2011 Publications

2011 publications from our faculty and fellows during their time at WID are listed below. Please see each publication for additional information.

2011A graph structure to encode bound implications in MINLPNannicini, Giacomo; Belotti, Pietro; Lee, Jon; Linderoth, Jeff; Margot, François; Wäcther, Andreas
2011A novel method for improving the surface quality of microcellular injection molded partsLee, Jungjoo; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Dougherty, Eugene; Gorton, Patrick
2011A probing algorithm for MINLP with failure prediction by SVMNannicini, Giacomo; Belotti, Pietro; Lee, Jon; Linderoth, Jeff; Margot, François; Wächter, Andreas
2011A study of the relationship between the rheo-dielectric effect and the elasticity of viscoelastic materialsPeng, Yiyan; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Li, Haimei; Cui, Zhixiang
2011A theory-based problem-solving approach to recruitment challenges in a large randomized field trialKossman, Susan; Hsieh, Yichuan; Peace, Jane; Valdez, Rupa; Severtson, Lori; Burke, Laura; Brennan, Patricia Flatley
2011Active clustering: robust and efficient hierarchical clustering using adaptively selected similaritiesEriksson, Brian; Dasarathy, Gautam; Singh, Aarti; Nowak, Rob
2011Active ranking in practice: general ranking functions with sample complexity boundsJamieson, Kevin G; Nowak, Robert D
2011Active ranking using pairwise comparisons.Jamieson, Kevin G; Nowak, Robert D
2011Aging and the survival of quiescent and non-quiescent cells in yeast stationary-phase culturesWerner-Washburne, M; Roy, Sushmita; Davidson, George S
2011An update on the scalability limits of the condor batch systemBradley, D; St Clair, T; Farrellee, M; Guo, Z; Livny, M; Sfiligoi, I; Tannenbaum, T
2011Approximate stochastic subgradient estimation training for support vector machinesLee, Sangkyun; Wright, Stephen J
2011Autoacetylation of the histone acetyltransferase Rtt109Albaugh, Brittany N; Arnold, Kevin M; Lee, Susan; Denu, John M
2011Automated video exposure assessment of repetitive motionRadwin, Robert G
2011Automatic optimization for MapReduce programsJahani, Eaman; Cafarella, Michael J; Ré, Christopher
2011Biobased and biodegradable PHBV-based polymer blends and biocomposites: properties and applicationsJavadi, Alireza; Pilla, Srikanth; Gong, Shaoqin; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2011Catalysis and mechanistic insights into sirtuin activationDittenhafer-Reed, Kristin E; Feldman, Jessica L; Denu, John M
2011Causal network inference via group sparse regularizationBolstad, Andrew; Van Veen, Barry D; Nowak, Robert
2011CGLXTouch: a multi-user multi-touch approach for ultra-high-resolution collaborative workspacesPonto, Kevin; Doerr, Kai; Wypych, Tom; Kooker, John; Kuester, Falko
2011Collaborative visual analytics environment for imaging geneticsHe, Zhiyu; Ponto, Kevin; Kuester, Falko
2011Conditions under which suboptimal nonlinear MPC is inherently robustPannocchia, Gabriele; Rawlings, James B; Wright, Stephen J
2011Congestion analysis for global routing via integer programmingShojaei, Hamid; Davoodi, Azadeh; Linderoth, Jeffrey T
2011Convex approaches to model wavelet sparsity patternsRao, Nikhil S; Nowak, Robert D; Wright, Stephen J; Kingsbury, Nick G
2011Cooperative distributed model predictive control for nonlinear systemsStewart, Brett T; Wright, Stephen J; Rawlings, James B
2011Coupled optimization models for planning and operation of power systems on multiple scalesFerris, Michael C
2011cRGD-functionalized, DOX-conjugated, and 64Cu-labeled superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for targeted anticancer drug delivery and PET/MR imagingYang, Xiaoqiang; Hong, Hao; Grailer, Jamison J; Rowland, Ian J; Javadi, Alireza; Hurley, Samuel A; Xiao, Yuling; Yang, Yunan; Zhang, Yin; Nickles, Robert J; others
2011Deterministic pilot sequences for sparse channel estimation in OFDM systemsApplebaum, Lorne; Bajwa, Waheed U; Calderbank, A Robert; Haupt, Jarvis; Nowak, Robert
2011Dimensionality reduction: beyond the Johnson-Lindenstrauss boundBartal, Yair; Recht, Ben; Schulman, Leonard J
2011Disrupting the reader of histone languageOliver, Samuel S; Denu, John M
2011Distilled sensing: adaptive sampling for sparse detection and estimationHaupt, Jarvis; Castro, Rui M; Nowak, Robert
2011DomainImpute: inferring unseen components in the InternetEriksson, Brian; Barford, Paul; Sommers, Joel; Nowak, Robert
2011Dynamic interplay between histone H3 modifications and protein interpreters: emerging evidence for a ôhistone languageöOliver, Samuel S; Denu, John M
2011Dynamic rheological behavior and morphology of polylactide/poly (butylenes adipate-co-terephthalate) blends with various composition ratiosLi, Ke; Peng, Jun; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Huang, Han-Xiong
2011Effects of nanoclay on the morphology and physical properties of solid and microcellular injection molded polyactide/poly (butylenes adipate-co-terephthalate)(PLA/PBAT) nanocomposites and blendsLi, Ke; Cui, Zhixiang; Sun, Xiaofei; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Huang, Hanxiong
2011Empirical comparison of full-waveform lidar algorithmsParrish, Christopher E; Jeong, Inseong; Nowak, Robert D; Smith, R Brent
2011Felix: scaling inference for markov logic with an operator-based approachNiu, Feng; Zhang, Ce; Ré, Christopher; Shavlik, Jude
2011Felix: scaling up global statistical information extraction using an operator-based approachNiu, Feng; Zhang, Ce; Ré, Christopher; Shavlik, Jude
2011Fracture behavior and optical properties of melt compounded semi-transparent polycarbonate (PC)/alumina nanocompositesChandra, Alexander; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Li, Ke; Huang, Han-Xiong
2011Games and simulations in distance learning: the AIDLET modelBidarra, José; Rothschild, Meagan; Squire, Kurt
2011Games for participatory science: a paradigm for game-based learning for promoting science literacy.Shapiro, R Benjamin; Squire, Kurt D
2011Games+ Learning+ Society (GLS) Conference 7.0Steinkuehler, Constance; Martin, Crystle; Ochsner, Amanda
2011Gdxmrw: interfacing gams and matlabFerris, Michael C; Jain, Rishabh; Dirkse, Steven
2011GRIP: global routing via integer programmingWu, Tai-Hsuan; Davoodi, Azadeh; Linderoth, Jeffrey T
2011Handling missing and corrupted data in high-dimensional inferenceBalzano, Laura; Nowak, Robert D
2011Hogwild: a lock-free approach to parallelizing stochastic gradient descentRecht, Benjamin; Re, Christopher; Wright, Stephen; Niu, Feng
2011Hydrolysis of O-acetyl-ADP-ribose isomers by ADP-ribosylhydrolase 3Kasamatsu, Atsushi; Nakao, Motoyuki; Smith, Brian C; Comstock, Lindsay R; Ono, Tohru; Kato, Jiro; Denu, John M; Moss, Joel
2011Identification of macrodomain proteins as novel O-acetyl-ADP-ribose deacetylasesChen, Dawei; Vollmar, Melanie; Rossi, Marianna N; Phillips, Claire; Kraehenbuehl, Rolf; Slade, Dea; Mehrotra, Pawan V; von Delft, Frank; Crosthwaite, Susan K; Gileadi, Opher; others
2011Identifying activityLewis, Adrian S; Wright, Stephen J
2011Incrementally maintaining classification using an RDBMSKoc, M Levent; Ré, Christopher
2011Inferring unseen components of the internet coreEriksson, Brian; Barford, Paul; Sommers, Joel; Nowak, Robert
2011Information literacy and online reading comprehension: two interconnected practicesMartin, Crystle; Steinkuehler, Constance
2011Inherently robust suboptimal nonlinear MPC: theory and applicationPannocchia, Gabriele; Rawlings, James B; Wright, Stephen J
2011Interactive image fusion in distributed visualization environmentsYamaoka, So; Ponto, Kevin; Doerr, K-U; Kuester, Falko
2011Introduction to the issue on adaptive sparse representation of data and applications in signal and image processingStarck, J-L; Fadili, Jalal; Elad, Michael; Nowak, Robert; Tsakalides, Panagiotis
2011IPP special issue on "Injection Molding and Molds"Titomanlio, Giuseppe; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Ito, Hiroshi; Vincent, Michel
2011Is suboptimal nonlinear MPC inherently robust?Pannocchia, Gabriele; Rawlings, James B; Wright, Stephen J
2011KAT (ching) metabolism by the tail: insight into the links between lysine acetyltransferases and metabolismAlbaugh, Brittany N; Arnold, Kevin M; Denu, John M
2011Let me know when she stops talking: using games for learning without colonizing playSteinkuehler, Constance; King, Elizabeth; Alagoz, Esra; Anton, Gabriella; Chu, Sarah; Elmergreen, Jonathan; Fahser-Herro, Danielle; Harris, Shannon; Martin, Crystle; Ochsner, Amanda; others
2011Low-dimensional embedding using adaptively selected ordinal dataJamieson, Kevin G; Nowak, Robert D
2011Mechanical Interactions of Mouse Mammary Gland Cells with a Three-Dimensional Matrix ConstructLopez-Garcia, M d C; Beebe, DJ; Crone, WC
2011Mediator coordinates PIC assembly with recruitment of CHD1Lin, Justin J; Lehmann, Lynn W; Bonora, Giancarlo; Sridharan, Rupa; Vashisht, Ajay A; Tran, Nancy; Plath, Kathrin; Wohlschlegel, James A; Carey, Michael
2011Microcellular poly (hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate)-hyperbranched polymer--nanoclay nanocompositesJavadi, Alireza; Srithep, Yottha; Pilla, Srikanth; Clemons, Craig C; Gong, Shaoqin; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2011Mixed methods to study games and learningSteinkuehler, Constance; King, Elizabeth; Martin, Crystle; Oh, Yoonsin; Chu, Sarah; Williams, Caroline; Ochsner, Amanda; Harris, Shannon; Owen, V Elizabeth; Anton, Gabriella; others
2011Novel foam injection molding technology using carbon dioxide-laden pelletsLee, Jungjoo; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Dougherty, Eugene; Gorton, Patrick
2011Nucleation catalysis in aluminum alloy A356 using nanoscale inoculantsDe Cicco, Michael P; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Li, Xiaochun; Perepezko, John H
2011Nucleation catalysis potency of ceramic nanoparticles in aluminum matrix nanocompositesDe Cicco, Michael P; Perepezko, John H; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Li, Xiaochun
2011On the limits of sequential testing in high dimensionsMalloy, Matt; Nowak, Robert
2011On the success of network inference using a markov routing modelBalzano, Laura; Nowak, Robert; Roughan, Matthew
2011Online research in older adults: lessons learned from conducting an online randomized controlled trialNahm, Eun-Shim; Bausell, Barker; Resnick, Barbara; Covington, Barbara; Brennan, Patricia F; Mathews, Rekha; Park, Joon Ho
2011Optimal response to attacks on the open science gridAltunay, Mine; Leyffer, Sven; Linderoth, Jeffrey T; Xie, Zhen
2011Optimization under nonconvexity and uncertainty: algorithms and softwareLinderoth, Jeff
2011Orbital branchingOstrowski, James; Linderoth, Jeff; Rossi, Fabrizio; Smriglio, Stefano
2011Orphan macrodomain protein (human C6orf130) is an O-Acyl-ADP-ribose deacylase solution structure and catalytic propertiesPeterson, Francis C; Chen, Dawei; Lytle, Betsy L; Rossi, Marianna N; Ahel, Ivan; Denu, John M; Volkman, Brian F
2011Partial enumeration MPC: robust stability results and application to an unstable CSTRPannocchia, Gabriele; Wright, Stephen J; Rawlings, James B
2011Plant homeodomain (PHD) fingers of CHD4 are histone H3-binding modules with preference for unmodified H3K4 and methylated H3K9Mansfield, Robyn E; Musselman, Catherine A; Kwan, Ann H; Oliver, Samuel S; Garske, Adam L; Davrazou, Foteini; Denu, John M; Kutateladze, Tatiana G; Mackay, Joel P
2011Polymer Blends and Biocomposites: Properties and ApplicationsIavadim, Alireza; Pilla, Srikanth; Gong, Shaoqin; Turng, Lih-Sheng
2011Polyurethane/dermatan sulfate copolymers as hemocompatible, non-biofouling materialsXu, Fangmin; Flanagan, Claire E; Ruiz, Amaliris; Crone, Wendy C; Masters, Kristyn S
2011Posit: an adaptive framework for lightweight ip geolocationEriksson, Brian; Barford, Paul; Maggs, Bruce; Nowak, Robert
2011Probabilistic databasesSuciu, Dan; Olteanu, Dan; Ré, Christopher; Koch, Christoph
2011Probabilistic management of OCR data using an RDBMSKumar, Arun; Ré, Christopher
2011Probability of unique integer solution to a system of linear equationsMangasarian, Olvi L; Recht, Benjamin
2011Processing and characterization of recycled poly (ethylene terephthalate) blends with chain extenders, thermoplastic elastomer, and/or poly (butylene adipate-co-terephthalate)Srithep, Yottha; Javadi, Alireza; Pilla, Srikanth; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Gong, Shaoqin; Clemons, Craig; Peng, Jun
2011Processing mechanism and substrate selectivity of the core NuA4 histone acetyltransferase complexArnold, Kevin M; Lee, Susan; Denu, John M
2011Queries and materialized views on probabilistic databasesDalvi, Nilesh; Re, Christopher; Suciu, Dan
2011Scaling inference for Markov Logic with a task-decomposition approachNiu, Feng; Zhang, Ce; Ré, Christopher; Shavlik, Jude
2011Searching for the fun in learningGames, Alex; Squire, Kurt D
2011Sensitive electrochemical immunosensor for the detection of cancer biomarker using quantum dot functionalized graphene sheets as labelsYang, Minghui; Javadi, Alireza; Gong, Shaoqin
2011Sequential analysis in high-dimensional multiple testing and sparse recoveryMalloy, Matthew; Nowak, Robert
2011Sirt3 promotes the urea cycle and fatty acid oxidation during dietary restrictionHallows, William C; Yu, Wei; Smith, Brian C; Devires, Mark K; Ellinger, James J; Someya, Shinichi; Shortreed, Michael R; Prolla, Tomas; Markley, John L; Smith, Lloyd M; others
2011Solving large Steiner triple covering problemsOstrowski, James; Linderoth, Jeff; Rossi, Fabrizio; Smriglio, Stefano
2011Sparse optimizationWright, Stephen J
2011Störung von histon-ablesernOliver, Samuel S; Denu, John M
2011Strong branching inequalities for convex mixed integer nonlinear programsKılınç, Mustafa; Linderoth, Jeff; Luedtke, James; Miller, Andrew
2011Structural and kinetic isotope effect studies of nicotinamidase (Pnc1) from Saccharomyces cerevisiaeSmith, Brian C; Anderson, Mark A; Hoadley, Kelly A; Keck, James L; Cleland, W Wallace; Denu, John M
2011Structure and biochemical functions of SIRT6Pan, Patricia W; Feldman, Jessica L; Devries, Mark K; Dong, Aiping; Edwards, Aled M; Denu, John M
2011Study of microcellular injection molding with expandable thermoplastic microspherePeng, J; Yu, E; Sun, X; Turng, L-S; Peng, X-F
2011System for inspection of large high-resolution radiography datasetsWypych, Tom; Yamaoka, So; Ponto, Kevin; Kuester, Falko
2011Tensor completion and low-n-rank tensor recovery via convex optimizationGandy, Silvia; Recht, Benjamin; Yamada, Isao
2011The effect of polymer additives on surface quality of microcellular injection molded partsLee, J; Turng, L-S; Peng, J; Dougherty, E; Gorton, P
2011The geometry of generalized binary searchNowak, Robert D
2011Tight measurement bounds for exact recovery of structured sparse signalsRao, Nikhil; Recht, Benjamin; Nowak, Robert
2011Translation from the quantified implicit process flow abstraction in SBGN-PD diagrams to bio-PEPA illustrated on the cholesterol pathway.Loewe, Laurence; Guerriero, Maria Luisa; Watterson, Steven; Moodie, Stuart L; Ghazal, Peter; Hillston, Jane
2011Tuffy: scaling up statistical inference in markov logic networks using an rdbmsNiu, Feng; Ré, Christopher; Doan, AnHai; Shavlik, Jude
2011User manual of Felix 0.2Niu, Feng; Ré, Christopher; Shavlik, Jude; Slauson, Josh; Zhang, Ce
2011User manual of Tuffy 0.3Doan, A; Niu, Feng; Ré, Christopher; Shavlik, Jude; Zhang, Ce
2011Valid inequalities for the pooling problem with binary variablesD'Ambrosio, Claudia; Linderoth, Jeff; Luedtke, James
2011Video games and learning: teaching and participatory culture in the digital ageSquire, Kurt
2011Viscoelastic properties of blood studied through piezoresistance measurementsPeng, Yiyan; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Cui, Zhixiang; Woodson, Robert D; Li, Haimei; Wang, Xiaofeng
2011Web platforms to conduct theory-based randomized controlled trials for older adultsNahm, E; Resnick, B; Magaziner, J; Brennan, P; Bellantoni, M; Rietschel, M; Covington, B; Brown, J