David Beebe

David Beebe
Claude Bernard Professor of Biomedical Engineering, John D. MacArthur Professor
330 North Orchard Street
Madison WI 53715

Investigating cellular scale phenomena from both a physical and biological sciences perspective

Years at WID

2018 - present


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Madison

Research Description

The Microtechnology, Medicine and Biology lab is focused on the novel and simple use of microscale physics and phenomena to create tools and methods to further biological and medical goals ranging from basic science to research tools to diagnostics.  We are especially interested and engaged in applying the lab's technologies to cancer, global health and multi kingdom interactions.  The MMB lab is very multidisciplinary and collaborative, working across disciplines and disease boundaries to create solutions that can be translated into widespread use.


  • IEEE EMBS Early Career Achievement Award, 2001
  • Romnes Award, UW-Madison, 2003
  • Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2005
  • Lab on a Chip, Royal Society of Chemistry and Corning, Pioneers of Miniaturization Prize, 2006
  • Fellow, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE), 2007
  • Founding Scientific Editor, Integrative Biology, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2009
  • Byron Bird Award for Excellence in a Research Publication, UW-Madison, 2017

Selected Publications

  • Beebe, D. J., J. S. Moore, J. M. Bauer, Q. Yu, R. H. Liu, C. Devadoss, B-H. Jo, "Functional structures for autonomous flow control inside micro fluidic channels," Nature, vol. 404, pp. 588-590, 2000.
  • Beebe, D. J., J. Moore, Q. Liu, R. H. Liu, M. L. Kraft, B-H. Jo and C. Devadoss, "Microfluidic Tectonics: A comprehensive construction platform for microfluidic systems," Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, vol. 97, No. 25, pp. 13488-13493, 2000.
  • Liu, R. H., K. V. Sharp, M. G. Olsen, M. Stremler, J. G. Santiago, R. J. Adrian, H. Aref, D. J. Beebe, "A Passive three-dimensional 'C-shape' helical micromixer," Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, vol. 9, No. 2, pp. 190-198, 2000.
  • Zhao, B., J. S. Moore and D. J. Beebe, "Surface-directed liquid flow inside microchannels," Science, vol. 291, pp. 1023-1026, 2001.
  • Walker, G. M. and D. J. Beebe, "A passive pumping method for microfluidic devices," Lab on a Chip, vol. 2, pp. 131-134, 2002.