Resilience, Robustness, Adaptability – WID Seminar Series

Every month, WID presents a seminar in which two faculty or their delegates will present their research and how it connects with the WID theme of Resilience, Robustness, and Adaptability. Colleagues will pair up to develop a seminar that presents parallels, collaborative projects, or just two different views of this theme. Each 25-minute talk will take place in the Orchard View Room with light refreshments. There is also a virtual viewing option.

Seminar archive

Michael Ferris, PhD
Jo Handelsman, PhD
Kris Sankaran, PhD
Margaret Thairu, PhD
John Yin, PhD
David Baum, PhD
Sarah Miller, MS
Alberto Del Pia, PhD
Shaoqin “Sarah” Gong, PhD
Krishanu Saha, PhD
Claudia Solís-Lemus, PhD
Kushin Mukherjee, RA
John Denu, PhD
Elebeoba “Chi-Chi” May, PhD
Lih-Sheng “Tom” Turng, PhD
Sushmita Roy, PhD
Karen Schloss, PdD
Timothy Rogers, PhD