Andrew Hryckowian

The molecular mechanisms and genetic circuitry underlying microbiome community dynamics


  • BS, Microbiology – University of Pittsburgh (Prof. Graham Hatfull) – 2009
  • PhD, Microbiology – University of Wisconsin-Madison (Prof. Rodney Welch) – 2014
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Microbiology & Immunology – Stanford University School of Medicine (Prof. Justin Sonnenburg) – 2014-2020

Research Description

The goal of my laboratory's work is to understand the molecular and genetic underpinnings of gut microbiome community dynamics. This work is necessary in order to build the concepts and approaches needed to cope with "problematic" microbial communities, such as those that predispose and perpetuate gastrointestinal infectious diseases. We employ in vitro and in vivo approaches (including gnotobiotic and conventional mouse models) and a variety of molecular and genetic techniques. We also work with collaborators at UW Hospitals and Clinics to reciprocally inform our work and to translate our findings into clinical practice.