Xiaoyang Wang

Xiaoyang Wang headshot

  • Undergraduate Student

Building web dashboard for Wisconsin potato seed.

Kincannon Wilson

Kincannon Wilson headshot

  • Graduate Student

Exploring the intersection of virtual reality with mental health and consciousness

Tianyi Xu

Tianyi Xu headshot

  • Undergraduate Student

Network analysis of soil microbiome and classification of animal sounds.

Xingjian Yang

Xingjian Yang headshot

  • Undergraduate Student

Study interactions between bacteria: B. cereus, F. johnsoniae, P. koreensis through genetic methods

Nolan You

Nolan You headshot

  • Undergraduate Student

Undergraduate researcher on BLADDER

Xiaoya Zhang

  • Graduate Student

Epigenetic control of cell identity in development and somatic cell reprogramming.

Jifan Zhang

  • Graduate Student

Efficient and robust active learning that reduces data labelling costs at scale