Illuminating Connections: Exploring Hubs at Discovery (2018)

WHAT: A celebration of WID’s hubs with an open house for researchers to learn how the hubs can serve campus and the state.
WHEN: Wednesday, December 12, 3:00 pm until 6:00 pm
WHERE: Discovery Building, UW–Madison
WHO: The event was free and open to the public. Campus researchers were especially encouraged to attend.


3:00 pm
Explore interactive exhibits and posters
4:00 pm
Short remarks from WID’s Director and continued exploration
4:45 pm
Special announcement from Chancellor Rebecca Blank
5:00 pm
SoundWaves: scientific talks and music around the theme of illumination

The Illuminating Connections event was a celebration of WID’s inaugural cross-campus hubs. These three hubs—Data Science, Multi-Omics, and Illuminating Discovery—create connections across campus to lead to new collaborations, opportunities, and discovery. Learn how the hubs can serve you!

The event highlighted all three hubs through an interactive expo from 3:00-5:00 pm. Participating researchers and programs were on hand to showcase their work through posters, interactive activities, and informal discussions accompanied by refreshments. At 4:00 pm, WID Director Jo Handelsman spoke about the Hubs and how they engage with campus researchers. We will also hear about a new gift to the campus that will leverage the Illuminating Discovery hub and expand the impact of UW-Madison research in and beyond Wisconsin. The announcement was followed by a special edition of the long-running signature science and music fusion program, SoundWaves.

The theme of illumination ran through the entire program, from the Hub Expo through the SoundWaves event. During the darkest month of the year, WID illuminated the connections being built across campus, the groundbreaking science happening at UW–Madison, and the future of interdisciplinary inquiry.

The Illuminating Connections event was generously sponsored by Illumina.

Explore WID’s Hubs:

Data Science




Discovery Hub