Featured Current WID Projects

Collaborative Research: National Symposium on PRedicting Emergence of Virulent Entities by Novel Technologies (PREVENT)National Science FoundationJohn Yin2021
Mechanism of UVB-induced DNA methylation suppression and inheritance in plantsNational Science FoundationXuehua Zhong2021
Searching for dynamic biosignatures among lifelike systems isolated by chemical ecosystem selection ( Lena Vincent - NASA FINESST)NASA, Goddard Space Flight CenterDavid Baum2020
Choline-dependent metabolism in PNS myelinationRutgers (NIH)James Dowell
John Svaren
Using Data to Foster Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Madison Ecosystem: An AmFam-UW Research CollaborationAmerican Family Mutual InsuranceJonathan Eckhardt2020
Comparing the efficacy and cellular impact of non-viral, hepatocyte-targeted delivery vehicles with viral-mediated gene delivery in a microphysiological liver on chip platformMedical College of WisconsinShaoqin Gong2020
Enabling Nanoplatforms for Targeted In Vivo Delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 Ribonucleoproteins in the BrainDHHS, PHS, National Institutes Of HealthShaoqin Gong
Krishanu Saha
Walter Block
Marina Emborg
Jon Levine
Brian Yandell
A World Without SoilAlfred P Sloan FoundationJo Handelsman2020
Studying Inclusive Mentor Networks to Diversify the Biomedical WorkforceUCSF (NIH)Jo Handelsman2020
Genetic and Metabolic Determinants of Microbial Interactions in the Rhizosphere (Postdoc Fellowship Chevrette)USDA, Natl Institute Food & AgricultureJo Handelsman2020
VILAS ProfessorshipWilliam F Vilas Trust EstateJo Handelsman2020
Optimizing Q&A Systems via User FeedbackAmerican Family Mutual InsuranceRobert Nowak2020
Theoretical Foundations of Deep LearningRice University (DOD, Navy)Robert Nowak2020
Developing a Novel 3D Capture Based Automated Inventory System for Insurance DocumentationAmerican Family Mutual InsuranceKevin Ponto2020
Becoming Joey: Promoting Informal Learning through Embodiment in an Adelie Penguin Virtual Reality ExperienceNational Science FoundationKevin Ponto
David Gagnon
James Madsen
ECA-PGR: Transcriptional Regulation and Gene Networks Underlying Viral Recognition of Insect Vectors in Host Plants Clare Casteel PICornell University (NSF)Sushmita Roy2020
Single Cell Profiling To Define Biomarkers Of Photoreceptor Dysfunction After Gene Editing Within PSC-Derived OrganoidsDHHS, PHS, National Institutes Of HealthKrishanu Saha
David Gamm
Bikash Pattnaik
Sushmita Roy
Rupa Sridharan
CAREER: Understanding visual reasoning for visual communicationNational Science FoundationKaren Schloss2020
Harnessing the power of big omics data: Novel statistical tools to study the role of microbial communities in fundamental biological processesDepartment of EnergyClaudia Solis-Lemus2020
R01 Renewal: Collaboration of chromatin remodeling and signaling pathways in pluripotencyDHHS, PHS, National Institutes Of HealthRupa Sridharan2020
TRIPODS: Collaborative: Institute for Foundations of Data Science (IFDS)National Science FoundationStephen Wright
Cecile Ane
Michael Newton
Rob Nowak
Sebastian Roch
A New Paradigm for Systems Physiology Modeling: Biomechanistic Learning Augmentation with Deep Differential Equation Representations (BLADDER)Florida International University (NIH)John Yin2020
Ecological dynamics of human coronavirus: models and measuresNational Science FoundationJohn Yin2020
EAGER: Rapid and Sensitive Drug Testing for COVID-19National Science FoundationJohn Yin
Michael Graham
Human microphysiological model of afferent nociceptive signalingTulane UniversityRandolph Ashton2019
Mixed-Integer Quadratic Optimization: Algorithms and ComplexityDOD, NavyAlberto Del Pia2019
Reversible protein acetylation and sirtuin functionDHHS, PHS, National Institutes Of HealthJohn Denu
Tomas Prolla
Inventor Search Data AnalyticsWisconsin Alumni Research FoundationJonathan Eckhardt2019
Genetic Determinants Of Microbial Community Interactions In The RhizosphereUSDA, Natl Institute Food & AgricultureJo Handelsman2019
EAGER: Development of a Research Tool to Investigate Factors that Influence Researchers' Attitudes about Engagement in Public Science EventsNational Science FoundationJo Handelsman
Dominique Brossard
Noah Feinstein
Dietram Scheufele
Investigating energy efficiency, information processing and control architectures of microbial community interaction networksUSC (DOD, MURI)Jo Handelsman
Ophelia Venturelli
Collaborative Research: Physics-Based Machine Learning for Sub-Seasonal Climate ForecastingNational Science FoundationRobert Nowak
Stephen Wright
Regionalized Human Motor Neuron TherapiesDHHS, PHS, National Institutes Of HealthRandolph Ashton2018
Research Project titled: Explanation Based Active LearningAmerican Family Mutual InsuranceRobert Nowak2018
TRIPODS+X:RES: Collaborative Research: Data Science Frontiers in Climate Science - University of Chicago sub-award to UW-MadisonUniversity Of ChicagoGarvesh Raskutti
Stephen Wright
Comparative regulatory genomics to decipher mammalian long-range gene regulationDHHS, PHS, National Institutes Of HealthSushmita Roy2018
Gene Editing Nanomedicines to Correct Pathogenic Mutations in the RetinaFoundation Fighting BlindnessKrishanu Saha
David Gamm
Shaoqin Gong
Bikash Pattnaik
Data Science Hub for UW-MadisonWisconsin Alumni Research FoundationBrian Yandell2018
A novel direction in mixed integer polynomial optimization: structural properties, polyhedral approximations, and global optimization algorithmsNational Science FoundationAlberto Del Pia2017
The Microbiome Hub: Enabling a Biological Revolution at UW-MadisonWisconsin Alumni Research FoundationJo Handelsman2017
Inference for autoregressive point processesNtl Geospatial-Intelligence AgencyGarvesh Raskutti2017
TRIPODS: Institute for Foundations of Data ScienceNational Science FoundationStephen Wright
Rebecca Lu
Michael Newton
Rob Nowak
Sebastian Roch
Uncovering the epigenetic codes for genome integrity and environmental interactionDHHS, PHS, National Institutes Of HealthXuehua Zhong2017
RCN: Advancing Research and Education Through a National Network of Campus Research Computing Infrastructures - The CaRC ConsortiumClemson University (NSF)Lauren Michael2016
Using an evolutionary framework to study robustness and predictive power of data-driven molecular regulatory networksMcDonnell (James S) FoundationSushmita Roy2016
Computational Inference of Regulatory Network Dynamics on Cell LineagesDHHS, PHS, National Institutes Of HealthSushmita Roy
Rupa Sridharan
Assembly of Novel Gene Editing Particles to Understand Genome Surgery in Patient-Derived CellsDHHS, PHS, National Institutes Of HealthKrishanu Saha2016