Rosa Aghdam


PhD, Mathematical Statistics

Research Description

An enthusiastic and motivated Bioinformatic Scientist with a PhD degree in Mathematical Statistics and over nine years of experience in Bioinformatics research including Learning Gene Regulatory Networks (GRNs), Cancer Genomics, Bayesian Networks, Hidden Markov Model and Statistical Modeling.

Examples of my past work include:    

  • A clustering approach for estimating parameters of a profile hidden Markov model
  • A novel Mutual Information-based algorithm for inferring GRNs and improving the learning process of their structure    
  • A benchmark of different imputation methods for preserving the significant genes and pathways in cancer        

I am currently working on analyzing Microbiom datasets.        


  • MATLAB, R, WinBUGS and Python    
  • Statistics, Mathematical Modeling, clustering and classification methods    
  • Bayesian Network, Hidden Markov Model, Bayesian Statistics    
  • Strong critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills