthusamy; Chen, Herbert; Gong, Shaoqin
2012Combinatorics of cis-regulatory element evolution in stress response modules of ascomycete yeastsGarcìa-González, Aurian; Roy, Sushmita; Konieczka, Jay; Thompson, Dawn; Regev, Aviv
2012Comparisons of microcellular polylactic acid parts injection molded with supercritical nitrogen and expandable thermoplastic microspheres: Surface roughness, tensile properties, and morphologyPeng, Jun; Srithep, Yottha; Wang, Jian; Yu, Emily; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Peng, Xiang-Fang
2012Computerized decision support system and decision quality of nursesFonseca, Lìgia Fahl; Brennan, Patrìcia Flatley
2012Correlated Gaussian designs for compressive imagingRao, Nikhil S; Nowak, Robert D
2012DeepDive: web-scale knowledge-base construction using statistical learning and inference.Niu, Feng; Zhang, Ce; Ré, Christopher; Shavlik, Jude W
2012Deformation and fracture of polymer/metal composites subjected to cold rollingCalcagno, BO; Hart, KR; Springmann, JC; Antoun, GG; Crone, WC
2012Designing consumer health IT to enhance usability among different racial and ethnic groups within the United StatesValdez, Rupa S; Gibbons, M Chris; Siegel, Elliot R; Kukafka, Rita; Brennan, Patricia Flatley
2012Dynamics and processing in finite self-similar networksDeDeo, Simon; Krakauer, David C
2012Effect of material parameters on mechanical properties of biodegradable polymers/nanofibrillated cellulose (NFC) nano compositesSrithep, Yottha; Sabo, Ronald; Clemons, Craig; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Pilla, Srikanth; Peng, Jun
2012Effective replays and summarization of virtual experiencesPonto, Kevin; Kohlmann, Joe; Gleicher, Michael
2012Effects of pressure and supercritical fluid on melt viscosity of LDPE in conventional and microcellular injection moldingHsu, C-L; Turng, L-S; Osswald, TA; Rudolph, N; Dougherty, E; Gorton, P
2012Effects of substrate mechanics on contractility of cardiomyocytes generated from human pluripotent stem cellsHazeltine, Laurie B; Simmons, Chelsey S; Salick, Max R; Lian, Xiaojun; Badur, Mehmet G; Han, Wenqing; Delgado, Stephanie M; Wakatsuki, Tetsuro; Crone, Wendy C; Pruitt, Beth L; others
2012Efficiency and equity implications of alternative instruments to reduce carbon leakageBöhringer, Christoph; Carbone, Jared C; Rutherford, Thomas F
2012Efficient network tomography for internet topology discoveryEriksson, Brian; Dasarathy, Gautam; Barford, Paul; Nowak, Robert
2012Elementary: large-scale knowledge-base construction via machine learning and statistical inferenceNiu, Feng; Zhang, Ce; Ré, Christopher; Shavlik, Jude
2012Envisioning the future of home care: applications of immersive virtual reality.Brennan, Patricia Flatley; Smith, C Arnott; Ponto, Kevin; Radwin, Robert; Kreutz, Kendra
2012Evolution and the mechanisms of decision makingFlack, Jessica; Krakauer, David; Hammerstein, Peter
2012Expander graphs, gonality, and variation of Galois representationsEllenberg, Jordan S; Hall, Chris; Kowalski, Emmanuel; others
2012Extended mathematical programming: competition and stochasticityFerris, Michael C
2012Fabrication and characterization of injection molded poly (ε-caprolactone) and poly (ε-caprolactone)/hydroxyapatite scaffolds for tissue engineeringCui, Zhixiang; Nelson, Brenton; Peng, YiYan; Li, Ke; Pilla, Srikanth; Li, Wan-Ju; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Shen, Changyu
2012Fabrication of tissue engineering scaf-foldsKramschuster, Adam; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2012Factoring nonnegative matrices with linear programsRecht, Ben; Re, Christopher; Tropp, Joel; Bittorf, Victor
2012Fortifying the link between SIRT1, resveratrol, and mitochondrial functionDenu, John M
2012Games, learning, and society: learning and meaning in the digital ageBarab, Sasha; Squire, Kurt; Steinkuehler, Constance
2012General and environmental health as the context for science educationKeselman, Alla; Hundal, Savreen; Smith, Catherine Arnott
2012Gold nanorods conjugated with doxorubicin and cRGD for combined anticancer drug delivery and PET imagingXiao, Yuling; Hong, Hao; Matson, Vyara Z; Javadi, Alireza; Xu, Wenjin; Yang, Yunan; Zhang, Yin; Engle, Jonathan W; Nickles, Robert J; Cai, Weibo; others
2012Green jobs and renewable electricity policies: employment impacts of Ontario's feed-in tariffBöhringer, Christoph; Rivers, Nicholas J; Rutherford, Thomas F; Wigle, Randall
2012Guiding the design of evaluations of innovations in health informatics: a framework and a case study of the SMArt SHARP evaluationRamly, Edmond; Brennan, Patricia Flatley
2012GUSS: solving collections of data related models within GAMSBussieck, Michael R; Ferris, Michael C; Lohmann, Timo
2012High throughput strategy to identify inhibitors of histone-binding domainsWagner, Elise K; Albaugh, Brittany N; Denu, John M
2012High-rank matrix completionEriksson, Brian; Balzano, Laura; Nowak, Robert
2012Holonomic analysis of quasibrittle fracture with nonlinear softeningTin-Loi, F; Ferris, MC
2012How evolutionary systems biology will help understand adaptive landscapes and distributions of mutational effectsLoewe, Laurence
2012Identification and characterization of small molecule inhibitors of a plant homeodomain fingerWagner, Elise K; Nath, Nidhi; Flemming, Rod; Feltenberger, John B; Denu, John M
2012Identification and characterization of small molecules that inhibit binding of the third plant homeodomain finger of JARID1A to histone H3Wagner, Elise Katherine; Flemming, Rod; Nath, Nidhi; Denu, John
2012Introduction to the EMF 29 special issue on the role of border carbon adjustment in unilateral climate policyBöhringer, Christoph; Rutherford, Thomas F; Balistreri, Edward J; Weyant, John
2012IPP special issue on "Advanced Molding and Materials Processing Technology"Chen, Shia-Chung; Lee, L James; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2012Kinetics of virus production from single cellsTimm, Andrea; Yin, John
2012K-subspaces with missing dataBalzano, Laura; Szlam, Arthur; Recht, Benjamin; Nowak, Robert
2012Learning from FukushimaPfotenhauer, Sebastian M; Jones, Christopher F; Saha, Krishanu; Jasanoff, Sheila
2012Linear system identification via atomic norm regularizationShah, Parikshit; Bhaskar, Badri Narayan; Tang, Gongguo; Recht, Benjamin
2012Manifold identification in dual averaging for regularized stochastic online learningLee, Sangkyun; Wright, Stephen J
2012Measuring the stiffness of bacterial cells from growth rates in hydrogels of tunable elasticityTuson, Hannah H; Auer, George K; Renner, Lars D; Hasebe, Mariko; Tropini, Carolina; Salick, Max; Crone, Wendy C; Gopinathan, Ajay; Huang, Kerwyn Casey; Weibel, Douglas B
2012Mental workload during brain--computer interface trainingFelton, Elizabeth A; Williams, Justin C; Vanderheiden, Gregg C; Radwin, Robert G
2012Microbial interaction networks in soil and in silicoVetsigian, Kalin
2012Minimax-optimal bounds for detectors based on estimated prior probabilitiesJiao, Jiantao; Zhang, Lin; Nowak, Robert D
2012Minireview series on sirtuins: from biochemistry to health and diseaseDenu, John M; Gottesfeld, Joel M
2012Molecular characterization of multivalent bioconjugates by size-exclusion chromatography with multiangle laser light scatteringPollock, Jacob F; Ashton, Randolph S; Rode, Nikhil A; Schaffer, David V; Healy, Kevin E
2012Morphology and properties of porous and interconnected poly (ε-caprolactone) matrices using solid and microcellular injection moldingCui, Zhixiang; Zhao, Haibin; Peng, Yiyan; Kaland, Michael; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Shen, Changyu
2012Multifunctional gold nanorods for targeted drug delivery to carcinoidsJaskula-Sztul, R; Xiao, Y; Javadi, A; Eide, J; Xu, W; Kunnimalaiyaan, M; Gong, S; Chen, H
2012Multifunctional unimolecular micelles for cancer-targeted drug delivery and positron emission tomography imagingXiao, Yuling; Hong, Hao; Javadi, Alireza; Engle, Jonathan W; Xu, Wenjin; Yang, Yunan; Zhang, Yin; Barnhart, Todd E; Cai, Weibo; Gong, Shaoqin
2012Multifunctional unimolecular micelles for image-guided drug delivery in cancerHong, Hao; Xiao, Yuling; Zhang, Yin; Javadia, Alireza; Engle, Jonathan; Xu, Wenjin; Yang, Yunan; Barnhart, Todd; Gong, Shaoqin; Cai, Weibo
2012Multiple time-scales and the developmental dynamics of social systemsFlack, Jessica C
2012Multivalent recognition of histone tails by the PHD fingers of CHD5Oliver, Samuel S; Musselman, Catherine A; Srinivasan, Rajini; Svaren, John P; Kutateladze, Tatiana G; Denu, John M
2012Nanofibrillated cellulose (NFC) reinforced polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) nanocomposites: properties, solubility of carbon dioxide, and foamingSrithep, Yottha; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Sabo, Ronald; Clemons, Craig
2012Near-optimal compressive binary searchMalloy, Matthew L; Nowak, Robert D
2012Observations of daily living: putting the "personal" in personal health recordsBackonja, Uba; Kim, Katherine; Casper, Gail R; Patton, Timothy; Ramly, Edmond; Brennan, Patricia Flatley
2012Online real-time presentation of virtual experiences for external viewersPonto, Kevin; Shin, Hyun Joon; Kohlmann, Joe; Gleicher, Michael
2012Optimizing financial effects of HIE: a multi-party linear programming approachSridhar, Srikrishna; Brennan, Patricia Flatley; Wright, Stephen J; Robinson, Stephen M
2012Optimizing statistical information extraction programs over evolving textChen, Fei; Feng, Xixuan; Re, Christopher; Wang, Min
2012Overview of large scale optimization for discriminative training in speech recognitionKanevsky, Dimitri; Heigold, Georg; Wright, Stephen; Ney, Hermann
2012Perspective reformulation and applicationsGünlük, Oktay; Linderoth, Jeff
2012Posit: a lightweight approach for IP geolocationEriksson, Brian; Barford, Paul; Maggs, Bruce; Nowak, Robert
2012Predictive regulatory models in Drosophila melanogaster by integrative inference of transcriptional networksMarbach, Daniel; Roy, Sushmita; Ay, Ferhat; Meyer, Patrick E; Candeias, Rogerio; Kahveci, Tamer; Bristow, Christopher A; Kellis, Manolis
2012Predictive regulatory models in of transcriptional networksMarbach, Daniel; Roy, Sushmita; Ay, Ferhat; Meyer, PE; Candeias, R; Kahveci, T; Bristow, CA; Kellis, M
2012Processing of poly (hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate)-based bionanocomposite foams using supercritical fluidsJavadi, Alireza; Srithep, Yottha; Clemons, Craig C; Turng, LS; Gong, Shaoqin
2012Quantitative genome re-sequencing defines multiple mutations conferring chloroquine resistance in rodent malariaModrzynska, Katarzyna Kinga; Creasey, Alison; Loewe, Laurence; Cezard, Timothee; Borges, Sofia Trindade; Martinelli, Axel; Rodrigues, Louise; Cravo, Pedro; Blaxter, Mark; Carter, Richard; others
2012Quantitative patterns of stylistic influence in the evolution of literatureHughes, James M; Foti, Nicholas J; Krakauer, David C; Rockmore, Daniel N
2012Query complexity of derivative-free optimizationJamieson, Kevin G; Nowak, Robert D; Recht, Benjamin
2012Quickest search for a rare distributionMalloy, Matthew L; Tang, Gongguo; Nowak, Robert D
2012Random pro-p groups, braid groups, and random tame Galois groupsBoston, Nigel; Ellenberg, Jordan S
2012Recombination modulates how selection affects linked sites in DrosophilaMcGaugh, Suzanne E; Heil, Caiti SS; Manzano-Winkler, Brenda; Loewe, Laurence; Goldstein, Steve; Himmel, Tiffany L; Noor, Mohamed AF
2012Regulation of glycolytic enzyme phosphoglycerate mutase-1 by Sirt1 protein-mediated deacetylationHallows, William C; Yu, Wei; Denu, John M
2012Relaxations for production planning problems with increasing by-productsSridhar, Srikrishna; Linderoth, Jeff; Luedtke, James
2012Robust spatio-temporal signal recovery from noisy counts in social mediaXu, Jun-Ming; Bhargava, Aniruddha; Nowak, Robert; Zhu, Xiaojin
2012Role playing games for scientific citizenshipGaydos, Matthew J; Squire, Kurt D
2012Scaling inference for Markov logic via dual decompositionNiu, Feng; Zhang, Ce; Re, Christopher; Shavlik, Jude
2012Security analysis of smartphone point-of-sale systems.Frisby, WesLee; Moench, Benjamin; Recht, Benjamin; Ristenpart, Thomas
2012Sequential testing for sparse recoveryMalloy, Matthew L; Nowak, Robert
2012Sequentially designed compressed sensingHaupt, Jarvis; Baraniuk, Richard; Castro, Rui; Nowak, Robert
2012Service desk calls in a home-based clinical informatics study: supporting end users in the fieldValdez, RS; Burke, LJ; Casper, GR; Sturgeon, BA; Rosmait, C; Palzkill, D; Hamann, D; Murphy, J; Brennan, PF
2012Services liberalisation in the regions of Russia under WTO accession: regional household and poverty effectsRutherford, Thomas F; Tarr, David G
2012Signal recovery in unions of subspaces with applications to compressive imagingRao, Nikhil; Recht, Benjamin; Nowak, Robert
2012SIRT3 protein deacetylates isocitrate dehydrogenase 2 (IDH2) and regulates mitochondrial redox statusYu, Wei; Dittenhafer-Reed, Kristin E; Denu, John M
2012Sirtuin catalysis and regulationFeldman, Jessica L; Dittenhafer-Reed, Kristin E; Denu, John M
2012Socioscope: spatio-temporal signal recovery from social mediaXu, Jun-Ming; Bhargava, Aniruddha; Nowak, Robert D; Zhu, Xiaojin
2012Some results on the strength of relaxations of multilinear functionsLuedtke, James; Namazifar, Mahdi; Linderoth, Jeff
2012Sparse code of conflict in a primate societyDaniels, Bryan C; Krakauer, David C; Flack, Jessica C
2012Staffing call centers with uncertain demand forecasts: a chance-constrained optimization approach Cd: 120Gurvich, Itai; Luedtke, James; Tezcan, Tolga
2012Subglobal carbon policy and the competitive selection of heterogeneous firmsBalistreri, Edward J; Rutherford, Thomas F
2012Technologies for education and technologies for learners: how information technologies are (and should be) changing schoolsHalverson, Rich; Shapiro, B
2012The convex geometry of linear inverse problemsChandrasekaran, Venkat; Recht, Benjamin; Parrilo, Pablo A; Willsky, Alan S
2012The deacetylase Sirt6 activates the acetyltransferase GCN5 and suppresses hepatic gluconeogenesisDominy, John E; Lee, Yoonjin; Jedrychowski, Mark P; Chim, Helen; Jurczak, Michael J; Camporez, Joao Paulo; Ruan, Hai-Bin; Feldman, Jessica; Pierce, Kerry; Mostoslavsky, Raul; others
2012The evolution of human cooperationGintis, Herbert; Doebeli, Michael; Flack, Jessica
2012The MADlib analytics library: or MAD skills, the SQLHellerstein, Joseph M; Ré, Christoper; Schoppmann, Florian; Wang, Daisy Zhe; Fratkin, Eugene; Gorajek, Aleksander; Ng, Kee Siong; Welton, Caleb; Feng, Xixuan; Li, Kun; others
2012The Open Science Grid--support for multi-disciplinary team science--the adolescent yearsBauerdick, Lothar; Ernst, Michael; Fraser, Dan; Livny, Miron; Pordes, Ruth; Sehgal, Chander; Würthwein, Frank
2012The partitioned LASSO-patternsearch algorithm with application to gene expression dataShi, Weiliang; Wahba, Grace; Irizarry, Rafael A; Bravo, Hector Corrada; Wright, Stephen J
2012The role of border carbon adjustment in unilateral climate policy: insights from a model-comparison studyBöhringer, Christoph; Rutherford, Thomas F; Balistreri, Edward J
2012The role of border carbon adjustment in unilateral climate policy: overview of an Energy Modeling Forum study (EMF 29)Böhringer, Christoph; Balistreri, Edward J; Rutherford, Thomas F
2012Toward a noncommutative arithmetic-geometric mean inequality: conjectures, case-studies, and consequences.Recht, Benjamin; Ré, Christopher
2012Towards a unified architecture for in-RDBMS analyticsFeng, Xixuan; Kumar, Arun; Recht, Benjamin; Ré, Christopher
2012Understanding cardinality estimation using entropy maximizationRé, Christopher; Suciu, Dan
2012Understanding persistent homology and Plex using a networking datasetBalzano, Laura; Ellenberg, Jordan S
2012Unilateral climate policy design: efficiency and equity implications of alternative instruments to reduce carbon leakageBöhringer, Christoph; Carbone, Jared C; Rutherford, Thomas F
2012Universal measurement bounds for structured sparse signal recoveryRao, Nikhil; Recht, Ben; Nowak, Robert
2012Virtual Exertions: a user interface combining visual information, kinesthetics and biofeedback for virtual object manipulationPonto, Kevin; Kimmel, Ryan; Kohlmann, Joe; Bartholomew, Aaron; Radwin, Robert G
2012Web 2.0 literacy and secondary teacher educationFahser-Herro, Danielle; Steinkuehler, Constance
2012What counters antibiotic resistance in nature?Chait, Remy; Vetsigian, Kalin; Kishony, Roy
2012Worst-case optimal join algorithmsNgo, Hung Q; Porat, Ely; Ré, Christopher; Rudra, Atri