2019 Publications

2019 publications from our faculty and fellows during their time at WID are listed below. Please see each publication for additional information.

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2019100% renewable electricity with storageMichael Ferris, Andy Philpott
2019A 3D culture model of innervated human skeletal muscle enables studies of the adult neuromuscular junctionMohsen Afshar Bakooshli, Ethan S Lippman, Ben Mulcahy, Nisha Iyer, Christine T Nguyen, Kayee Tung, Bryan Stewart, Hubrecht van den Dorpel, Tobias Fuehrmann, Molly Shoichet, Anne Bigot, Elena Pegoraro, Henry Ahn, Howard Ginsberg, Mei Zhen, Randolph Ashton, Penney Gilbert
2019A biodegradable nanocapsule delivers a Cas9 ribonucleoprotein comples for in vivo genome editingGuojun Chen, Amr A Abdeen, Yuyuan Wang, Pawan K Shahi, Samantha Robertson, Ruosen Xie, Masatoshi Suzuki, Bikash R Pattnaik, Krishanu Saha, Shaoqin Gong
2019A candidate self-propagating system enriched by chemical ecosystem selectionLena Vincent, H. James Cleaves, David A. Baum
2019A cost-benefit analysis of 3D scanning technology for crime scene investigationRoss Tredinnick, Simon Smith, Kevin Ponto
2019A discrete least squares collocation method for two-dimensional nonlinear time-dependent partial differential equationsFanhai Zeng, Ian Turner, Kevin Burrage, Stephen J. Wright
2019A distributed optimization algorithm over time-varying graphs with efficient gradient evaluationsBryan Van Scoy, Laurent Lessard
2019A distributed quasi-Newton algorithm for primal and dual regularized empirical risk minimizationChing-pei Lee, Cong Han Lim, Stephen J Wright
2019A log-barrier Newton-CG method for bound constrained optimization with complesity guaranteesMichael O'Neill, Stephen J. Wright
2019A low-rank Schwarz method for radiative transport equation with heterogeneous scattering coefficientKe Chen, Gin Li, Jianfeng Lu, Stephen J. Wright
2019A practical guide for analysis of histone post-translational modifications by mass spectrometry: Best practices and pitfallsSydney P Thomas, Spencer A Haws, Laura E Borth, John M Denu
2019A quick response and tribologically durable graphene heater for rapid heat cycle molding and its applications in injection moldingHuaguang Yang, Galip Yilmaz, Guebum Han, Melih eriten, Zhi Zhang, Shengrui Yu, Meinong Shi, Hua Yan, Weimin Yang, Pengcheng Xie, Lih-Sheng Turng
2019Abstract SY44-02: Aberrant polycomb repression in midline and hindbrain tumorsPeter Lewis
2019Acetyl-CoA flux regulates the proteome and acetyl-proteome to maintain intercellular metabolic crosstalkInca A Dieterich, Alexis J Lawton, Yajing Peng, Qing Yu, Timothy W Rhoads, Katherine A Overmyer, Yusi Cui, Eric A Armstrong, Porsha R Howell, Maggie S Burhans, Lingjun Li, John M Denu, Joshua J Coon, Rozalyn M Anderson, Luigi Puglielli
2019Active learning in the overparametrized and interpolating regimeMina Karzad, Robert D. Nowak
2019An improved technique for dispersion of natural graphite particles in thermoplastic polyurethane by sub-critical gas-assisted processingAn Huang, Hankun Wang, Thomas Ellingham, Xiangfang Peng, Lih-Sheng Turng
2019Analysis and design of first-order distributed optimization algorithms over time-varying graphsAkhil Sundararajan, Bryan Van Scoy, Laurent Lessard
2019Applications of virtual environments in human factors research and practiceRandall Spain, Benjamin Goldberg, Pete Khooshabeh, David Krum, Joshua Biro, Courtney Linder, Laura Stanley, Ross Tredinnick, Kevin Ponto, Logan Gisick, Matthew Pierce, Joseph Keebler, Phillip Young, Allison Hancock, Jennifer Phillips, Natalie Steinhauser, James Niehaus, Jeremy Flynn
2019Bacterial analogs of plant tetrahydropyridine alkaloids mediate microbial interactions in a rhizosphere model systemGabriel L. Lozano, Hyun Bong Park, Juan I. Bravo, Eric A. Armstrong, John M. Denu, Eric V. Stabb, Nichole A. Broderick, Jason M. Crawford, Jo Handelsman
2019Benefits of sparce tableau over nodal admittance formulation for power flow studiesByungkwon Park, Michael C. Ferris, Christopher DeMarco
2019Bilinear Bandits with Low-rank StructureKwang-Sung Jun, Rebecca Willett, Stephen Wright, Robert Nowak
2019Biomaterials with functionally graded stiffnessBram Siemers, Alana Stempien, Rachel Craven, Brett Napiwocki, Wendy Crone
2019Blended conditional gradients: the unconditioning of conditional gradientsGábor Braun, Sebastian Pokutta, Dan Tu, Stephen Wright
2019Chemical ecosystem selection on mineral surfaces reveals long-term dynamics consistent with the spontaneous emergence of mutual catalysisLena Vincent, Michael Berg, Mitchell Krismer, Samuel T Saghafi, Jacob Cosby, Talia Sankari, Kalin Vetsigian, H James Cleaves II, David A Baum
2019Cognitive tast analysis for implicit knowledge about visual representations with similarity learning methodsBlake Mason, Martina A Rau, Robert Nowak
2019Complexity of proximal augmented lagrangian for nonconvex optimization with nonlinear equity constraintsYue Xie, Stephen J. Wright
2019Computing estimators of Dantzig selector type via column adn constraint generationRahul Mazumder, Stephen Wright, Andrew Zheng
2019Concentration inequalities for the empirical distribution of discrete distributions: beyond the method of typesJay Mardia, Jiantao Jiao, Ervin Tánczos, Robert D Nowak, Tsachy Weissman
2019Convergence and margin of adversarial training on separable dataZachary Charles, Shashank Rajput, Stephen Wright, Dimitris Papailiopoulos
2019Coordinated removal of repressive epigenetic modifications during induced reversal of cell identityKhoa A Tran, Caleb M Dillingham, Rupa Sridharan
2019Crepe cellulose paper and nitrocellulose membrane-based triboelectric nanogenerators for energy harvesting and self-powered human-machine interactionSheng Chen, Jingxian Jiang, Feng Xu, Shaoqin Gong
2019CRISPR/Cas9 editing of APP C-terminus attenuates $\beta$-cleavage and promotes $\alpha$-cleavageJichao Sun, Jared Carlson-Stevermer, Utpal Das, Minjie Shen, Marion Delenclos, Amanda M. Snead, So Yeon Koo, Lina Wang, Dianhua Qiao, Jonathan Loi, Andrew J. Petersen, Michael Stockton, Anita Bhattacharyya, Mathew V. Jones, Xinyu Zhao, Pamela J. McLean, Andrew A. Sproul, Krishanu Saha, Subhojit Roy
2019Data-driven phenotype discovery of FMR1 premutation carriers in a population-based sampleArezoo Movaghar, David Page, Murray Brilliant, Mei Wang Baker, Jan Greenberg, Jinkuk Hong, Leann Smith DaWalt, Krishanu Saha, Finn Kuusisto, Ron Stewart, Elizabeth Berry-Kravis, Marsha R. Mailick
2019Defining reprogramming checkpoints from single-cell analysis of induced pluripotencyKhoa A Tran, Stefan J Pietrzak, Nur Zafirah Zaidan, Alireza Siahpirani, Sunnie Grace McCalla, Gopal Iyer, Sushmita Roy, Rupa Sridharan
2019Democratic governance of human germline genome editingSheila Jasanoff, J. Benjamin Hurlbut, Krishanu Saha
2019Development of an in situ cancer vaccine via combinational radiation and bacterial-membrane-coated nanoparticlesRavi B Patel, Mingzhou Ye, Peter M Carlson, Abigail Jaquish, Luke Zangl, Ben Ma, Yuyuan Wang, Ian Arthur, Ruosen Xie, Ryan J Brown, Xing Wang, Raghava Sriramaneni, KyungMann Kim, Shaoqin Gong, Zachary S Morris
2019Direct synthesis of iterative algorithms with bounds on achievable worst-case convergence rateLaurent Lessard, Peter Seiler
2019Distributed optimization of nonconvex functions over time-varying graphsBryan Van Scoy, Laurent Lessard
2019Double-network nanogel as a nonviral vector for DNA deliveryMingzhou Ye, Yuyuan Wang, Yi Zhao, Ruosen Xie, Nisakorn Yodsanit, Kadina Johnston, Shaoqin Gong
2019Drug loaded adipocytes: sugar-coated bullets for cancerMingzhou Ye, Shaoqin Gong
2019Dual super-amphiphilic modified cellulose acetate nanofiber membranes with highly efficient oil/water separation and excellent antifouling propertiesWeiwen Wang, Jixin Lin, Jiaqi Cheng, Zhixiang Cui, Junhui Si, Qianting Wang, Xiangfang Peng, Lih-Sheng Turng
2019Economic and environmetnal impacts of a carbon adder in New YorkGökçe Akin-Olçum, Christoph Böhringer, Thomas Rutherford, Andrew Schreiber
2019Effect of centerline distance on mixing of a Non-Newtonian fluid in a cavity with asymmetric rotorsBaiping Xu, Yao Liu, Liang He, Lih-Sheng Turng, Chuntai Liu
2019Efficient convex optimization for linear MPCStephen J Wright
2019Efficient optimization of natural resonance theory weightings and bond orders by gram-based convex programmingEric D Glendening, Stephen J Wright, Frank Weinhold
2019Electrospun nanofibrous thermoplastic polyurethane/poly (glycerol sebacate) hybrid scaffolds for vocal fold tissue engineering applicationsLin Jiang, Yongchao Jiang, Jeanna Stiadle, Xiaofeng Wang, Lixia Wang, Qian Li, Changyu Shen, Susan L Thibeault, Lih-Sheng Turng
2019Enhanced performance of an expanded polytetrafluoroethylene-based triboelectric nanogenerator for energy harvestingZhi Zhang, Yiyang Xu, Dongfang Wang, Huaguang Yang, Jiansheng Guo, Lih-Sheng Turng
2019Epigenetic priming of human pluriponent stem cell-derived cardiac progenitor cells accelerates cardiomyocyte maturationMitch Biermann, Wenxuan Cai, Di Lang, Jack Hermsen, Luko Profio, Ying Zhou, Andras Czirok, Dona G Isai, Brett N Napiwocki, Adriana M Rodriguez, Matthew E Brown, Marites T Woon, Annie Shao, Tianxiao Han, Donglim Park, Timothy A Hacker, Wendy C Crone, William J Burlingham, Alexey V Glukhov, Ying Ge, Timothy J Kamp
2019Estimating color-concept associations from image statisticsRagini Rathore, Zachary Leggon, Laurent Lessard, Karen B. Schloss
2019Estimating trunk angles during lifting using computer vision bounding boxesRunyu L Greene, Ming-Lun Lu, Menekse Salar Barim, Xuan Wang, Marie Hayden, Yu Hen Hu, Robert G Radwin
2019Explicit agent-level optimal cooperative controllers for dynamically decoupled systems with output feedbackMruganka Kashyap, Laurent Lessard
2019Fabrication and modification of wavy multicomponent vascular grafts with biomimetic mechanical properties, antithrombogenicity, and enhanced endothelial cell affinityHao-Yang Mi, Xin Jing, Zhu-Tong Li, Yu-Jyun Lin, James A Thomson, Lih-Sheng Turng
2019Fabrication of poly(lactic acid)/silkworm excrement composite with enhanced crystallization, toughness and biodegradation propertiesQi-Hong Liao, Xiangfang Peng, Hui Fang, Lih-Sheng Turng, Chao Chan Chang
2019Fabrication of triple-layered vascular grafts composed of silk fibers, polyacrylamide hydrogel, and polyurethane nanofibers with biomimetic mechanical propertiesHao-Yang Mi, Yongchao Jiang, Xin Jing, Eduardo Enriquez, Heng Li, Qian Li, Lih-Sheng Turng
2019Female surgeons and surgical trainesss tend to under rate technical skills on self-assessmentBrady Miller, David Azari, Rebecca Gerber, Robert Radwin, Brian Le
2019Fostering collaboration of academia and industry by open source softwareDavid Baum, Pascal Kovacs, Richard Mü: üller
2019Graph-guided regularization for SWUS seasonal forecastingAbby Stevens, Rebecca Willett, Antonios Mamalakis, Efi Foufoula-Georgiou, James Randerson, Padhraic Smyth, Stephen Wright
2019H3K27M induces defective chromatin spread of PRC2-mediated repressive H3K27me2/me3 and is essential for glioma tumorigenesisAshot S. Harutyunyan, Brian Krug, Haifen Chen, Simon Papillon-Cavanagh, Michele Zeinieh, Nicolas De Jay, Shriya Deshmukh, Carol C. L. Chen, Jad Belle, Leonie G. Mikael, Dylan M. Marchione, Rui Li, Hamid Nikbakht, Bo Hu, Gael Cagnone, Warren A. Cheung, Abdulshakour Mohammadnia, Denise Bechet, Damien Faury, Melissa K. McConechy, Manav Pathania, Siddhant U. Jain, Benjamin Ellezam, Alexander G. Weil, Alexandre Montpetit, Paolo Salomoni, Tomi Pastinen, Chao Lu, Peter W. Lewis, Benjamin A. Garcia, Claudia L. Kleinman, Nada Jabado, Jacek Majewski
2019High dietary salt-induced dendritic cell activation underlies microbial dysbiosis-associated hypertensionJane F. Ferguson, Luul A. Aden, Natália Barbaro, Justin P. Van Beusecum, Liang Xiao, Alan J, Simmons, Cassandra Warden, Lejla Pasic, Lauren E. Himmel, Mary K. Washington, Frank L. Revetta, Shilin Zhao, Shivani Kumaresan, Matthew B. Scholz, Zhengzheng Tang, Guanhua Chen, Muredach P. Reilly, Annet Kirabo
2019Highly transparent, strechable, and rapid self-healing polyvinyl alcohol/cellulose nanofibril hydrogel sensors for sensitive pressure sensing and human motion detectionXin Jing, Heng Li, Hao-Yang Mi, Yue-Jun Liu, Pei-Yong Feng, Yi-Min Tan, Lih-Sheng Turng
2019Histone acetyltransferase 1 links metatobilsm and transcription to cell-cycle progressionJohn Denu
2019Histone H3 tail binds a unique sensing pocket in EZH2 to activate the PRC2 methyltransferaseKrupa S. Jani, Siddhant U. Jain, Eva J. Ge, Katharine L. Diehl, Stefan M. Lundgren, Manuel M. Müller, Peter W. Lewis, Tom W. Muir
2019HOS15 and HDA9 negatively regulate immunity through histone deacetylation of intracellular immune receptor NLR genes in ArabidopsisLeiyun Yang, Xiangsong Chen, Zhixue Wang, Qi Sun, Anna Hong, Aiqin Zhang, Zuehua Zhong, Jian Hua
2019How 3D virtual reality stores can shape comsumer purchase decisions: the roles of informativeness and playfulnessHyo Jeong Kang, Jung-hye Shin, Kevin Ponto
2019In search of characterizing surgical skillDavid Azari, Caprice Greenberg, Carla Pugh, Douglas Wiegmann, Robert Radwin
2019Inferring regulatory programs governing region specificity of neuroepithelial stem cells during early hindbrain and spinal cord developmentDeborah Chasman, Nisha Iyer, Alireza Fotuhi Siahpirani, Maria Estevez Silva, Ethan Lippmann, Brian McIntosh, Mitchell D. Probasco, Peng Jiang, Ron Stewart, James A. Thomson, Randolph S. Ashton, Sushmita Roy
2019Injection molding of delamination-free ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethyleneGalip Yilmaz, Huaguang Yang, Lih-Sheng Turng
2019In-situ ultrasonic characterization of microcellular injection moldingPeng Zhao, Yao Zhao, Hrishikesh Kharbas, Jianfeng Zhang, Tong Wu, Weimin Yang, Jianzhong Fu, Lih-Sheng Turng
2019Integer packing sets form a well-quasi-orderingHaoran Zhu, Alberto Del Pia, Jess Linderoth
2019Integral quadratic constraints: exact convergence rates and worst-case trajectoriesBrian Van Scoy, Laurent Lessard
2019Learning nearest neighbor graphs from noisy distance samplesBlake Mason, Ardhendu Tripathy, Robert Nowak
2019LEGO as language for visual communicationStuart Flack, Kevin Ponto, Travis Tangen, Karen B. Schloss
2019Linear bandits with feature feedbackUrvashi Oswal, Aniruddha Bhargava, Robert Nowak
2019Long-term nitric oxide release for rapid endothelialization in expanded polytetrafluoroethylene small-diameter artificial blood vessel graftsDongfang Wang, Yiyang Xu, Lixia Wang, Xiaofeng Wang, Shujie Yan, Galip Yilmaz, Qian Li, Lih-Sheng Turng
2019MaxGap bandit: adaptive algorithms for approximate rankingDumeet Katariya, Ardhendu Tripathy, Robert Nowak
2019Maximin active learning with data-dependent normsMina Karzand, Robert D Nowak
2019Mechanism of activation for the sirtuin 6 protein deacylaseMark A Klein, Can Liu, Vyacheslav I Kuznetsov, John B Feltenberger, Weiping Tang, John M Denu
2019Methods for detecting manipulations in 3D scan dataKevin Ponto, Simon Smith, Ross Tredinnick
2019Micro-injection molded, poly(vinyl alcohol)-calcium salt templates for precise customization of 3D hydrogel internal architectureJason D McNulty, Carlos Marti-Figueroa, Frank Seipel, Joshua Z Plantz, Thomas Ellingham, Lukas J L Duddleston, Sebastian Goris, Benjamin L Cox, Tim A Osswald, Lih-Sheng Turng, Randolph S Ashton
2019Micropatterned substrates with physiological stiffness promote cell maturation and Pompe disease phenotype in human induced pluripotent stem cell?derived skeletal myocytesNunnapas Jiwlawat, Eileen M Lynch, Brett N Napiwocki, Alana Stempien, Randolph S Ashton, Timothy J Kamp, Wendy C Crone, Masatoshi Suzuki
2019Mineral surfaces select for longer RNA moleculesRyo Mizuuchi, Alex Blokhuis, Lena Vincent, Philippe Nghe, Niles Lehman, David Baum
2019Minimum "Norm" neural networks are splines"Rahhul Parhi, Robert D. Nowak
2019MIPLIB 2017: data-driven compilation of the 6th mixed-integer programming libraryAmbros Gleixner, Gregor Hendel, Gerald Gamrath, Tobias Achterberg, Michael Bastubbe, Timo Berthold, Philipp Christophel, Kati Jarck, Thorsten Koch, Jeff Linderoth, Marco Lübbecke, Hans D Mittelmann, Derya Ozyurt, Ted K Ralphs, Domenico Salvagnin, Yuji Shinano
2019Modification od 3-D porous hydroxyapatite/thermoplastic polyurethane composite scaffolds for reinforcing interfacial adhesion by polydopamine surface coatingZifeng Zheng, Zhixiang Cui, Junhui Si, Shengrui Yu, Qianting Wang, Wenzhe Chen, Lih-Sheng Turng
2019Nanocapsule delivery system for ribonucleoproteinsShaoqin Gong, Amr Abdeen, Krishanu Saha, Ghojun Chen, Yuyuan Wang, Ruosen Xie
2019Non?linear rheological response as a tool for assessing dispersion in polypropylene/polycaprolactone/clay nanocomposites and blends made with sub?critical gas?assisted processingThomas Ellingham, Galip Yilmaz, Lih?Sheng Turng
2019Nonvanishing of hyperelliptic zeta functions over finite fieldsJordan S Ellenberg, Wanlin Li, Mark Shusterman
2019Obesity-dependent CDK1 signaling stimulates mitochondrial respiration at complex I in pancreatic $\beta$-cellsTrillian Gregg, Sophia M Sdao, Rashpal S Dhillon, Jarred W Rensvold, Sophie L Lewandowski, David J Pagliarini, John M Denu, Matthew J Merrins
2019On sample average approximation for two-stage stochastic programs without relatively complete recourseRui Chen, James Luedtke
2019On the complexity of binary polynomial optimization over acyclic hypergraphsAlberto Del Pia, Silvia Di Gregorio
2019Oxygen-rich polimers as highly effective positive tribomaterials for mechanical energy harvestingZhi Zhang, Wenzheng Gong, Zhiqing Bai, Dongfang Wang, Yiyang Xu, Zhutong Li, Jiansheng Guo, Lih-Sheng Turng
2019Pervasive H3K27 acetylation leads to ERV expression and a therapeutic vulnerability in H3K27M gliomasBrianKrug, Nicolas De Jay, Ashot S Harutyunyan, Shriya Deshmukh, Dylan M Marchione, Paul Guilhamon, Kelsey C Bertrand, Leonie G Mikael, Melissa K McConechy, Carol C L Chen, Sima Khazaei, Robert F Koncar, Sameer Agnihotri, Damien Faury, Benjamin Ellezam, Alexander G Weil, Josie Ursini-Siegel, Daniel D De Carvalho, Peter B Dirks, Peter W Lewis, Paolo Salomoni, Mathieu Lupien, Cheryl Arrowsmith, Paul F Lasko, Benjamin A Garcia, Claudia L Kleinman, Nada Jabado, Stephen C Mack
2019PGC-1a integrates a metabolism and growth network linked to caloric restrictionKarl N. Miller, Josef P. Clark, Stephen A. Martin, Porsha R. Howell, Maggie S. Burhans, Spencer A. Haws, Nathan B. Johnson, Timothy W Rhoads, Derek M. Pavelec, Kevin W. Eliceiri, Avtar S. Roopra, James M. Ntambi, John M. Denu, Brian W. Parks, Rozalyn M. Anderson
2019Phylogenomics of 10,575 genomes reveals evolutionary proximity between domains Bacteria and ArchaeaQiyun Zhu, Uyen Mai, Wayne Pfeiffer, Stefan Janssen, Francesco Asnicar, Jon G Sanders, Pedro Belda-Ferre, Gabriel A Al-Ghalith, Evguenia Kopylova, Daniel McDonald, Tomasz Kosciolek, John B Yin, Shi Huang, Nimaichand Salam, Jian-Yu Jiao, Zijun Wu, Zhenjiang Z Xu, Kalen Cantrell, Yimeng Yang, Erfan Sayyari, Maryam Rabiee, James T Morton, Sheila Podell, Dan Knights, Wen-Jun Li, Curtis Huttenhower, Nicola Segata, Larry Smarr, Siavash Mirarab, Rob Knight
2019Plant parts: processes, structures, or functions?David Baum
2019Polyplex delivery system for proteins, nucleic acids and protein/nucleic acid complexesShaoqin Gong, Yuyuan Wang, Krishanu Saha, Amr Ashraf Abdeen
2019Portable self-charging power system via integration of a flexible paper-based triboelectric nanogenerator and supercapacitorXingxing Shi, Sheng Chen, Huilong Zhang, Jingxian Jian, Zhenqiang Ma, Shaoqin Gong
2019Preparation of fast-degrading ply(lactic acid)/soy protein concentrate biocomposite foams via supercritical CO2 foamingTong Liu, Xiang?Fang Peng, Hao?Yang Mi, Heng Li, Lih?Sheng Turng, Bai?Ping Xu
2019Programmed release of multimodal, cross-linked vascular endothelial growth factor and heparin layers on electrospun polycaprolactone vascular graftsDongfang Wang, Xiaofeng Wang, Zhi Zhang, Lixia Wang, Xiaomeng Li, Yiyang Xu, Cuihong Ren, Qian Li, Lih-Sheng Turng
2019Promoting endothelial cell affinity and antithrombogenicity of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) by mussel-inspired modification and RGD/heparin graftingLih-Sheng Turng, Hao-Yang Mi
2019Quantification of in situ tremor in microscopic surgeryYifan Li, Mitchell Wolf, Amol Kulkarni, James Bell, Jonathan Chang, Amit Nimunkar, Robert G Radwin
2019Quantification of the Young's modulus for polypropylene: Influence of initial crystallinity and service temperatureJiquan Li, Zhou Zhu, Taidong Li, Xiang Peng, Shaofei Jiang, Lih?Sheng Turng
2019Reticulate evolution helps explain apparent homoplasy in floral biology and pollination in baobabs (Adansonia; Bombacoideae; Malvaceae)Nisa Karimi, Corrinne E Grover, Joseph P Gallagher, Jonathan F Wendel, Cécile Ané, David A Baum
2019Robust and powerful differential composition tests for clustered microbiome dataZheng-Zheng Tang, Guanhua Chen
2019Schwarz iteration method for elliptic equation with rough media based on random samplingKe Chen, Qin Li, Stephen J. Wright
2019Short simplex paths in lattice polytopesAlberto Del Pia, Carla Michini
2019Should adversarial attacks use pixel p-normAyon Sen, Xiaojin Zhu, Liam Marshall, Robert Nowak
2019Site-specific lysine acetylatin stoichiometry across subcellular compartmentsAnastasia J Lindahl, Alexis J Lawton, Josue Baeza, James A Dowell, John M Denu
2019Solving chance-constrained problems via a smooth sample-based nonlinear approximationAlejandra Pena-Ordieres, James R. Luedtke, Andreas Wächter
2019Stochastic DC optimal power flow with reserve saturationRohit Kannan, James R. Luedtke, Line A. Roald
2019Temporal frame sub-sampling for video object trackingXuan Wang, Yu Hen Hu, Robert G Radwin, John D Lee
2019The desktop, or the top of the desk? The relative usefulness of household features for personal health information managementAnna F. Jolliff, Peter Hoonakker, Kevin Ponto, Ross Tredinnick, Gail Casper, Thomas Martell, Nicole E. Werner
2019The effects of nanoclay and deformation conditions on the inelastic behavior of thermoplastic polyurethane foamsXin-Chao Wang, Qing-Song Zhu, Bin-Bin Dong, Hai-Hong Wu, Chun-Tai Liu, Chang-Yu Shen, Lih-Sheng Turng, Tie Geng
2019The evolution of the pegasus workflow management softwareEwa Deelman, Karan Vahi, Mats Rynge, Rajiv Mayani, Rafael Ferreira Da Silva, George Papadimitriou, Miron Livny
2019The power grid library for benchmarking AC optimal power flow algorithmsSogol Babaeinejadsarookolaee, Adam Birchfield, Richard D. Christie, Carleton Coffrin, Christopher DeMarco, Ruisheng Diao, Michael Ferris, St&eacute:phane Fliscounakis, Scott Greene, Renke Huang, C&eacute:dric Josz, Roman Korab, Bernard Lesieutre, Jean Maeght, Daniel K. Molzahn, Thomas J. Overbye, Patrick Panciatici, Byungkwon Park, Jonathan Snodgrass, Ray Zimmerman
2019Tighter confidence intervals for rating systemsRobert Nowak, Ervin Tánczos
2019Tools for open source, subnational CGE modeling with an illustrative analysis of carbon leakageThomas Rutherford, Andrew Schreiber
2019Tracking and predicting human somatic cell reprogramming using nuclear characteristicsKaivalya Molugu, Ty Harkness, Jared Carlson-Stevermer, Ryan Prestil, Nicole J Piscopo, Stephanie K Seymour, Gavin T Knight, Randolph S Ashton, Krishanu Saha
2019Trust-region Newton-CG with strong second-order complexity guarantees for nonconvex optimizationFrank E Curtis, Daniel P Robinson, Clément W Royer, Stephen J Wright
2019Two-Dimensional culture systems to enable mechanics-based assays for stem cell-derived cardiomyocytesJ Notbohm, BN Napiwocki, WJ de Lange, A Stempien, A Saraswathibhatla, RJ Craven, MR Salick, JC Ralphe, WC Crone
2019Ultrasonication-induced modification of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles onto a 3D porous poly(lactic acid) scaffold with improved mechanical properties and biocompatibilityJunhui Si, Jixin Lin, Chen Su, Shengrui Yu, Zhixiang Cui, Qianting Wang, Wenzhe Chen, Lih?Sheng Turng
2019Understanding conditional compilation through integrated representation of variability and source codeDavid Baum, Christina Sixtus, Lisa Vogelsberg, Ulrich Eisenecker
2019Using surgeon hand motions to predict surgical maneuversDavid P. Azari, Yu Hen Hu, Brady L. Miller, Brian V. Le, Robert G. Radwin
2019Visualization and machine learning for data center managementAlina Chircu, Eldar Sultanow, David Baum, Christian Koch, Matthias Seβler
2019Water-assisted co-injection molding of non-circular tubesT. Q. Kuang, P. Xu, G. Feng, Lih-Sheng Turng
2019Wavy multi-component vascular grafts with biomimetic mechanical properties, antithrombogenicity, and endoethelial cell affinityLih-Sheng Turng, Hao-Yang Mi
2019Wavy small-diameter vascular graft made of eggshell membrane and thermoplastic polyurethaneShujie Yan, Brett Napiwocki, Yiyang Xu, Jue Zhang, Xiaofeng Wang, Wendy C Crone, Qian Li, Lih-Sheng Turng
2019What color are emergency exit signs? Egress behavior differs from verbal reportMax Kinateder, William H Warren, Karen B Schloss