Christopher Endemann

Christopher Endemann
Data Science Facilitator
330 North Orchard Street, Room 1156
Madison WI 53715
Preferred pronouns: he/him/his
Joined WID: 2021

Facilitating connections and training researchers in data science.


Chris Endemann was born and raised with three other siblings in Burlington, Wisconsin--a fairly small city sometimes referred to as the "Chocolate City" due to the presence of a Nestle Chocolate plant. He moved to Madison in 2013 to obtain his BS degree in neurobiology and psychology, with a certificate in computer science. While obtaining his undergraduate degree and engaging in as many research opportunities as possible, Chris cofounded and lead the Artificial Intelligence Club (AI Club) on campus--a large multidisciplinary club that offers students opportunities to study and apply machine learning models with their peers. Outside of work, Chris enjoys spending most of his time either with his girlfriend, outdoors (backpacking, camping), or making music with friends.


BS, Neurobiology and Psychology; Certificate in Computer Science, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Research Description

My research background lies originally in computational neuroscience. In this field, I spent the majority of my time using a variety of machine learning tools to extract insights from very large and high-dimensional neuroscience-related datasets. Some of this work included spike sorting (sorting waveforms of electrical activity into clusters representative of single-cell responses), applying deep neural networks to detect multi-cell response patterns, and multivariate time-series modeling of ECoG recordings to infer the causal flow of sensory information throughout different parts of the brain.

While I will always consider the brain to be the most fascinating computer in existence, my research interests extend well beyond the field of neuroscience. The skills I have learned from this field can be applied to many domains, and I enjoy having the opportunity as a data science facilitator to teach others how to apply data science tools and machine learning models in their line of work.


Artificial Intelligence Club