Featured Current WID Projects

WID Book SupportBrittingham Fund, IncJo Handelsman2016
Using an evolutionary framework to study robustness and predictive power of data-driven molecular regulatory networksMcdonnell (James S) FoundationSushmita Roy2016
Dissecting Molecular Mechanisms of Astrocyte-Neuron Interaction in Rett Syndrome Using Arrays of Gene-Edited, Patient-Derived CellsBrain & Behavior Research FdnKrishanu Saha2017
Research Project titled: Explanation Based Active LearningAmerican Family Mutual InsuranceRobert Nowak2018
Role of chromatin in the early cardiomyocyte lineageAmerican Heart Association Greater MidweRupa Sridharan2018
Tiny Earth and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative: A Pilot Bridging Communities through Soil and DiscoverySilicon Valley Community FoundationJo Handelsman2018
Gene Editing Nanomedicines to Correct Pathogenic Mutations in the RetinaFoundation Fighting BlindnessKrishanu Saha
David Gamm
Shaoqin Gong
Bikash Pattnaik
Tiny Earth Advanced: A Research Course SeriesHughes (Howard) Medical InstituteJo Handelsman2019
VILAS Research Professorships 2019-2020Vilas (William F) Trust EstateJo Handelsman2019
2019 Science to Street ArtMadison Arts CommissionSarah Miller
Ginger Ann Contreras
Project 2 - Subretinal delivery of Spotlight TAGE biologics for Gene DisruptionSpotlight TherapeuticsKrishanu Saha
Bikash Pattnaik
Project 1 - Subretinal delivery of Spotlight TAGE biologics for Gene DisruptionSpotlight TherapeuticsKrishanu Saha2019
In a Perfect Policy PodcastMultiplierJo Handelsman2019
Interactions and Community Dynamics in Multi-species communities of soil bacteriaNational Science FoundationSailendharan Sudakaran2015
Collaboration of chromatin remodeling and signaling pathways in pluripotencyDHHS, PHS, National Institutes Of HealthRupa Sridharan2015
EAGER BIOMANUFACTURING: A Microscale Testbed to Assay and Manufacture CAR T-Cell ImmunotherapiesNational Science FoundationKrishanu Saha2016
A novel direction in mixed integer polynomial optimization: structural properties, polyhedral approximations, and global optimization algorithmsNational Science FoundationAlberto Del Pia2017
Integration of Modern Convex and Integer Optimization Approaches in Stochastic Mixed-Integer ProgrammingNational Science FoundationJames Luedtke
Jeffrey Linderoth
Stephen Wright
Assembly of Novel Gene Editing Particles to Understand Genome Surgery in Patient-Derived CellsDHHS, PHS, National Institutes Of HealthKrishanu Saha2016
Computational Inference of Regulatory Network Dynamics on Cell LineagesDHHS, PHS, National Institutes Of HealthSushmita Roy
Rupa Sridharan
Analyzing the Impact of Virtual Reality and 3D Capture Technology on Crime Scene InvestigationJustice, Dept OfKevin Ponto2017
Development of unimolecular nanoparticle-mediated periadventitial drug delivery system for sustained and targeted inhibition of intimal hyperplasia following open vascular reconstructionOhio State UniversityShaoqin Gong2017
Analysis and design of decentralized control systems in the presence of uncertain latency or system parametersNational Science FoundationLaurent Lessard2017
Uncovering the epigenetic codes for genome integrity and environmental interactionDHHS, PHS, National Institutes Of HealthXuehua Zhong2017
TRIPODS: Institute for Foundations of Data ScienceNational Science FoundationStephen Wright
Rebecca Lu
Michael Newton
Robert Nowak
Sebastian Roch
Inference for High-Dimensional Self-Exciting Point ProcessesDOD, ArmyGarvesh Raskutti2017
Inference for autoregressive point processesNtl Geospatial-Intelligence AgencyGarvesh Raskutti
Rebecca Lu
RCN: Advancing Research and Education Through a National Network of Campus Research Computing Infrastructures - The CaRC ConsortiumClemson UniversityLauren Michael2016
Transition to R33 from R21 proposal for project titled: "High-Throughput Modeling of ALS Using iPSC-Derived Neural Tube Microarrays"DHHS, PHS, National Institutes Of HealthRandolph Ashton
David Beebe
Probing the Role of Mitochondrial Short-chain Carbon Homeostasis in the Hypertrophied and Failing HeartUniversity Of PennsylvaniaJohn Denu2017
Regionalized Human Motor Neuron TherapiesDHHS, PHS, National Institutes Of HealthRandolph Ashton2018
Comparative regulatory genomics to decipher mammalian long-range gene regulationDHHS, PHS, National Institutes Of HealthSushmita Roy2018
Targeting the PERK pathway for endothelium-protective mitigation of restenosis after vascular surgery MPI: Dr. Craig Kent OSU contact PI; Dr. Gong, PIOhio State UniversityShaoqin Gong2018
Mixed-Integer Quadratic Optimization: Algorithms and ComplexityDOD, NavyAlberto Del Pia2019
Genetic Determinants Of Microbial Community Interactions In The RhizosphereUSDA, Natl Institute Food & AgricultureJo Handelsman2019
Molecular mechanisms of SIRT6 activation by endogenous effectorsDHHS, PHS, National Institutes Of HealthJohn Denu2019
EAGER: Development of a Research Tool to Investigate Factors that Influence Researchers' Attitudes about Engagement in Public Science EventsNational Science FoundationJo Handelsman2019
Reversible protein acetylation and sirtuin functionDHHS, PHS, National Institutes Of HealthJohn Denu
Tomas Prolla
Single Cell Profiling To Define Biomarkers Of Photoreceptor Dysfunction After Gene Editing Within PSC-Derived OrganoidsDHHS, PHS, National Institutes Of HealthKrishanu Saha
David Gamm
Bikash Pattnaik
Sushmita Roy
Rupa Sridharan
EPCN: A control-theoretic approach to distributed optimizationNational Science FoundationLaurent Lessard2019
Enabling Nanoplatforms for Targeted in vivo Delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 Ribonucleoproteins in the BrainDHHS, PHS, National Institutes Of HealthShaoqin Gong
Walter Block
Marina Emborg
Jon Levine
Krishanu Saha
Brian Yandell
Collaborative Research: Physics-Based Machine Learning for Sub-Seasonal Climate ForecastingNational Science FoundationRobert Nowak
Stephen Wright
Human microphysiological model of afferent nociceptive signalingTulane UniversityRandolph Ashton2019
TRIPODS+X:RES: Collaborative Research: Data Science Frontiers in Climate Science - University of Chicago sub-award to UW-MadisonUniversity Of ChicagoGarvesh Raskutti
Stephen Wright