Akbar Hasanzadeh

Akbar Hasanzadeh headshot

  • Graduate Student

Developing novel nanostructures for gene/drug delivery

Yun-Shiuan (Sean) Chuang

Sean Chuang

  • Graduate Student

Exploring belief dynamics via computational methods and enhancing the "humanness" of AI models.

Yichen (Ethan) Zhuang

Yichen Zhuang

  • Undergraduate Student

Study on the chemical origins of life and the autocatalysis process of molecules in Yin Lab.

Nan (Yifang) Jiang

Nan Jiang headshot

  • Graduate Student

Functions of human coronaviruses defective genomes on the range and severity of diseases.

Rosa Jimenez

  • Undergraduate Student

Undergraduate Research Scholars program

Jeremy Johnson

  • Graduate Student

I am interested in the cross-section of algebraic geometry and data science.

Sean Kennedy

Sean Kennedy headshot

  • Graduate Student

My research interests lie in human-facing robust and resilient machine learning, with an emphasis on real world deployability. Previously, I have worked on reinforcement learning for human-AI collaborative mission planning and developing measures for assessing robustness and security of machine learning models under adversarial attack.

Woojin Kim

Woojin Kim headshot

  • Graduate Student

Integer optimization problems and stochastic optimization problems on various networks

Nathan Kolbow

Nathan Kolbow headshot

  • Graduate Student

Statistical methods for constructing phylogenetic trees and networks.

Anna Konstant

Anna Konstant headshot

  • Graduate Student

Improving the physical ergonomics of manufacturing environments with collaborative robots.