Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID) Annual Report 2023

Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID) Annual Report 2023

We are pleased to present the WID Annual Report for the year 2023, chronicling a period of remarkable achievements, intellectual growth, and groundbreaking research at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID).

Last year WID took an introspective journey, examining the principles of resilience, robustness, and adaptability within complex systems. These principles have guided our research across the diverse domains of biology, engineering, and data science. The report highlights WID’s scientific achievements, community engagement efforts, honors, and recognitions, demonstrating our steadfast dedication to excellence in research, teaching, and community involvement across the sciences and humanities.

2023 WID Annual Report


  • WID Science: Discover the latest breakthroughs and scientific advancements that have unfolded within our walls. From cutting-edge discoveries in genomics to novel approaches in materials science, our researchers continue to push boundaries.
  • Community Engagement: Our vibrant community of faculty, staff, students, and postdocs has fostered collaboration, dialogue, and knowledge exchange through WID Seminars, Cultivating Connections, the Data Bazaar, the WID symposium, and other engaging gatherings.
  • Honors and Recognition: Recognizing the remarkable achievements of our team members, including esteemed professorships, research awards, and membership in the National Academy of Sciences.
  • Support and Partnerships: We extend heartfelt gratitude to our collaborators and supportive partners who have played an instrumental role in this year’s accomplishments. Together, we amplify our impact and maximize our potential.

The online, interactive WID Annual Report is available to view on our website. As we look ahead, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of science, embracing the inherent interdisciplinarity of our work. Data science, precision medicine, complex systems, and emerging technologies continue to be our compass, guiding us toward a future where discovery knows no bounds.